Startup: fast food franchise versus independently owned

This brief guide is courtesy of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment as part of our startup series.  Call (407) 936-2733 or email or stop in the cash n’ carry showroom at 2416 Sand Lakd Road Orlando, FL 32809 to discuss your food service needs.

Are you seeking to start up a fast food restaurant?  There are several things to consider:  will you franchise or build your own independent facility?  The upside of franchising is simply support- from build out to advertising- the franchise can and should offer you manuals, consultants and in essence the knowledge so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You can leverage their buying power when purchasing consumables and equipment.

If you start your own independent fast food facility there is considerably less financial outlay in some areas from the initial franchise fee to the regular franchise fees.  You also have considerably more leeway in pricing and marketing your menu and restaurant.  However, don’t be disappointed and think you have to pay top dollar for equipment, shop with One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment and save.  Call (407) 936-2733 to discuss your needs.

Coming soon- further information on fast food including drive up needs.