Exceq Flat Top Display Freezer Ice Cream Merchandising

exceq flat top display freezer
Exceq flat top display freezer

Exceq flat top display freezer available in new and used.  for sale new and used in Orlando FL.  We will ship.  for sale in our warehouses at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, 2416 Sand Lake Road Orlando, FL 32809 or call (407) 936-FROG.  If you would like another brand we represent all national brands and can have most equipment shipped to our facility or your restaurant in just a day or two.  In addition to this new equipment we also have used equipment that is cleaned up and technician tested for purchase at extremely reasonable prices.

For clients outside of the Central Florida area we are more than happy to facilitate shipping nationally and internationally.  Please e-mail sales@onefatfrog.com to purchase this unit.