Practical Jokes here

Well, we’ve had a mass birthday party here since we missed an admin birthday and warehouse guy’s special day.  The guys put up a walk-in and decorated it with a sign that says, “Sarah’s VIP Office”… there’s also decoration and signs inside, but you have to come in to see it… hahaha!

So the cake was good, The Restaurant Equipment doctor played Taps on the kazoo- he had been training for the wedding song but what can we say, he’s a talented musician and is pretty versatile.

Oh yes and did I mention that the United Front brought in a machine that mimics bodily functions?   They set the said machine under Sexy Sarah’s desk and then hit it during the party.  Poor girl turned sooooo red – it was quite hilarious.

To come later… pictures of a very special bear.  Guess who cupid visited last week?  <in unison now>  awwwww…. someone got a bear.

One Fat Frog Practical jokers aside- in our spare time we sell restaurant equipment- call 407-936-2733 or stop in