Minority diversity tier one spend foodservice equipment

Are you interested in increasing your sales by partnering with One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment?

We are a female owned restaurant and food service equipment dealer who has a brick and mortar showroom in Orlando Florida. We are an innovative and honest online dealership who sells internationally.  We handle local deals and also work with with clients outside of the greater Orlando area.

Our president has over 15 years experience in the education field, so if you’re working in school foodservice then give us a call!

Construction firms- are you seeking to win a bid? The information we’re about to share can help you and One Fat Frog prevail with the next RFP. Federal, state, county, city and corporations have various MANDATED diversity initiatives in place.

For customers working with One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment as a subcontractor, this means that you are using a supplier base that incorporates women business enterprises. As Americans and the International community work toward greater equity it’s important to do your part and how easy is it to do it with One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment! So let us help you meet the quota. We are 100% woman owned and have been since we opened our doors in 2005. Are you working on a government contract that mandates a “diversity spend” in their contract? This means that they must allocate 20% minimum of their contracts to women owned businesses like One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment & Supplies- we sell food service equipment, we install, we transport and we service! We can assist in planning and all initial parts of the specification process. We will help you meet your objectives when bidding for a government job that calls for a food service subcontractor. We are a Tier One (direct diversity) Spend for contractors when you work with One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment. Let’s look at the following recent situation: A contractor or engineer wins a job to build a public facility and then purchases food service and restaurant equipment from One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment. We are a diverse vendor. We are 100% woman owned! So the contractor was able to allocate the restaurant & food service equipment purchases toward its Diversity Tier One Spend as we are a WBE food service provider! So, this means the contractor can qualify the purchases with One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment as a Tier One Spend and the federal, state, local government or corporation, in turn, is able to qualify the purchases as a Tier Two Spend through the contractor who contracted with One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment. Yes, all of your goods and services purchased from One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, a WBE, can be counted toward a diversity goal! Let us be your M/WBE subcontractor- we can help you easily win the bid and help you meet diversity objectives! We qualify as a diverse food service dealership! So if you are a local, state or federal, FEMA, fire, police, prison purchasing agent then why not consider One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment next time you send out an invitation to bid?