Pathways Homeless donation needs

After my visit to Pathways last weekend I jotted down a few areas that donations would be exceptionally well-used.  Let it be said, this is my rough list.  Pathways accepts all donations and is a not-for-profit (ie- tax deductible donation) organization.  If you’d like to drop off your donation at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment call (407) 936-2733 or stop in at our showroom off Airport Boulevard.

  • food, FOOD
  • large, xl, xxl clothing, tents, blankets, blankets – it’s cold
  • personal hygiene products
  • LYNX bus passes
  • money toward spending an evening at the shelter (it’s $9/ nite)
  • laundry soap (yes, there are two washers at Pathways)
  • washer/ dryer
  • freezer
  • SERVICES pest control
  • SERVICES computer techs- anyone offer a few hours to upload software and put together some hardware/ fixing?
  • computer headsets
  • have a special suggestion?  Can you donate a service?  Can you come cut hair?  sing? entertain? offer to teach a class?
  • building materials

When you find something good you just want it to flourish.

I have to tell you a little story, on the weekend my family likes to spend time at Lake Eola which is downtown Orlando.  (Personally I found it shameful that the city outlawed feeding the homeless downtown.  Feeding someone who is hungry should NEVER be a crime… but I digress.)  So we normally go to the playground at Eola and walk around the lake, saying hello, greeting folks and petting dogs.  With a three and a five year old it’s hard not to be sociable and interact in the world.

Many of the folks at Pathways seemed so familiar.  I know I must have seen them at Lake Eola.

And you know what… the most humbling thing happened as we walked through Pathways, one of the women (I believe her name was Mary) made sure each of my girls had a drink and even offered to share her food with them.  Now normally it’s the generosity of my little girls that makes me burst out in tears, but when a homeless person who isn’t sure where their next meal will come from looks to share with children.

There is good in the world.  I know it.  I’ve found it.

When someone who has nothing can share then you and I who have everything can surely share.  Share what you can.  I promise you that even a dollar will make a difference at Pathways.  If you need to drop off donations you may email me at for directions.

• One Fat Frog Restaurat Equipment • 2416 Sand Lake rd, Orlando, FL 32809 •
• (407) 480 – 3409 • •