The crew went to…

The Scottish Highland Games this weekend- look out for pictures coming soon.  We also went to dinner  last week at the Funky Monkey Wine Company in Orlando FL and would like to thank Eddie for his graciousness and praise his chef for the outstanding meal.  Pictures to come from that rendevous too.

At One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment we just love to hang out to gether and have a good time, either at work or even in the evenings- and the boss doesn’t have to pay us to be together!  hahaha well there was that time they bribed us because someone didn’t wear deoderant….  We actually want to spend time together.

We’re also planning a company camping trip soon as you know it gets rather warm down here, so we have to live it up while it’s cool.  (Although waking up to frost my my SUV was a bit too much this morning).

We’ve also been expanding and have a few new hires.  Part of the learning curve is them learning our lingo (each warehouse has a special name- like the North 40) or understanding our inside jokes like the “Man Cave” (ask to see that next time you come shop)  or if you’re really brave ask to see the Boss’s office…. hahaha

And I do have to post a disclaimer.  One of our technicians qualified things for me, seems he can not only play beginnings of songs on his guitar but also ends of songs, so now we only need to hire someone to play the middle of songs.