Coming in tomorrow: Pizzeria

The following pizze equipment, smallwares and furniture is coming in late tonite, and will be available tomorrow after it’s tested and cleaned. It looks to be just a few years old and in super duper shape. When it comes out of a clean, well-kept restaurant you know you have good stuff coming in:

  • (2) prep tables- megatops
  • True T49 and T-49F refrigerator and freezer, double door units
  • (2) fryers
  • speed racks
  • stainless steel tables and overshelves
  • steam tables
  • proofer
  • 40 chairs & 10 tables
  • smallwares
  • microwave
  • Commercial microwave for saleCommercial microwave for sale
  • restaurant hot linerestaurant hot linefor-sale-restaurnt-equipment-8

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment
2416 Sand Lake Road
Orlando, FL 32809
(407) 480-3409