More about David Adjey’s Restaurant 101 TV show

I’m swimming in reposts, but since I found this interesting I’m sure you will.  This really looks like an exciting show and an exciting opportunity for a startup restaurant.  Hoping one of our clients will take advantage of it.   After all, look at all the free press and restaurant consultant services you will receive?

Let’s just hope he’s not a screamer like Chef Ramsey, who can take any more drama?

Chef David Adjey’s Restaurant 101, new show deal with Red Apple Productions

    TORONTO, July 21 /CNW/ - Chef David Adjey just inked the deal with
Canada's leading production company Red Apple Entertainment to star in the
apply named: David Adjey's Restaurant 101 - based on his real life, in demand,
job. David will be every new restaurant owner's dream come true as their
personal "restaurant life coach".
    It seems everyone dreams of opening a restaurant these days. Tycoons,
actors, techies, and trades people are all rushing out to grab a new identity
for restaurateurs.
    David Adjey has done it all - private chef to Hollywood stars, executive
chef of a major New York City hotel, chef & proprietor of one of Canada's top
restaurants, Nectar. Now, as a preeminent restaurant consultant, David Adjey
is on a quest to help aspiring restaurateurs keep their dreams ignited, even
when they get burned.
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