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Publisher’s Note Synopsis When the food in the school cafeteria takes on a life of its own and spreads out as a green blob eating everything in sight, the students find there is only one way to stop it.
A school is on the run from a large, noisy, foul-smelling portion of food that has escaped from its pan in the cafeteria and is traveling through the halls, eating everything in its path.

I admit being rather interested in all things having to do with education- public, private, preschool, Florida, Montana and Idaho.  This little book just really made me crack up.  I know there are third graders curled up nationwide with this book and then cringing when they get to school.

school food service equipment
school food service equipment

For what it’s worth the school food was never bad where I worked.  Well… I admit a few places it was pretty institutional.  When I got to private school and oversaw the food service program it greatly improved- well obviously my skills coupled with (okay, let’s be real I can barely cook….) some EXCELLENT chefs and also a parent who was a head chef for Darden.  Let’s just say our food was simply delicious sometimes and not really Glop from the Green Lagoon or Alien fare.

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