Used inventory

We’ve had a huge run on used equipment this past two weeks.  Apologies if you’ve called and not received an immediate response.  It’s been literal days from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. running.

Please note if you call and email us about equipment, we sell it first come first serve.  We don’t hold equipment nor can we guarantee it in stock if you wait a week or two.  As one of our friendly competitors says, “Connie, if there’s one thing, you’re not a museum.”  So, even if we quote you a piece of used equipment, we can’t guarantee that it will be in stock beyond that very moment in time.

Additionally if you’re seeing items on our websites or on the internet, please do look at the date of the ad and if you’re in doubt then call and verify it’s in stock.  We’ve had a few folks come in lately asking for used items we had posted during the summer.  Would love to sell you the item, but if it’s not in, well it’s not in.

As always, happy holidays and may your restaurants continue to flourish-

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