Another workplace point

At the risk of our sale being buried below under very important posts (go down about four posts and see our huge sale of new & used restaurant equipment in stock

I just have to get this off my chest:

  1. Yes, I whistle like a pitiful three year old learning how to whistle.
  2. Yes, I whistle when I’m very happy (which is a lot of the time).
  3. Yes, I can only whistle a note or two very softly.
  4. Yes, I only learned how to whistle when I was in my 20s.
  5. Yes, I initially only whistled by inhaling the air, now I have progressed to also pushing air out.

So, I’m whistling impaired. I admit it. I’m out of the closet. Now where do I get a whistling tutor? Really I don’t think it’s that bad.. it’s not like it ever stopped me from getting a job or finding a spouse. I’ve gone one with my life in spite of it.

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