Guess who dressed as the frog?

Pictures to come from One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment Halloween dress up. You know we like to tease each other so everyone thought they’d ambush the other person and not arrive in costume …

We think Eric is dressing as a cowboy today to please the children next door.  RIP Eric passed in May of 2009 for those who are just meeting One Fat Frog.

The Frog was getting down to some Jimmy Buffet and lounging on the tiki bar…

pictures to come…

Because it’s important to remember the important things in life- buying beer at 8 a.m. for the beer froster and trying to explain to the clerk at 7/11 that you are not an alcoholic- really, believe me on that one- and that Halloween only comes around once a year and you have to let loose a bit!

What’s a mug froster?  Well possibly the most important piece of equipment says Orlando’s One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment

So if you want to come try out the beer froster- there’s BudLite on hold.  Down at our Megawarehouse of 100,000 square feet we’ve even got imports in the house.

Looking for a kegerator?  No problem we stock them new and used.

Looking for a bar tap system?  No problem the Frog has them, too.

The best in new and used restaurant equipment in the state of Florida.  It’s that simple.  Save a ton and make your life easy.  Buying restaurant equipment should be so easy!  Call 1 Fat Frog at (407) 480-3409 or better yet stop by our huge worldwide facility in South Orlando.  2416 Sand Lake Road, Orlando FL 32809

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