GOLF COURSE CLUBHOUSE: list of kitchen food service equipment

If you are operating a golf course and want to start offering more than normal concessions food at your facility, here is a list of equipment that you may wish to look at purchasing.  It is not comprehensive but a basic list of equipment you might use in a clubhouse.  You can purchase all of this equipment new and used from One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment:

golf course concessions stand restaurant equipment
golf course concessions stand restaurant equipment
  • Turbo Chef – you can make crunchy fries in this they tell me
  • 3 compartment sink
  • kegerator
  • beer froster
  • single door merchandising cooler like True or Beverage Air or Turbo Air
  • microwave
  • autofryer (no hood needed)
  • rethermalizer to cook and heat
  • hot dog roller
  • sandwich press
  • conveyor toaster oven / pizza oven
  • double door refrigerator
  • double door freezer

This is not an extensive list, just simply a beginner’s list.  One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment will update it as time allows.