It’s on…

So Mr. Bossman comes in today and starts in on us, “has someone been adjusting the hydraulics on my chair?  Who’s been sitting in my chair?”  Well the answer to both of those questions was of course, “not me.  no one.”

And so Mr. IT Guy and I look at each other through the cubicles, you can see the light bulbs flashing above our heads; how could such a brilliant plan have eluded us?  This is sheer genius.  Mr. Bossman’s chair has all sorts of hydraulic levers and pulleys.  And each time he steps out in the warehouse or goes on a sales call… well, let’s just say this can end up being hours of fun and enjoyment for us at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment.

So… now that he’s given us the idea, let’s just say, “it’s on!”  Yup the game is on and we’re going to start harrassing him and messing with his chair in umpteen bazillion ways.

Oh, this is going to be fun!

And so Mr. Bossman just created a new department at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment- the Dept. of Practical Jokes and Pranks.  Stay tuned for our next meeting.  When we adjourn that we will plan our Sticky Note campaign since Mr. Bossman is so fond of sticky notes!


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