Long Johns & pitfalls of working on a weekend

Long Johns
Long Johns

I am scared to admit this.  Actually it sort of overwhelmed me, but it seems someone wore long johns to work today.  Yes, they were white ones like in the photo on the left.  Well, then as the day wore on and things got hotter as we cleared out warehouses to gear up for our super sale of all used restaurant equipment sales next week they went in the restroom and took them off.  They then hung them up outside the warehouse.

Now why would I think of picking up someone’s jacket off the ground when it falls?  Next time I will think twice about being a good Samaritan.  I ended up picking up not a jacket but someone’s long underwear.  And like the good mother I am I folded them.  But…. it wasn’t after they were freshly washed….

And well, I think next time there is an optional weekend workday we’re putting out a dress code memo stating clearly, “NO LONG JOHNS”….

I shall have nightmares about them tonight.  And now I am much more intimate with one of my co-workers than I was when the day started…

I will let your imagination take up the rest of the story .. and I only wonder if they were Sarah’s… hahahahaa…. or Bossman’s?  Well good news we know they’re not Mr. IT GUY’s.

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