Coming tomorrow- Details of the Sale

Working up list of pricing and all that jazz.  Coming tomorrow details of the sale and all items with blowout pricing!  Really, really you are going to be surprised by the pricing and the quality.  Much of the used equipment carries remainder of manufacturer’s warranty or may include 30 day in-house warranty- see specific items for details!  Want an extended warranty?  We can offer you that too!

Stop in at 2416 Sand Lake Road • Orlando, FL for great savings – this is one of those sales you need to be present for- just about everything has been or will be dropped in price from $25 to $500 or more.  And you know how our prices are even lower than the competition… well imagine how low they will be!

Some of the prices are too low to post- just come in and be ready to shop.  Everything from convection ovens, to refrigeration, to jetsprays to walk ins for sale and CHEAP!  Also look for deals on furniture and furnishings!  New Equipment being sold just barely above cost.

We know that money is tight and this is the sale to blow out all sales!  The mother of all sales!  The Frog of all frogs.  Buy used restaurant equipment (and new) at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, 407-480-3409