Restaurants Helping the Community- Monthly Donations

One Fat Frog still supports local charities.  We’re just doing it from a new location.  Come in and see us at the new place and maybe even give us some ideas for more worthy causes to support!
One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment’s main donation for the month of September was to Hospice the Comforter in Volusia County (earlier this year we donated to the Altamonte Springs arm of this organization).  In October we decided to donate to Pathways – a homeless shelter for the mentally ill located in Orlando.  We will be posting more<often> silently doing in Central Florida.  We also made in-kind donations to the local Fire Department and a local church.

We work very closely with not-for-profits like churches, daycares, schools, service organizations, nursing homes and the like to provide low-cost food service equipment.  In fact last month we were able to work with a local Home Owner’s Association to provide some discounted equipment!   How do we choose which organizations we give cash donations to?  This actually is something we discuss in our staff meetings and come to consensus on.  So, if you’re interested in being a topic of discussion, please do drop us a line and give us some info on your organization.

At One Fat Frog we thank you for your repeat business.  It’s your support that allows us to give back to OUR community.

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