Iphone Users are the best

Did I mention that Iphone users are the best?  We really just love working with Mac customers and so many folks are slowly converting thanks to the ease and beauty of the iphone!

So here is my theory, if someone comes in with an iphone then they’re pretty technologically savvy and a no-nonsense type of person.  Up till now I’ve never been wrong!

Bring your iphone in to One Fat Frog, We’re iphone friendly and in a pinch can also charge your phone up while you shop.  LOL we did that not too long ago for a client who left their charger at home.  They were worried they wouldn’t have a phone for the drive back to Tallahassee, but One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment charged their iphone for them!

Talk about customer service- where else have you gone lately that charged your phone while you shopped?

Our customer service doesn’t begin or end there- call us, stop in, send an email- you see the frog difference!