Just In: Fryers and Griddles

Today is your lucky day. One Fat Frog just got in a ton of new fryers, griddles, and work tables! And what’s cool about these new units, is we don’t charge “new” prices for them. We strive to give our customers the best possible price there is! Chances are, you won’t find prices cheaper than ours. Not only do we provide our customers with unbeatable prices, we offer a ton of free stuff! For example, free curbside delivery to the majority of cities in Florida. This surprises many of our customers. They know how expensive deliveries can be, especially when you’re dealing with large equipment, and they are ecstatic and mind-blown when they hear we offer it for free! What can I say, we are basically rock stars up in the frog.

We also work with our customers, and have our own in house finance manager who gets more people approved than you can imagine. We know there’s a lot of Americans who don’t have the best credit. But let me tell you something, there’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. Bring those credit scores in to one fat frog, and I can almost guarantee you, there’s something we can do for you.

Read more about financing here, and access the credit application here! It takes like 2 minutes, if that, to complete. There should be nothing stopping you!

2416 sand lake road, orlando fl, 32809


Jacksonville Restaurant Equipment Delivery!

We have new and used restaurant equipment for our buddies up in Jacksonville. And Guess what, our complimentary free delivery truck will be there on August 7th! That’s next Thursday! And believe it or not, the semi is quickly reaching capacity. And our trucks are BIG. Just look at that thang.

big truck

This means if you want that equipment delivered for free on August 7th, you need to act fast! Call us, come see us, stalk us….whatever you need to GET YOUR EQUIPMENT ON THAT TRUCK. (but plz don’t stalk us).

Our Delivery to Jacksonville also includes Daytona Beach, St. Augustine, Deltona, Deland, Ormond Beach, New Smyrna Beach, and Flagler. If you aren’t included on this list but you’re on the way to Jacksonville, we can possibly still deliver to you! Call for confirmation!

Some more free deliveries occurring before August 7th include, Gainesville, Miami, Cocoa, South Orlando, NW Orlando, Tampa and Tallahassee. Call for these dates! :)

2416 Sand Lake Road, Orlando Fl, 32809



Don’t Try To Sneak Into Your Schools Kitchen

At Orientation today, I tried to sneak into the cafeterias kitchen just to take a peek around. It was an unsuccessful quest. I had almost made it in when I was greeted by an older woman in a hair net. She started yelling at me in a language I’ve never head. You see, when you start working for One Fat Frog, the overwhelming sensation of excitement you get when in the presence of restaurant equipment is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. It’s hard for some people to understand (aka the woman yelling). I guess I can’t expect everyone to be as restaurant equipment geeky as us at the Frog. When I start talking to my friends about restaurant equipment normally their reaction goes a little like this:

parks and rec






Anyway, We are open tomorrow from 10am-3pm! Come and stop on by and let’s be restaurant equipment geeks together :)

2416 Sand Lake Road, Orlando Fl, 32809


Start Up: Liquor Licenses and Permits

Yesterday I talked a little about different beverages to serve in your restaurant and how to diversify your beverage menu but when it comes to alcohol, everything I said yesterday is useless without having the correct liquor licenses/permits. There’s literally a permit for EVERYTHING. Brace yourself. I have shortened the list a smidgen because there are some permits that no one will ever need. They will not be missed. Refer to the painstakingly extensive list below and see if your place of business requires any of the following:

  • Beer and Wine: with this license you can only serve beer and wine. No worries, if you’re customers drink enough they‘ll still get drunk! I know that’s a big concern for many of us. If you’re caught serving liquor or distilled spirits you’ll get in big big trouble and may even lose your license (not fun). In a lot of smaller restaurants, liquor licenses are unable to be obtained and you can only get a beer and wine one, but does this even matter, because coronas with lime are the best thing that ever happened to this Frog.
  • Hotel and Restaurant: This license allows you to serve liquor, beer and win in, you guessed it, hotels and restaurants.
  • Restaurant: This license more often than not requires that no more than a certain percentage of your sales come from alcohol; this prevents you from gaining “bar status” aka the only status I care about. The percentage nationwide is somewhere around 40%. With a restaurant license you’re normally allowed to serve beer, wine and liquor.
  • Eating Place: This is the carryout license. If you’re picking up your pizza and wings for a Friday night football game, along with some beer, the restaurant will need to have this license.
  • Retail: grocery stores, drug stores, liquor stores, or any place where a customer can walk in and purchase liquor. Ps this license isn’t needed for restaurant owners.
  • Bed and Breakfast: depending on your state, you may need a bed and breakfast license instead of a hotel and restaurant license. The good thing about this is, because bed and breakfasts’ are normally worlds smaller than hotels, the license will be way cheaper.
  • Tavern: some taverns must offer food, some don’t, it really just depends on your state. If you half of your sales are from alcohol, your government may make you apply for a tavern license.
  • Club: This license applies to private clubs such as country clubs or golf clubhouses. 
  • Brewpub: License for establishments who brew their own beers. And um maybe it would be possible to teach me how to brew beer? You have no idea how much money that would save me….

I hope you found this information useful and insightful…what can i say…im just an insightful gal…i mean frog. Yes i am a frog if you didn’t know. A beautiful, awesome lil ole frog. But, no I don’t eat flies. I like to stick to culturally accepted human food most of the time. 




Pictures of Some Equipment Just In At One Fat Frog

20 quart mixers

20 Quart Mixers

60 quart mixer

60 quart mixer -this baby is BIG




Dough sheeter

hot box warming cabinet 2

hot box warming cabinet

Start Up: Crafting a Beverage Menu

Depending on what your restaurant is, beverages can serve an extremely important function. Beverages, if done right, can revolutionize a menu. For example, in 2001, McDonalds introduced McCafe to America after it was highly successful in Australia. Revenue for McDonalds with McCafes’ generated around 15% more profit. Think about how much money each individual Mcdonalds’ brings in annually, and add 15% to that for Mcdonalds’ with a McCafe.  DAS A LOT OF MONAAAAY.

Your beverages should be based on your clientele and menu. You wouldn’t find a Quiznos serving Bloody Mary’s because it wouldn’t go with either the clientele or menu and no one would be purchasing them, lowering profits. I went to a rundown college bar the other day, and my friend asked for a Cosmo. They looked at her like she had lost her marbles.  The bartender mumbled “no we don’t serve those here”, and my friend embarrassingly looked away and asked for a jack and coke. Knowing who you cater to is very important it’s equally important for the customer to immediately get a sense of what you  have on the menu as well.

Here are the four types of beverages restaurants serve:

Non-Alcoholic Beverages: All restaurants should include more than just your average run of the mill sodas.  Many people don’t even drink soda, alternatives are crucial. Lemonades, milkshakes, coffees, milk, juices, and tea, or some form of these, should be offered at almost any operation.  Also if your business caters to kids or families, having wide-ranging non alcoholic options are essential.

Premium non-alcoholic beverages: These could include your specialty bottled waters such as San Pellergrino, frozen drinks, specialty brews etc. You would find these at higher in establishments.

Alcoholic Beverages: craft Beers, certain wines, and spirits.

Premium Alcoholic Beverages: Specialty beers, higher in wines, spirits and cocktails.

You, the restaurant owner, will have to decide what drinks to serve on your menu. It may take a while to find that perfect drink menu, but do not fret! It’ll come my friend. Also, just FYI, One Fat Frog has a lot of equipment that could help with your drink needs. We have barbacks, kegerators, freezers, chillers, ETC, the list is like bottomless mimosas, it just doesn’t stop.




Jim Morrison Went to FSU – Go Noles!

Legendary Doors front man Jim Morrison attended Florida State University for a little bit! He even appeared in a promo for the school. Morrison studied art and psychology but had a passion for film. He went on to transfer to UCLA where he would study film and  meet future bandmate Ray Manzarek…I guess I can support the transfer a little because that’s how the Doors would eventually come to be formed, but really, who the heck transfers from FSU?!! If you didn’t know already, here at one fat frog we are pretty big Seminole fans. Florida State adoration runs through our blood. Gator fans? Stay away….stay far away. Or maybe don’t stay away. We would still love your business but that doesn’t mean we wont be making many jokes when we find out you support the Gators! 

It’s a great day so far at the Frog. Seal’s “Kiss From a Rose” is playing and I’m really feeling it. It’s a beautiful day to go restaurant equipment shopping, don’t ya think? Especially when we just got in truckloads of equipment! People have been calling nonstop asking for ice cream machines and we got some in now, wooo! Also have some more mixers, fryers, griddles, charbroilers, brewers, and much more. Come and see the 100,000 square foot warehouse today! 

2416 sand lake road, orlando fl, 32809


100,000 Square foot warehouse…100,000 square feet of dreams come true

One Fat Frog is really big. Like, we are kinda huge. I go on about it a lot because it never ceases to amaze me. Some days you’ll find me out in the warehouse playing hide-n-seek…always on my break (if my boss is reading this). When we get new clients at the Frog, they initially are flabbergasted because they just haven’t been in a restaurant equipment warehouse this big. They normally began to hyperventilate and at this point the consoling takes place on my part. I let them know that is in fact not a dream, and that good things (one fat frog) happen to good people.

We didn’t get this big out of nowhere…people come to us for a reason. We honestly strive to give our customers the best prices and service out there. We offer free curbside delivery to the majority of cities in Florida, give free warranty’s on equipment, offer free custom paint jobs and free gas conversions. We know you like free, and we like making you happy!

Come and see our awesome warehouse today, we are open 6 days a week (SATURDAYS WOOWHOO)!



one fat frog 1



Privacy Is So Not a Thing Anymore

There is a bigger gap in generations than may have been previously thought. I was reading an article online about the generational gap between X and Z and began to realize how different we really are in regards to technology. I belong to generation Z, barely, being 19 years old. It’s crazy to think about how connected I really am to social media and how present my internet persona actually is. I mean, my job title is “social media specialist” for crying out loud! This girl loves her sum internet! I am always online! My mom even teaches college online, and she can’t even begin understand how/why the internet is so important and prevalent in my life. She’s always yelling at me to put my phone down, or to stop texting at dinner. Sometimes it feels like it’s involuntary, my hands just seem to always need to be holding on to my phone. Btw, texting isn’t a word on microsoft word, and is constantly being underlined with that pesky redness. They need to get it together.

According to the article If You Think Gen Y is Different, Wait Until You Meet Generation Z, 91% of teens have a picture of themselves on the internet, and 94% of all teens using social media have a facebook. These are incredibly high numbers, and I was honestly a little shocked reading them. Privacy isn’t a thing anymore for the Z generation. Unlike my parents, who find me posting pictures of myself on faceboook, weird and dangerous, my generation sees it as necessary and awesome.

But the weird thing is, when I meet people without facebooks or twitters, I’m immediately interested in them because I know I couldn’t go on the internet and find out loads about them in seconds (is that stalkerish?). I myself, don’t have an instagram and when I tell people this, they literally freak out, and either think I’m a weirdo or some non conformist hippie.

It was actually kind of funny, my dad had to make a linkedin the other day, because many people don’t want to work with someone without seeing their previous job history online. He was not thrilled and when I told him to add a picture of himself, he just about lost it. Being connected isn’t really a choice anymore, it’s something that is expected of us all, whether we like it or not!

Ps isnt it annoying when an older person asks a question they could so easily google? check out this website to provide them with a snarky comeback :) Let Me Google That For You


Restaurant Equipment Just In at the Frog! Act Fast!

One Fat Frog just got in some eagerly awaited items! Act fast, we know these units are gonna sell quick!

countertop soft serve ice cream machine

60″ range- 4 burner  & 36 flat griddle with double ovens 

60 quart Hobart mixer

3 compartment sink

Hot box warming cabinet


Speed rails

Make table

Low boy


Hand wash sink

Bottle cooler

True gdm49f freezer

2 well & 3 well steam table

Alto shaam countertop combi therm

Countertop warmer 


Dbl stack gas Blodgett oven

Countertop cadco

20 quart hobart mixer

20 quart dito dean mixer

True gdm72f freezer

24 flat griddle 

24 charbroiler

36 charbroiler

36 flat griddle

Countertop warmer

Chafing dish

Tea brewer

Coffee brewer

Bar ice well

Just received an email

Just received an email from clients driving south on I95 from St Augustine to see us. They sent us pictures of our truck.

Follow the Frog for a deal!
One Fat Frog is literally your one stop destination to equip the restaurant you’ve been dreaming about. Our motto is “if we ain’t got it, nobody does!”..ok that’s not the official motto but it’s accurate! We have 100,000 square feet of restaurant equipment goodness, our warehouse is filled to the brim with wonderful equipment, new and used. Just today, we got in truckloads of equipment (there is a list in our most recent blog post), and you see how big our trucks are, dats a lot o’ stuff! come and see us today, we are nice peeps and restaurant equipment geeks!

2416 sand lake road

orlando fl, 32809


One Fat Frog Has an In House Finance Manager

The Frog has our own in house finance manager, and he’s awesome! He gets more people approved for restaurant equipment and food truck financing than you could ever imagine. Have funky credit? There’s nothing to be embarrassed about here at the frog and chances are we will still be able to get you approved. Our financing application literally takes less than 2 minutes to complete and you’ll know within minutes whether you’ve been approved! You can read more about it here One Fat Frog Financing and access the application here Leasing and Financing Application

2416 Sand Lake Road, Orlando Fl, 32809


Come See Us Tomorrow! We Are Open Saturdays!

One Fat Frog is open Saturdays! I’ve posted about it before but reiteration is dedication. That was all I could think to rhyme that with, not even sure it made sense? Anywho (and yes I know that isn’t a real word but just bear with me) come and see us tomorrow and if you bring us coffee and donuts we will love you till the end of time. We open at 10am and close the Frog down at 3pm. That’s 5 hours of open restaurant equipment goodness. How many other places do you know that’s open on a Saturday? Ok, probably a lot of places. BUT how many places do you know that’s open with 100,000 square feet of restaurant equipment? A HA, I HAVE YOU STUMPED THERE. One Fat Frog has the largest commercial restaurant equipment warehouse in the nation….and that’s like 50 states…we are B I G.

2416 Sand Lake Road, Orlando Fl, 32809


Used and New Restaurant Equipment at the Frog

3 compartment sink

3 compartment sink!

crepe griddle

crepe griddles!


glass door merchandiser :)

used 6 burner

6 burner range


Some More Pics of Equipment W/ Descriptions

work table

stainless steel prep table!

tilt skillet

stainless steel tilt skillet!

tilt skillet 2 - Copy

Another stainless steel tilt skillet!

tilt skillet - Copy

and…..another tilt skillet folks

tilt kettles 2 - Copy

bunch of tilt kettles!

rational combi therm - Copy

combi therm oven: gas and electric

double fryer

double fryer!

conveyor oven

conveyor oven :)

bread oven

bread oven, yummy!

3 bin fryer

3 bin fryer!

Slicers, Conveyor Pizza Oven and Counter-top Toaster

belleco pizza oven

you can put raw pizza dough up in this thang. this unit makes 100 pizzas/hr!


slicers galore!

countertop toaster

counter-top toaster! 50 slices/hr!


Start Up: Determining Menu Prices

If customers aren’t willing to pay what you charge, or are conversely, paying too little for you to generate a sizeable profit, there is a problem! There are many factors that must be considered when configuring menu prices for your awesome food! One Fat Frog is here to help! Let’s take a look at 3 important ones.

  • Consumer demographics: WHO THE HECK ARE YOU TARGETTING? If you’re running a sub shop that’s situated in a college town and targets students, it would be insane to charge 10 dollars a sub. That being said, charging 2 dollars a sub would most likely greatly limit potential profit. You have to market menu prices to suit your audience as well as yourself. Finding that happy medium is essential to running a successful restaurant.
  • Competition: Let’s focus on the sub shop again. Is there a Subway close by which offers better prices than you? If you’re a new business, people would be more likely to go to Subway because of familiarity and credibility. So how do we make people come to you instead? You should have a more inviting atmosphere, better tasting food and unbeatable prices.
  • Food cost percentage: Having a food cost percentage gives you an exact formula to determine what to charge for menu items. You can find your food cost percentage in two simple steps. First, calculate all the raw ingredient costs associated with creating a dish. If you are interested in running a 40% food cost and your dish costs $5.00 to make in ingredients, you would divide the cost by the percentage. For example: $5.00/ .40= 12.50. Having a dish worth $5 in ingredients would generate a $7.50 profit.

Finding the perfect menu prices won’t just magically happen, even when using a food cost percentage. There will be times when you need to adjust your prices simply based on if your dish is selling or not. It’ll take a while to perfect your menu, but no not fret! Once it comes, success is sure to follow! Stay groovy One Fat Froggers.

Restaurant Equipment: Tidbit of Our Inventory

Let’s be real, it would take hours to type up all of our inventory. That’s what 100,000 square feet of restaurant equipment does to ya! We aren’t bragging (maybe a wittle). Basically, anything you needy Frogs need, we can do for you. Having a bad day? I’ll give you a hug…unless you’re one of those “no one can touch me germaphobe” types. In that case, AIR HIGH FIVE! Anyway, some of our current inventory includes:

Crepe Griddle




Prep Tables

Pizza Ovens



Chef bases





come and see the 100,000 sqaure foot warehouse for yourself!

2416 Sand Lake Road

Orlando Fl, 32809

Eva Mendes Is Pregnant

My day was going really swell today. I had a dentist appointment then scurried over to One Fat Frog. When I arrived I got some news that would forever change my life….Eva Mendes is pregnant. Eva Mendes as in Ryan Gosling’s girlfriend. RYAN FREAKIN GOSLING. He is going to be a father and girls everywhere are seriously losing their minds. It was nice to live in a world where you could think you maybe had a slither of a chance with Mr. Beautiful himself. But sadly, that world came crashing down today. Apparently the news broke days ago and I have no idea how I avoided it for that long, but I am grateful for those couple of days of bliss….days where I still had a chance.


Start Up: Choosing the Perfect Location for Your Restaurant

In the world of restaurants, location is EVERYTHING. Frogs know all, trust me. How many times has one of your favorite restaurants went out of business because the location was terrible? The food could be superb, the hospitality fabulous, but that pesky location problem always has a way of running perfectly good restaurants right into the dirt! Let’s just reiterate, location my friend, IS EVERYTHING. Miss Frog said it twice now, you better listen to me. I know you’re probably left wondering how to choose a prime location to open your restaurant. This where the “how to choose a perfect restaurant location” master comes in.

Check out Local Real Estate Market:

  • Work with a real estate agent who has abundant knowledge of the restaurant market.
  • If possible, talk with past leasers to see if anything funky was going on in the space you’re interested in.

Access and Visibility:

  • Can your customers easily get to you from a main road? If they’re going to have to do 26 u-turns, go around 12 roundabouts and hit 17 four-way stops, your location probably sucks. Convenience is everything!  Make sure your customers can get to you in a jiffy.
  • Abundant Parking: You want to make sure your customers won’t have to go on a 6 mile hike to reach your restaurant. Having lots of well lit parking is extremely important, unless you’re situated in an urban area such as New York City, where foot traffic is the norm.

Other Businesses in the Area Which Could Benefit Your Restaurant:

  • What businesses are around your restaurant? Who you are located next to will affect your business. Are you next to places such as movie theaters, parks, rivers, or any type of entertainment? These are all things which will make traffic to your restaurant even more prevalent! But on the other hand, if you’re located next to a prison or sewer plant, let’s just say you’re restaurant wouldn’t be the first I would visit. Which brings us to our next point….

Know which locations to Avoid:

  •  Avoid locations which would make your clientele feel uncomfortable. For instance, having your location in an ongoing construction zone, hard to find locations, or in areas with mismatched clientele.

When you do find that perfect location to open your restaurant, it would be wise of you to let One Fat Frog be your restaurant equipment supplier. We are pretty awesome over here. Call (407) 480-3409 to chat about equipment or maybe even Mila Kunis’s pregnancy. Whatever works.