Interesting note…

In the past few days we have had customers who really knew what they wanted down to the point that they researched us and the competition.  To the point that they came in and said, “we decided to do business with One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment because of  your good reputation.”   This gentleman went on further to say, “we found open court cases against some of your competition and also extensive complaints with the Better Business Bureau.  But you guys have been around for several years and have a great reputation.  It’s amazing.”  Well, actually it’s not really amazing, it’s how we do business.   Value- Integrity- Honesty- it’s more than a catchphrase around One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment.

My mouth was open.  I never realized customers would go to these lengths to check a company out, but they had and they had data on most dealers in Central Florida.   Sure was glad I worked for One Fat Frog and that we really mean what we say and stand behind doing the right thing.

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