What is a fast food restaurant?

As an everyday consumer of food, you just don’t say to your family, “hey, let’s go out for fast casual food or how about some fast food?”  This will be a quick guide for all of the above to explain a quick overview courtesy of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment- we ship international.  Call (407) 936-2733 to discuss your needs.

A fast food restaurant is very different than a fast casual chain, casual or coffee house.  Bet you didn’t know there were so many variations on casual in the food industry! In a fast food restaurant you will self-serve at a counter.  There is no wait staff nor is there a busboy to clear your table.  Seating is self-serve, too.  A fast food restaurant generally has a drive up window and several cash registers/ lines in the front of the house.  There will be garbage can coverups and dump stations, booths and tables with chairs.

Traditional fast food in American culture is the good old hamburger and french fries.