If they wear this then hire them immediately…

One Fat Frog may have a new location, but we still have our old sense of humor. Come for the great deals on new and used restaurant equipment, stay for the bad jokes and wacky fashions.

Here are the top ten outfits and accessories that a top-notch employee will wear to a potential interview.  Use our advice sparingly… or maybe even tongue in cheek.  After all, our name is One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment.  In fact if you see someone in this then you should hire them on the spot for your restaurant:

  1. flip flops
  2. torn jeans
  3. baby doll shorts
  4. plexi-plastic hooker heels
  5. toupee that is only half glued on
  6. missing top dentures
  7. IPOD
  8. extremely long manicured fingernails that curl on the ends.  Preferably have dangly accessories attached to the extension.
  9. heavy perfume
  10. facial tattoos with curse words and numerous teardrops for all the people they have killed.

After all… when you see a good employee pick them up immediately.

<above typed tongue in cheek>

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