Potato Skins Bar For Sale!

There’s a very special TV show on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim lineup called “Delocated.” It’s a fake reality show about a family in the witness protection program. In last night’s episode, the father, Jon, fall sin love with a potato skins bar. Even though his son would rather have a nacho bar, Jon buys the potato skins, sets it up in their apartment, and makes a ton of potato skins.

While One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment doesn’t sell potato skin bars per se, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment does carry used salad bars, buffet bars, etc. that you can certainly use for a potato skin bar. Hey, these are toughs times and it’s important for your restaurant to present your clients with something unique. Why not a potato skin bar?! I love potato skins; a lot of people do! I honestly believe that if you put in a potato skin bar, there would be lines around the block of hungry, drunk people ready to devour it.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment welcomes quick cash deals and package deals towards the entire stock of used commercial restaurant – including salad bars, buffet bars, and potato skin bars. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment can also get you financed no matter what shape your credit is in. As long as you’ve got a pulse and can sign your name, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment can get you financed for all of the used commercial restaurant equipment you need – including the almighty potato skins bar.

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