United Front Spokesperson

The boys at work have some sort of thing going on called the “United Front” and they tell the girls that we can’t be privvy to different information they are talking to because girls cannot join the “United Front.”  When they took Mr. IT Guy and trained him to drive the forklift they initiated him in the Man-Cave and made him pinky swear or something like that (although they might say they made him sing German beer drinking songs over a stein of beer).

I do believe they are making a video right now.  The First United Front Video… by One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment Video Publications.

So for today we’ll let the boys think they beat the girls.  We give them little things like United Front and ManFest to make them feel better.  But when push comes to shove it’s really the girls who wear the pants at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment- 100% women owned and don’t you forget that Sexy Sarah looks better in a hard hat then does the Restaurant Equipment Doctor.