Restaurant Equipment Dealers: Secrets & Tips

At One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment we talk a lot about value, integrity, honesty and the importance of dealing with a full-service restaurant equipment dealer.  Last night at dinner was a GOOD illustration why you should shop with someone who is “attainable” and that you can call in an emergency.  I think these two stories illustrate every reason why you should meet and talk to the folks you’re going to shop with.

So last night we’re sitting at dinner, appetizers have just arrived and the cell phone rings.  It’s xxxx and they’ve called us frantically several times of the past few days.  They’re in a pinch.  They bought equipment from another dealer who left them out to dry after equipment was delivered.  Equipment was full of leaks and they didn’t pass inspection.  Now this really stinks with a capital S as they had planned to open this weekend and had some large name openers already booked.

They tell us their needs.  “Hold on a minute, let me call my buddy at xxxx”… five minutes later they have the professional they need.

Now as a restaurant owner you have needs, you have emergencies and we’re here to help you.  On my cell phone I have personal numbers of:

  • hood & gas installation & techs
  • dishwasher repair
  • refrigeration repair technicians
  • truck rental
  • and many more professionals that you would need in this industry.

In fact I’ve been known to open up at night or early in the morning to patch someone over with equipment.  This is what you get when you shop with One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment- we take care of you like family and a handshake still means a handshake.

My second story-

A representative of a distribution company stops in.  They’re in our neck of the woods doing service followup on a piece of equipment that was sold to a customer and then the dealer dropped that customer.  Heartbreaking.

We’re here to help you.  That’s my job and everyone who works in our office and our warehouse.


A smart businessman once told me, “you hire a real estate agent, you hire an accountant, you hire an attorney for their expertise, you hire them to worry for them and let them take care of the troubles.”

And that is why you hire One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment.  We make sure you have the equipment on time and correctly.  We make sure you have all the bells and whistles that you need that don’t come standard in this industry.

Call (407) 936-2733 and become part of the family.  Get to know us by name and let us help you build your business.  Ask yourself why we have folks who regularly drive down to see us from Savannah or from Tampa?  Why do customers come up from Miami?

It’s value, integrity and honesty!