Mr. IT GUY is famous

Well now it seems we may just have to buy Mr. IT guy his cape and superhero costume…. or at least have our graphic artist draw it up… he now officially exists outside of our universe.

Take a moment to check out this very funny site– you will love it.   If you want to see the original post about Mr. IT guy and why they linked to little old One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, then here it is for Friday giggles.    So, at the risk of building up Mr. IT Guy’s ego— <doing happy dance> he’s famoooooous.  And you know what, I know him and that makes me one degree away from internet famous.  Actually since I sit in the cubicle next to him that makes me even more than famous.  – pics of his cubicle later today.  No pictures of my pigsty cubicle- it’s way baaaaaad.

Stay tuned for more antics of Mr. IT GUY..  He is back to drink Arizona Ice tea, BTW, we were worried that he had given it up for good and what could we tease him about?  He came in the other day with two drinks from Dunkin’ Donuts- yes he really did and I think (2) bagels.  We were worried for a few days that it was the end of our Arizona Ice Tea Holiday cheer tree and how could we build it with dirty Starbucks cups?  But, I’m happy to say, he arrived to work today with three jumbo Arizona Ice Teas so we’re back in business!

UPDATE: The boss came in, found out MR. IT GUY is famous and told him, “MR. IT GUY, you’re famous, you don’t have to take it anymore, rise up.”