Setting up your wait stations for productivity

Thanks to One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment or call (407) 936-2733 for posting this information guide. Perhaps one of the often overlooked parts of the restaurant is the wait station. Back in the day when I began serving the server was not responsible for salads and desserts. If I wanted salads and desserts I went to the kitchen, if I wanted drinks I went to the bar. But nowadays serving staff is assuming more and more duties.
So, let’s talk about restaurant and lounge wait stations in regards to server needs of efficiency, sanitation and footprint. One of the best items to start with is a heavy duty stainless steel table like an Advanced Tabco table other other affordable alternatives that we have at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment. This sort of restaurant and commercial table allows for ease of cleanup. These tables come in a variety of sizes and also allow for electric hookup which means greater versatility for use with countertop appliances like Taylor  or Blend-tec or Hamilton Beach frozen drink machines, Blend-tec blenders, Bunn ice tea brewers, Astra / La Cimbali/ Futuremat / La San Marco/ WMF espresso and cappucino machines, and toasters.

Thereafter you might want to think about a handwashing sink. Please check with your local code for information on the distance it must be from the work area.  You may want to look at something built into the counter, mounted to the wall or a stand alone handwash sink.  One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment sells several makes and models at extremely affordable pricing and if you need freight- no problem-o!

The  wait station will include the beverage equipment like Hoshizaki, Manitowoc, Scotsman or Cornelius ice maker (maybe mounted to the top of the soda fountain) and a water filtration system adequate enough to handle the ice maker, Cornelius soda fountain, Astra espresso machine (we sell new and used espresso machines- La Cimbali,La San Marco and Futuremat to name a few) , Bunn coffee/ tea brewer.

Think about including a small True or Beverage Air refrigerator or dry aluminum pan rack nearby for storage of desserts and prepped items- maybe salads.  One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has affordable dessert cases starting at $1499 for refrigerated cases!  And yes we can ship them to you!

Garbage can coverups aren’t only for fast food- you might also want to consider some sort of disposal system for hidden storage of garbage and trash in the wait station. Who wants to see the coffee grinds spilling down the side of the garbage can liner?

Shelves under the table will allow you to store additional items like wine and water glass, pitchers, espresso gear, dishes and smallwares.

TIP: mount a can opener if you open a lot of topping cans or items for desserts/ salads. This saves a trip during the inevitable “I’m in the weeds”

TIP: put a front hinge door in front of the sink- should you have any plumbing problems (egads) then you’ll be able to easily deal with them!

So take a few moments to look at this often overlooked and yet vital part of the front of the house. Make it stylish, make it extremely efficient and plan for flow and traffic. A little time and money now will pay off in spades once you’re open.

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