The long awaited post… Mr. IT Guy’s cubicle

The cubicles at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment have been lovingly renamed “the pods” to go along with the “North 40” aka “UB 40.” You can see we’re pretty fond of nicknames here at One Fat Frog Food Service Equipment Company aka The Frog.

So last week I took a few pictures of Mr. IT Guy’s cubicle.

Mr. IT Guy and his Arizona Ice Tea collection
Mr. IT Guy and his Arizona Ice Tea collection

Let it be known that he tried to decorate it once with Arizona Ice Tea aluminum cans but when we told him he would have to wash them out- lest we get a roach infestation at the frog, he declined and began recycling them. So now he’s sort of given up on that collection. He’s moved on…

Are you prepared?

Serious can you handle it?

You are going to die laughing….

Mr. IT guy has a new collection, but I don’t think it’s really a collection, maybe the beginning of a hoarding problem of the size of which might get him on Oprah. Yes, you know the tv show.

So here’s a picture of Mr. IT Guy’s new collection…

Mr. IT Guy's cubicle collection
Mr. IT Guy

And you’re probably going to ask me, ‘girl, what is that?’

Well the interesting part of the picture is the little green egg clock I have on my desk that wobbles and weebles (not so funny since I have Vertigo- time for another blog update and thus why my little fleet fingers have been quiet). So the interesting basket is my cubicle too. But in the front you’ll see the collections of Mr. IT Guy… yes, he’s been hoarding ketchup, mayonnaise and plastic forks/ knives and napkins. It’s becoming a little excessive and we may have to dedicate a little blurb in our employee manual, an addition from the HR department, “Employees shall keep their cubicles free of any and all food sans that which they are currently involved with eating. Any food items sitting on a desk and not consummed withing a normal shift must be put in the employee refrigerator (note to self, need to get that plugged in) or put the garbage can before maintenance cleans for the day. In addition, any collections of non-food related items must number in under 3 (keeping that number there for an possible future obsessive compulsives who join our staff- sure wouldn’t want to discriminate since we are an EOE equal opportunity workplace) must be removed to your home, automobile, storage unit or local museum for safe-keeping.

Yup, Well Mr. IT Guy… what can we say. We are prodding him to have an employee get together at his house on the lake, but I think he’s on to us, he knows someone will bring their camera and take pictures to upload to our site…

Okay, enough fun for the day boys and girls, back to packing up in hopes of getting out of this joint.

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