Even Disney celebrates Chefs!

One Fat Frog, Disney, and Chefs – Oh my!
One Fat Frog still has the personal touch and quirky sense of humor we’ve always had but in our new location, we also have more new and used restaurant equipment, more places we deliver to for free, more connections for financing restaurant equipment.  So come see us.  Or call.  Or email.

I saw this amazing Chef at Disney.  Yup- he’s a scarecrow.  There was also the school lunch lady standing next to him- I will try to upload both for your viewing pleasure. 

Now beyond looking like a favorite chef of mine… or is it an old boyfriend who owns a restaurant ;)… hahaha

The gal below reminds me of the first gal I had cooking at the school.  She was a pretty typical school lunch lady and would have cooked with a cigarette in her mouth had I let her… okay well maybe that is taking it too far and stereotyping but we can all flashback to the lunchlady of our Charlie Brown Childhood and smile.  Ihave also provided this picture for those of us who spend too much time at our desks and on our computers, in your errrr… my honor our honor I give you a little desk exercise program, as you shift your head to the left to better see the .jpg please repeat after me, “1- 1000″… repeat this in a set of 10 and make your old PE teacher happy (Bently and Richeson, you know who you are).

School lunch lady scarecrow @ Disney
School lunch lady scarecrow @ Disney

Okay, so Mr. IT still has to work with me on how to reverse a picture.  In the meantime we’ll all get our neck (are those tripezius workouts or what?- again my high school PE teacher would be proud of me and realize I got a bit more from PE than how to warm a bench… okay, I also one managed to peg the telephone pole in the outfield when I was throwing a ball back in, everyone laughed and that was the end of my career in PE) looking slim and svelte.

Peace, love and pop rocks from One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment

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