Top 10 myths about Used Restaurant Equipment Dealers

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One Fat Frog is bigger and better than ever.  Now we deliver statewide.  One Fat Frog still delivers for free to Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville.  Now One Fat Frog delivers free to Kissimmee, Daytona, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tallassee, Sarasota, Palm Bay and more and more and more.  Call us to find out when we can deliver your purchase of new or used restaurant equipment for free.

Today’s entry is on the top ten myths about Used Restaurant Equipment Dealers and how One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment (located in Orlando FL) is breaking that myth.

  1. Dealers don’t post prices- the difference with One Fat Frog: all of our items are clearly priced with our best price.
  2. Dealers want to make top dollar on one sale- the difference with One Fat Frog: we work on repeat business and word of mouth.
  3. Prepare to spend hours dealing for a great price- the difference with One Fat Frog: we know your time is valuable and if you’re not living at the restaurant then you’re thinking about it.  Let us get you in and out QUICKLY!
  4. Dealers are slimy- the difference with One Fat Frog: we take a shower once a week.  HAHAH  Honestly we do bathe regularly and we are honest good folks.  Our time is not spent thinking how we can take advantage of you.  We will tell you the history of the equipment and any repairs made on it.
  5. Used equipment warehouses and showrooms are dirty and dark- the difference with One Fat Frog: Our warehouses are neat and tidy, clean and dust-free.  We do not make money in keeping equipment around for years.  We turn it quickly and in turn get you the equipment you need at a great price.
  6. Used Dealers lack professionalism- the difference with One Fat Frog: is that we are consummate professionals with over 20 years in commercial equipment sales.  Our employees are honest, straightforward, educated and professional.  We won’t try to hard sell you.  If the equipment is right fr you it will sell itself.
  7. Used Dealers lie- the difference with One Fat Frog: we couldn’t sleep at night if we were worried about lies biting us in the tail.  By maintaining an honest and straightfoward relationship with all of our customers you’ll find that from sales to technical staff we all sleep pretty good at night .
  8. Used dealerships are located in unsafe and dangerous sections of town- the difference with One Fat Frog: we are in a deceint part of town that is easily found.  We’re not next-door-neighbors to the local crack dealers and you don’t have to worry about getting mugged in our parking lot.
  9. Used equipment is a potshot- technicians do not test it- the difference with One Fat Frog: our equipment is tested by trained technicians and we stand behind it.  We order parts and fix it- or we don’t sell it- period!  It’s not worth our time to sell equipment that is shoddy.  You will find that there are some used pieces of equipment we rarely ever sell – and that is because of quality.  There is no sense in reselling a piece of equipment that has been rode hard and lived out its life expectancy .
  10. Used equipment is filthy- the difference with One Fat Frog: we clean our equipment to standards we would want to eat off.  We run a fairly clean establishment as you do.  (*not withstanding the messy desk- we won’t say who it belongs to  Connie )  We understand that dirt/ food = bugs in Florida and guess what, we have no problems with bugs in our warehouses or showrooms- not due to industrial bug killer but rather due to good old fashioned cleaning.

Bottom line we will treat you respect.  We value integrity and honesty and our most important goal of the day is to work an honest day and do honest deals.

Prepare to meet a new kinds of Restaurant Equipment Dealership where integrity matters, and service is important.  True there are many poor dealers in the nation and we shudder when we hear stories of deception and thievery, but there are some good dealers.  We strive to be one of them and to raise the standard for sales of new and used food service equipment

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