FROG HOTLINE toll free restaurant equipment

For your information and a little Saturday night humor, we have two top-secret phone numbers.  We’ve been holding out, but now we’ll let you know:

  • The FROG hotline:  (407) 936-FROG  Imagine that this works like the bat sign but since we would be competing with big sky lights from Universal, we’ve just scrapped the frog signal and gone directly to the Frog hotline.

Want to contact One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment by another means?  Might we suggest fellow culinarians do one of the following things:

  • hop in their jalopy and <pause of subtle frog joke there… insert laughter> cruise over to our showroom and warehouses centrally located at 2416 Sand Lake Road Orlando, FL 32809 which is near enough to Orlando and just far enough from Jacksonville to be sure that it’s worth the drive at our prices!
  • send email, marriage proposals and drunken rants (yup Chef M do we love you 😉 to