everyone needs a joke

Everyone needs a joke on Monday.  Since I spent a few years in the potato fields of south Idaho, in fact there’s nothing like our reverse of spring break- potato harvest break!  hahahah- you can only understand if you’ve been there in Pocatello.  So, for a moment, let me divert from our programmed schedule of restaurant equipment to this joke:

A farmer in jail gets a letter of his wife who was a bit of a couch potato saying: “Dear sweetheart, when is the best time to plant the potatoes and who can I ask for help?” The farmer writes back: “Honey, don’t go near that field. That’s where all my guns are buried.” As he is in jail all his mail gets censored. So when the sheriff and his deputies read this, they all run out to the farm and dig up the entire potato field looking for the guns. After two full days of digging, they don’t find a single weapon. The farmer then writes to his wife: “Honey, now is the time to plant the potatoes.”

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