Dear Mr. IT Guy

Dear Mr. IT Guy,

I feel a need to respond to your comment this morning, “why does everyone in the office want to put me in conflicts?”  Well, simply put because it’s fun.  You’re such a mellow mannered dude, you are even keeled and we really would like to rattle your cage.

I am very impressed that you have bagged up your collections of ketchup, mayonnaise and forks to make a more clean workspace in your cubicle.  I am also much relieved that there may be a holiday tree at our place of business now that you have begun drinking both Arizona Ice Tea and Dunkin’ Donuts Coolatas at the same time.  It’s an interesting thing to share cubicles with you and watch your caffeine addiction grow.  I do have to preface this that you should be aware that these substances are addicting and various side effects such as jitters, hyper-speech and headaches can occur when addicted to caffeinated substances.

Please, Mr. IT Guy, just keep being you; don’t let Mr. Bossman’s stories go to your head, don’t let our joking bother you, you’re an IT guy and be proud of it.  Don’t feel bad that you’re trying to do everything in code when there’s a WYSIWIG window available… in fact maybe someday we’ll let you post on the blog, although I may have to start being normal if that happens.  We love you and love posting stories about you, so don’t stop drinking Arizona Ice Tea.


your co-workers

P.S. and despite what the warehouse guys I mean the office gals I mean The Bossman may say about your jokes, I will always laugh at them, even if they’re weak