Post mix & Pre-mix soft drink soda fountain

Special thanks to the experts at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, or 407-936-2733.  We often receive the question- what is the difference between Premix or Postmix soda fountains?

What is Premix? Premix is a soft drink that is premixed at a bottling plant and comes packaged in a 5 gallon stainless steel pre-mix tank.  This premix tank will contain  polished & filtered water which has been carbonated with C02 and syrup.  This will taste just like the soda you buy at the store which is in a bottle or a can.  This type of fountain is usually used at concessions or similar events where water and electricity is not easy to get to.  Think mobile cart at a golf course, college football stadium, or community baseball fields.
What is Postmix? Postmix is made at the location through your use of (preferably filtered water), plus your carbonated water and syrup.  The facility can adjust the use of syrup and C02 to help create a larger bottom line.  When you have a postmix system you will use a syrup tank or a bag-in-box system that you can purchase from many big box stores.
One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment often sells used post-mix systems to restaurants and convenience stores that wish to dual-vend coke and pepsi products without major financial outlay on product.
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