Changing to meet the economy

This morning’s email has brought a lot of interesting information. A forward from the White Wolf Cafe speaks tremendously to being in a fluid business to survive in this economic environment. Adding on breakfast was out of the box thinking that seemed to work for them. I also left the end part of the quote on because it speaks to the five languages of love and well one can never suffer to hear more about the beautiful things in life and how we can make the world a better place. So take a moment over your morning coffee to read this and enjoy:

Well thank goodness for small wonders! Our friends at the Orlando Sentinel were kind enough to write us a fabulous review for our efforts to serve breakfasts. Serving breakfast has provided us with increased revenues which are helping us stem the outgoing tide of diminished sales from lunch and dinner due to the unfortunate economic weather we are all experiencing. While we were anticipating that breakfast would add to our revenue source not replace the revenues that we have lost we are most thankful that we did it because I believe as time goes by our country will survive. We will once again pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and manage to keep our great country great! And my wish is that we will be even better. That our values will reflect kindness, generosity, tolerance and understanding of our families, friends and neighbors. Please reach out and help someone, offer someone one of the five languages of love; an act of service, a word of affirmation, a gift, the gift of your time and the pleasure of your company, of simply the touch of your hand. Take time to make someone else’s life better. I am sure that the more we all do this the better off we will be. Do it for our young people, do it for our poor our hungry and the lonely among us but most of all just do it and you will see how much better you will feel.