more Halloween Pictures

Here are pictures of the Halloween Trick or Treating when Brightstart Pediatric care came over.  What a great time!  If you have time to go through the rest of their Halloween pictures there are some closeups of our little favorites the pirate and hula dancer.  May I say the highlight of my day is not selling restaurant equipment (okay well some days that is pretty peachy keen), but rather I really enjoy watching the children next door grow.  Dear, dear hula girl is a little one that I’ve watched begin to walk and then become steady.  She is a child with a bright smile and great energy and I feel blessed every time I see her out of her daily walk.  She is curious and happy and well, don’t all of us adults need more of that in our lives?

Have a pretty fabulous day out there in restaurant land, I can tell you we’re having a great one here at the Frog!

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