Architects & General Contractors new to food service bid quote spec work

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment loves what they do.  Are you an architect or GC who is new to this area?  It’s true, there’s plenty of work for skilled professionals and One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment would be pleased to help you.

If you’re in the Orlando, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Ocala, Tampa, Crystal River, Hudson, Miami, Fort Lauderdale area give us a call.  We also work food service in Naples and Fort Myers.

Have a client who wants a piece of equipment and you just need help getting the cut sheet?  Call the professionals.  If we can help you we will.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, 2416 Sand Lake Road Orlando, FL  32809 or call (407) 936-2733 or email

architects, general contractors, food service bid spec quote work … let One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment help you spec out what you need.  We’re one stop shopping for many GCs we are even their preferred vendor.  They know our prices are low and that we’re spot on with customer service so they’ve quit wasting their time and effort to shop the competition and always end up with us.  Call (407) 936-2733 or