Restaurant Equipment Supply Sale – New Used November 2008

For the first two weeks of November we will be having a huge equipment and smallwares sale.  This sale will be on both new and used equipment in stock.  We will blowing out a lot of food service equipment in order to make room for new inventory.

Yes, you’ve read between the lines, despite our recent growth, despite the addition of new warehouse and showroom space… well, we’re already splitting at the seams! We’ll be posting an extensive list of the sale on Monday, but for now know that the early bird gets the worm and we have a lot of deli cases that need to go this week.

Yes, refrigerated deli cases- all shapes and sizes- need to be blown out at a heavily discounted rate.

Call One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment  at 407-936-2733 or better yet stop in at 2416 Sand Lake Road Orlando, FL 32809 and ready to buy.  Don’t be like folks who came at the end of the last sale and were bummed that inventory had blown out.

Again, I have to say that one of our business acquaintances comes in and says, if anything you guys are not a museum, Connie.  And you know what?  That’s true.  We won’t let the equipment gather dust.  It’s not serving any purpose by sitting our our facility.  Take it home next week!

(407) 480-3409

2416 Sand Lake Road,

Orlando, FL 32809