Used Restaurant Equipment Information FAQs

Here are few quick FAQs about One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment

I’ll take it – please hold it for me and I’ll get you payment in a few weeks:

  • Due to our high volume and quick turnover we cannot hold equipment.  This policy means you must pay in full for the used equipment to be yours.  This policy is in place due to the customers who <unfortunately> have promised that they will pay and don’t.  In the meantime we have lost sales.  It’s just simple, we have great prices, probably the lowest prices out there and if you want it well please buy it.  Don’t hold your breath, it won’t be here in a few weeks or maybe even a few days.  We seem to be selling out rather rapidly lately.

I can get it for $20 cheaper on the internet or from Joe’s garage storage unit.

  • A short parable for you about sushi.  I can get sushi at my local grocery story for cheap and if I make it at home.. well obscenely cheap.  That being said I prefer to go to Amura’s for sushi because the quality of food really supercedes grocery store sushi and we can all imagine that my home sushi falls apart, there is ambience and wait staff at Amura’s who ensures the quality and timely delivery of the food and they make sure I have exactly what I need when I need it.  Restaurant equipment is just like sushi.  Do you prefer to save $50 and spend 20 hours looking for that deal?  My time is more valuable and I prefer to have someone who specializes in sushi make sushi for me.  I do not pretend to know everything about sushi or where to get the freshest seafood, in fact that’s true on all of the ingredients for sushi and additionally I don’t have a mat, sushi case or other items.  Now the great thing about Amura’s is that if (and it’s never happened) there was a problem with the sushi, the waiter would take take care of it in the kitchen and if it comes to the table and there’s a probelm the waiter will take it back and if they can’t help me there is a manager, waitstaff and several chefs to make things right.  FULL Service Restaurant Equipment dealers are like that.  I can’t tell you how often a freight company brings us equipment damaged in transit.  We take care of it.  That’s what we do.  So the real question is what is your time worth?  Are you interested in quality or shaving off the last cent
  • A customer came in today.  Told me about the great deal they got at xxx auction and an online website.  Super equipment, give-a-way pricing and yet… well the equipment didn’t meet their needs.  One unit had electrical application that wouldn’t work at their facility and the other piece needed repairs.  Yes, most pieces of used restaurant equipment that come into One Fat Frog need some sort of repair or technical assistance.  This is just the nature of used restaurant equipment- the customer should not have purchased either piece of equipment from the sources they did; it was equipment that they didn’t need and also equipment that needed work.  An honest salesperson would have steered them away from the equipment.  It’s the ethical thing to do.

What do you mean by Integrity?

  • A truck pulled up next to me at a stop light today.  The business name was “Integrity First Lawn Service”  what a nifty name.  Around One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment integrity and honesty are paramount to the business.  We stand by our word and our product.  And when the technicians wear deoderant we stand by them too… <poke, poke, jab jab> and on that note I better add they’re pretty good smelling guys so I can’t tease much about them.

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