You might be interested in this television show casting call

Another repost that you probably will be interested in.  Since One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment & Supplies works with a lot of startups this really interests me and I think you might be interested too.   It seems to be a show that will continue to ride on the popularity and consumer interest in the Chef Ramsey cooking shows like Hell’s Kitchen &   Kitchen Nightmares.

David Adjey’s Restaurant 101

Are you opening your very first restaurant but you lack any real restaurant experience? Would you welcome the advice of a restaurant consultant?

If this is you, we want you to be featured you in an episode of a new exciting Food Network Series called Restaurant 101.

In every episode of this captivating and very real one-hour series, restaurant coach David Adjey provides first-time restaurant owners with the tools to open and run a successful business.

We are looking for compelling characters with good personal stories and high stakes. Must be opening a restaurant within the next 2 to 12 months. Must also be willing to share every aspect of your business with David on camera– your business plan, your budget, your menu, etc…

For more information please contact:  Heidi at



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