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At Orlando’s One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment we often are talking about volunteering, community service and just supporting your community.  My heart lies in the community and helping the community grow stronger.  I’ve had the pleasure of living in the suburb-bedroom community of Orlando called Sanford for nearly a decade.  Now, truth be known Sanford really isn’t the bedroom community, it actually existed before Orlando and used to be quite the hub for business in Florida “back in the day.”  I’ve also had experiences working with not-for-profit organizations and understand how often you’re running a program on a shoestring and a prayer.  The needs of the community outweigh the budget ten-fold and you just need to find services for a friend in need.

As a resident of Sanford and Florida what is most important to me is doing business locally and keeping all of our business dollars in the United States.  Right now more than ever we hope you will consider every move you make on not only an ethical basis and thereafter on a basis that sustains our community.  This means thinking outside of the box in ways to support your community outside of the Little League Youth Games.  For Example:  Yes, we pay more for phone service; but the company we do business with is located in Maitland, FL and the operators are Americans.  Supporting your community is supporting your friends, your family and your co-workers.  Doing business in America needs to be looked at as a community service.  It’s not always cheapest to make the right choices when shopping for services – sure we could get internet service provided by a company that outsources- but then I would not be taking care of my neighbor.   Find out about the companies you do business with.  Are they employing Americans?  What is their moral standing?  What sort of America are YOU helping to build by shopping with them?

And when it comes to cutting breaks on prices some of the best deals go to the not-for-profits who help in this community.   It’s difficult for charities to raise money of late.  Many people are going to the charities for help.  While we can’t always write a check in the manner that I would like to, we can help in other ways.  And so we challenge you, think of one way you can volunteer to help your community- be it monetarily, in service at the facility or perhaps in some sort of remote way.

And so we hope that you, too, will help build America!

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