Amelia Island Fernadina Beach Restaurant Supplies

Sometimes they actually let me get away from the computer for a few hours.  (Okay, I call it work release, they call it prying my finger off the keyboard… Uh, Connie, you’ve been voted most likely to need a vacation- like yesterday!)

Last weekend I had the grace to vacation ocean front on Amelia Island.  I had a fabulous time with my best friend.  We shopped, ate and walked on the beach.  And then I think we shopped a bit more.

As you know I’m a big fan of indy restaurants and was able to eat at this little place called “Jack and Diane’s.”  The owner’s family is actually from the island (can you imagine, someone who may actually be a Florida native?)  Throughout the restaurant were pictures of her grandparents and the duration of their 50 year marriage on the island.

So I could talk about the decor and the funky pink and black color scheme or the music (very good), but what’s probably most relevant is the caliber of food and the variety of just interesting items!

So Jack N’ Diane’s- two thumbs up for two days of breakfast.  Day one was Funnel Cake with a fruit composite and eggs; day two was crab cakes *the best ever dubs Connie” with a Jalapeno bernaise sauce (absolutely divine).

Suffice it to say I eat out a lot- it’s a part of my job that I take full advantage of.  Meals are not really complete without me looking at the equipment, at the set up, seeing how they’re used different pieces or what pieces they need.

In case you were wondering, no, “Jack and Diane’s” is not owned by those two American kids growing up in the heartland in John Mellencamp’s famous song. Though it would be cool to think of those two going from sucking on chili dogs at the old Tasty Freeze to owning a restaurant together. Unfortunately, that’s not reality, mostly because they were fictional characters.

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