Motto for One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment

Mr. Bossman was watching tv late the other night and it seems he heard something that struck a chord. He texted me this quote by Joe Strummer (of the Clash- yes it was from a documentary about Joe). Now Mr. Bossman says this would work well as our company motto and you know what, it truly is something we live by already, so why not?





people we are


And in those brief two lines we have solved all of life problems. You know at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment we talk a lot about Value. Integrity. Honesty. Those three words really can help you measure your life, your love and your job.

  • What is the value of your time and the people you spend it with?
  • What level of integrity do you expect in your life?
  • What level of honesty do you live by?

For us it’s the highest standards. We would rather loose a deal then tell a lie. If it’s not the right equipment for you or your facility we will tell you. Kill the deal, that’s okay with us- another deal will come in time. Making life long customers and friends, that is what it’s about at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment.

Talking to one of our friends, he told me, “you know, I always figure if you get up early, put in a hard day’s work then there will be work for you.” We’ve found that here and with you. If you find value, integrity and honesty appealing in the folks you do business with then stop in. If you’re looking to dicker all day long on price then we’re not the place for you. We are the new hybrid dealership. Lowest prices posted, better deals on huge packages and honesty always at the core of our business practices.

So, Mr. Bossman, thanks for the reminder with the Joe Strummer Quote… it’s not about greed, it’s about humans and that is why we’re all in this industry and this life.

No matter your place in life, no matter your restaurant focus- it’s all about the people.honest_restaurant_equipment

Have a fabulous Wednesday!