ELECTRIC: flat griddles, charbroilers single phase used

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has several used flat griddles  and charbroilers that are single phase electric pieces of equipment.  They would be perfect for mobile concessions facilities or under a hood at a church.  Stop in at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment for great deals on used single phase electric griddles for frying eggs, bacon, hamburgers and grilling onions or charbroilers for some great hot dogs or hamburgers or steak!

These used pieces of equipment would be perfect for outdoor concessions like Bike Week, 4th of July, BCR Black College Reunion or any other outside events in Daytona Beach, New Smyrna, Orlando or Mount Dora.  Just think you could make a lot of money with this equipment running your very on concessions gig!

Start up affordably- all of these pieces are priced at less than 50% of lowest new!  One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment where we make dreams come true one piece of equipment at a time!


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