Restaurant Equipment Dealer One Fat Frog Expands

One of our out-of-town clients came in on Monday and was suprised to see a wall knocked out and our showroom and warehouses doubled in the front. Turns out she hadn’t been to see us since we did the two other warehouse additions either. So, I guess it’s about time I keep those of you who don’t come in and visit up to speed on our growth.

Last email blast I told you a bit about our expansion and I’m excited to say our phone lines and IT connections are finally in place. Now we’re down to some serious IT work and unveiling bits and pieces of our websites.

You’ve probably already been to our main website One Fat Frog Main website

So now it’s about time I give you links to the other sites that are up and running: Inventory of new & used equipment in showroom & warehouses
and we also have a website with tons of product info and faqs.

So, if you haven’t stopped by them yet please do. In my spare time I try to post fun items that friends and customers send me in email and also little stories about what we’re up to here at work as beyond the name, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is a pretty funny place to work.

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