Customer appreciation – inviting all family and friends

We are having a customer appreciation, Employee birthday, pre-engagement, darn it I’m married and there’s no hope for me, aw shucks it’s Valentines and I’m a newly wed party tomorrow!  So come, be part of the festivities and sign our banner!   Wanna be part of the fun teasing Sexy Sarah?  Raally, come on in and tease her, she might even be wearing her Librarian Glasses for you!

Since we have folks at all ends of the spectrum this Valentine’s Day we’ll likely have to find some kind of cake for dating- wedding- love- hate- singleness.

And on that note who knew that someone makes buttons that say, “I hate Valentine’s Day.”

Come on in to One Fat Frog at 2416 Sand Lake Road • Orlando, FL for some cake on Friday.