We work with Construction = General Contractors call us

We work with General Contractors A LOT.  We’re now at the point that we have three GC’s with the same first name with open projects being handled by the same person.  It’s sort of funny as we generally know our regulars by first name, now we’re down to voice recognition techniques to differentiate between the GCs.

So, how can One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment help give you the edge in spec work?  Let us quote out the food service equipment, furniture and walk-in refrigeration and freezers.  Let us set up the front of the restaurant as well as the kitchen.  Send us the plans let us know what you want.  Whether you’re working on a project in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Ocala, Gainesville, The Villages, Melbourne, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Lake City, Lake Worth, Miami, Naples, Tampa, St Cloud or Kissimmee or completing mulitiple projects out of state, let One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment provide the commercial food service equipment, furniture, smallwares and items your construction company needs.

Did you know that One Fat Frog is a 100% WBE?  This means we can be considered a Tier One or Tier Two spend on different projects.  Get the edge on the competition by working with One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment – we’re located just outside of Orlando FL but work on projects nationally and internationally.

Many of our GC’s just have us on standby.  We dedicate a person to their project, that’s the point person who coordinates everything and makes it run smoothly.  The client hires your construction and design team to make things go smoothly and we are the other end of the equation that makes your job go smoothly.

Why do GC’s like working with us?  Simple- whenever possible we stage at our facility so there’s no big clean up, we’re in and out quickly.  One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment also believes in taking care of our customers.  We try to make sure you have all the bells and whistles before you need them.  Let us anticipate your needs.

Last week on of our GC’s called and said, “I don’t know much about Espresso.  It seems there wasn’t a knockout on the equipment list, can we order one and have it here pronto?”

We smiled.  “No worried, we ordered that for you.  It was one of those items we said we regularly order for our customers when they buy an espresso machine.”  The knockout was actually in a box next to the group two espresso machine we had delivered the previous day.

That’s how One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment does business.  We make your life easier.  Your job isn’t buying restaurant equipment, you don’t need the hassle and that’s why you pay us.  Let us take care of the worries so that you can buy with confidence and worry about the big stuff on the job.

Call in, find out you’ll always get a human on the phone during business hours.  We have technicians on staff and we do our absolute best to make your job easier.  Call the food service professionals when you’re quoting a job.  Let us help you with the bid.  Let us work for you.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment- the folks more and more GCs are coming to on a regular basis as their preferred vendor because … well our motto says it all-

Value. Integrity. Honesty.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, 2416 Sand Lake Road Orlando, FL 32809 or call (407) 936-2733 or email sales@onefatfrog.com

With a name like One Fat Frog it’s not mandatory you have a sense of humor to do business with us, but it sure makes life sweeter.