Men in skirts… errr… kilts… not to be confused with Braveheart

One of our guys wanted to buy a kilt at the Scottish Highland Games.  We told him if he would get a green one he could wear it to work.  Our technician – who will be referred to as the Restaurant Equipment Doctor for here on out- suggested that if he wore a kilt to work in the warehouse it might increase sales.  Mr. IT Guy was quick to say it might decrease morale among the men in the warehouse.  All I had to say, was please be careful when you’re on a ladder or lying under equipment and we’re walking clients through the warehouse.

I repair your equipment, so what?
I repair your equipment, so what?

Now, I did send the pictures to his girlfriend (yes girls, he is still technically single).  Here is her response,

Thanks! Hmmm, now I’m rethinking my love of men in kilts…maybe it’s the white sneakers and socks that are throwing off my Braveheart fantasy or the fact that it looks like he just tried on one of his grandmother’s skirts…

Now please do not confuse these pictures with the time we went to see the Drag show at Funky Monkey Wine Company.

Do stop in and ask the Restaurant Equipment Doctor why he isn’t wearing his kilt to work!  If you have a spare one and would like to donate it to his cause, please send it to:

Restaurant Equipment Doctor

c/o One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment

2416 Sand Lake Road • Orlando, FL • 407-480-3409