just out…

Sorry to disappoint you… but many of our items turn over vedy, vedy, quickly (in the words of the immortal Elmer Fudd, you must be vedy, vedy quiet or in our case vedy, vedy quick).

Well I guess it’s not disappointing, it’s just good business.  Why do you come in and find only two fryers on our floor?  Come in a few hours later and they’re gone.  Why do you only see a mixer or two?  We don’t keep inventory.  It doesn’t make us money that way.  Why overprice from the get go?  Let’s price it to sell and let it go quickly.  If you came into our showroom and equipment was here for months upon months wouldn’t you ask yourself, why do these folks have 20 of the same thing in stock?  Is their job to sell equipment or collect it?

If you really want to know I collect Rinconada figurines (not frogs as you might suspect), but I certainly don’t collect Restaurant Equipment- new or used.  We sell it and that is our business.  Come in make a great package deal- that is what we’re about!

Ask yourself, why does One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment sell their mixers at $3k-$4,500 and blow them out quickly when competitors sell them at $5500 and sit on a large inventory of used mixers?  It’s not that you need selection, in this economy you need price and price is where it’s at in used equipment.  Quality.  Value. Integrity. Honesty.  That’s our formula for cooking and it’s worked time and time again.   One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment- our reputation stands for itself.

Come and get a deal- great prices, super equipment, call 407-480-3409 or better yet stop in our showroom and warehouses- tons of used and new equipment.

There’s only One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment and that’s us… ain’t it good to be green!

One Fat Frog •2416 Sand Lake Road • Orlando, FL • 407-480-3409