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Getting your hood and gas inspected soon?  Whether you’re in Orlando, Houston, Atlanta or Billings this little piece of equipment is going to help you and One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment will ship it to you lickety split.   BUY FROM ONE FAT FROG RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT.

Meet the standards

NFPA 17A 5.6.4 2002 Edition…
Moveable cooking equipment shall be provided with a
means to ensure that it is correctly positioned in relation to
the appliance discharge nozzle during cooking operations.

NFPA 96 2001 Edition…
An approved method shall be provided that will ensure that
the appliance is returned to an approved design location

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One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment sells Posi-Set equipment stops which are perfect for all of the mobile equipment in your hot line under the hood.  It will keep your equipment travelling in a channel under the nozzle so that you keep those inspectors happy!  Call 407-480-3409

Product Information

  • A device developed for the positive placement of mobile kitchen equipment. (Patent Pending)
  • Specific to the restaurant industry.
  • Posi-Set is installed below the rear casters of mobile equipment located under the exhaust hood.
  • Use of Posi-Set will ensure the maximum efficiency of the fire suppression system, in that specific cooking equipment is returned to the approved design location after removal for cleaning.
  • Posi-Set solves the problem of NFPA 17A 5.6.4 and NFPA 96
Product Specs

Size:  9 3/4″ x 4 1/4″ x 1″
Material:  Flame Retardant Thermo Plastic

**New shipment should arrive week of December 15, 2008

Gas Equipment Stop Posi-set
Gas Equipment Stop Posi-set