One Fat Frog WILL be open labor day from 9am-5pm. What better way to spend your labor day than getting your restaurant labor-needs met? See what I did there? It’s called wordplay and it’s a beautiful thing.

Even though our flash sale ends tomorrow, the frog has amazing deals year-round and I can almost guarantee that you won’t find prices cheaper than ours when looking for quality, reliable equipment. You also wont find a group of people that listen to better music than us. That’s 100% guaranteed. It’s no top 40 in the frog, we are strictly classic 70s and 80s music up in here. I’m talking Queen, The Cure, Guns n Roses, Whitesnake, Fleetwood Mac, Aerosmith and more. But, mostly Queen because Freddie Mercury is probably the most precious human being ever to live. My obsession with Mr. Mercury runs deep. On any given night, you can find me singing “Somebody To Love” alone in my room loud enough for basically anyone with even mediocre hearing to hear. But enough about me….come and see us tomorrow and on Labor Day. We shall be waiting!


2416 sand lake road, orlando fl, 32809



Guys I have some super exciting news for all my frogs out there. One Fat Frog is having a 3 DAY FLASH SALE. Go dance around for a little bit, I know you wanna. Flash sales are amazing because prices are super duper cheap. But it is a FLASH sale. That means, it’s gonna go by quick and equipment is gonna sell so fast. Your best bet is getting over here as soon as possible and indulging in the incredible deals we have for you!

Some of the equipment we are selling:


Used hand wash sinks W/ splash guards-75.00

3 compartment sinks- 375.00

Stero Glass washing system- 1450.00

Chef Bases

36” Chef base / refrigerated equipment stand-1400.00

60” Chef base/ refrigerated equipment stand-2300.00

Cooking Ranges

36” Gas Char- Broiler Bakers Pride w/ NEW grates 875.00

Southern Pride Electric Smoker-2700.00

Food Holding Stations

Henny Penny FULL PASS THRU warming cabinet- 1350.00


Vulcan SINGE bin Model GPC12-400.00

Vulcan SINGLE bin, DIGITIAL Model HER500-800.00

Vulcan DOUBLE bin w/warming dump station Model 3GRD35F -2100.00

Pitco-Frialator SINGLE bin-400.00

Pitco-Frialator DOUBLE bin w/ warming dump station Model BF145-HQ-2400.00

Pitco-Frialator TRIPLE bin w/ warming dump station-3500.00

American Range SINGLE bin- 400.00

Dean SINGLE bin Model SR142GN- 400.00

Royal SINGLE bin 400.00

Royal SINGLE 60lbs – 975.00

Giles Enterprises Fryer W/ built in hood Model MGF- 2400.00

Auto fryer- 2900.00 Suppression system built in

Henny Penny Pressure Fryer- 2500.00


1 set True 8’ Deli cases- $2500.00 Per-case grab them all or spilt them up!

72” TRUE Mega-top Sandwich/ Salad Prep table- $1400.00

Glass 3 Door FREEZERS TRUE Model T72F -$1800.00

Glass 2 Door FREEZERS TRUE Model T49F -$1500.00


UNDER $1,000.00


Under counter & work top fridges & freezers

2 well Steam table & Cold tables with Sneeze quards!!!





startup: Juice Bar

Juicing is a craze?  Well not really, it’s a lifestyle choice for many and is finally reaching a more mainstream understanding in society at least in Orlando FL.  I admit it, I’ve been a hippy for years but then I came from the wilds of Montana where foraging and hunting for your own food was pretty normal.

I could tell you about carriers and what the best carriers are, what fruits you should flavor with and the difference between a juicer and a juicer that masticates.    What you probably want to know is that currently the Frog is opening three juice bars!  I’m not going to divulge locations and concepts yet, but it’s very, very exciting to us!

Being part of a change in the dynamics of how the nation eats is big!  We’re honored to help touch the way food is perceived!

Now I’ll sheepishly bow my head and admit that this is my sign from God that I should get out the old Champion!

Not hiring a general contractor for your buildout?

Sure, you don’t have to hire a general contractor for your buildout and honestly a lot of our clients just don’t have the cash to invest in that professional or they think they can do the work the GC does.  It’s true, you can do the work a GC does.  In fact you can even work on your own restaurant equipment or your car.  Doesn’t mean it’s always the right plan!

If you have never opened a restaurant and are tearing down walls, changing plumbing or adding to the structure significantly we recommend you look at a building professional for your needs.

Here is a short list of things that the GC or project manager may do for you:

  • organize trades
  • oversee spending on project
  • negotiate with trades and bring on skilled subcontractors who do the job right the first time
  • interact with fire marshalls and other inspectors, apply for licensing and other permitting

A GC may also interact with the restaurant equipment dealer (like the Frog) to make sure they get cut sheets, have appropriate electric/ gas/ plumbing configuration and that you get the equipment you need.  They will either provide licensed and experienced installers or they will provide you with subs who can handle it!    For more info stop in at the Frog- our team would love to help you!  2416 Sand Lake Road, Orlando FL 32809

Semi-loads of equipment

When it comes to high volume the Frog is always taking in used equipment.  In fact, I think we even had equipment come in on Saturday!

So in our last few semi-loads of equipment have kept us pretty busy.  A lot of people ask us questions why our inventory isn’t regularly updated on the internt.  It quite frankly comes down to our low prices and volume and selling it so quickly that as soon as we get it posted it often sells.

Additionally in the world of used restaurant we might get another load of equipment in the next day.  Our inventory changes rapidly at the Frog.  The very best is to stop in talk to a sales person.  Get on our radar.  Buy equipment.  The folks who get the first choice on new incoming equipment is our existing clientele.

I’m telling you, it’s worth the drive to the Frog!  If we have folks who fly in internationally you can drive across Orlando for equipment.

Hot line smoker bbq equipment

Here are a few unique items on our floor that you might be interested.  Used!

  • Henny Penny warming cabinet- full pass thru
  • Smokerama pressure smoker
  • Southern Pride Smoker
  • worktop refrigeration
  • walk in cooler

Call the Frog 407-480-3409

STARTUP Why should you open a new concept?

In past guides we’ve written about STARTUPs we’ve covered topics of buying a franchise, buying an existing restaurant and now we’re focused on opening a new concept from Ground Zero.  We’re talking putting down roots!

So you think you want to open a food and beverage concept from the ground up.  You’re the one who dreamt it, you’re the one who will flesh it out and you’re also probably the one who will sweat over the grill!

There are several great reasons to open a new concept.  In no particular order here you go:

  • you can purchase equipment from the Frog and save a ton of money
  • you are not making a percentage payment to corporate each month
  • you don’t have organized buying channels, you can buy cheese any dang place that makes your little heart sing
  • is there a special that takes off?  add it to the menu
  • full control of growth, menu, purchasing

This, my friends, is just the beginning of the Frog… stop in at 2416 Sand Lake Road, Orlando FL 32809

Risk takers need credit to open a startup

We understand that risk takers often take risks and it may spell out in their credit report.  We’ve all been there- divorce, terminal illness, layoff, business partner issues, economy turns or upside down in your mortgage.  There is absolutely no shame in coming to the Frog- let us help you get the equipment you need.

If there’s one thing that One Fat Frog’s Finance Managers know is that good people can have bad credit.  We understand that. We’ve helped many people with our credit rebuilding programs and have other folks that have successfully rebuilt their business and personal credit.  Let it work for you!

Fill out an application today!  What’ s the worst that can happen?  We’ll work on the details, you work on the dream!

Lasso the stars- we’ll help you catch them!



Big Savings New Equipment New Business

The Frog is pretty proud of our prices.  A good part of our program is our pricing structure and we’re working hard for you!   We’re worth the drive- stop in and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Here’s a huge savings comparing apples to apples in quality to a big box restaurant equipment food service provider- a new customer came to us by referral and we certainly were good to our goal of saving them a LOT of money.

Long story short we had an apples to apples comparison.

The initial quote from another foodservice equipment company was $83,000.  The Frog came in… yes, $30 thousand dollars cheaper!

I’m not kidding you, at $53,000- how could the owner not afford to do business with the Frog!  Here’s the thing this is a pretty big project and just a fraction of it.   The owner had the funding capital but to the Frog it’s not what we can make on any one person or project, it’s about giving a good fair solid deal each and every time.

Let’s not confuse, though the Frog is NOT staffed to be a bid spec house.  If you come in we can get you a few numbers to see if it’s worth your time to join us in the build out.  In the case of the customer above our reputation preceded us and he knew the initial savings on a few pieces would merit the entire deal.

Now I’m not going to say there hasn’t been a project where we’ve said we can’t do it and be competitive due to price.  Sure, there’s always a “sounds too good to be true” deal and sometimes people buy it.  Sadly, one of our customers got a deal just like that this week.  He bought a brand new walk in freezer from us because our price was the best for the value out there but he deferred on the walk-in because he had the opportunity to buy a used walk in cooler for a helluva deal.  Let’s be honest, it was a steal and once he got the walk in delivered, well guess what the panels were crumbling and warped.  As we’re in used equipment we know a thing or two about old walk ins.  When we used to sell used walk ins we would walk away from projects and leave panels or walk in units if they had damage.  Once water gets in the foam you’re out of luck.  Sadly, customer came back to us with little lead time and wanted a cooler to replace his steal… errrr deal.  I say sadly because he had more money out of pocket because he still had the “great deal”…

Please, the proof is in the pudding,come in and meet us.

There’s a reason we’re one of the largest dealers in the Southeast… some people tell us the nation.  We certainly do high volume!  Call the Frog at (407) 480-3409 or stop in 2416 Sand Lake Road Orlando FL 32809

Just In: Fryers and Griddles

Today is your lucky day.  Whether you’re a food truck, grill, bar, restaurant or school the Frog is your hot spot for great equipment at a superior price!

One Fat Frog just got in a ton of new fryers, griddles, and equipment stands! And what’s cool about these new units, is we don’t charge “new” prices for them. We strive to give our customers the best possible price there is! Chances are, you won’t find prices cheaper than ours. Not only do we provide our customers with unbeatable prices, we offer a ton of free stuff! For example, free curbside delivery to the majority of cities in Florida. This surprises many of our customers. They know how expensive deliveries can be, especially when you’re dealing with large equipment, and they are ecstatic and mind-blown when they hear we offer it for free! What can I say, we are basically rock stars up in the frog.

We also work with our customers, and have our own in house finance manager who gets more people approved than you can imagine. We know there’s a lot of Americans who don’t have the best credit. But let me tell you something, there’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. Bring those credit scores in to one fat frog, and I can almost guarantee you, there’s something we can do for you.

Read more about financing here, and access the credit application here! It takes like 2 minutes, if that, to complete. There should be nothing stopping you!

2416 sand lake road, Orlando fl, 32809


Best prices out there on new and used restaurant equipment

So one of our clients came referred by their General Contractor.  They said, “wow, I thought I was going to have to use finance but for these prices we’ll just write a check for it.”

The GC has done several projects with the Frog and always recommends us.  Why?  We don’t give him kickbacks, he doesn’t get a spiff, he makes nothing out of this, but we make his job easier.

Come shop where the big boys shop!  Save money and let us build your restaurants for you again and again.  We make life easier and help you get closer to profit from day one.


All Bacon Restaurant Opening Soon in Montreal

This day could really not get any better. I just found out an ALL bacon restaurant is opening up in Montreal. Literally, everything you order will somehow incorporate bacon. It’s a great day to be alive. I mean, who doesn’t love bacon? I honestly think bacon is the answer to world peace. When has anyone ever been upset whilst eating bacon? 

The name of the restaurant is Bar Brutus and some of the mindblowing menu items include Bacon Sushi, a 100% bacon sausage hot dog, and bacon fries. The fun doesn’t just end at food. Bar Brutus has infused bacon and drinks together, which is amazing for all bacon lovers. Alcoholic bacon beverages such as Bloody Mary’s with a bacon rose and even bottles of bacon vodka are available!

And while we are on the subject of bacon, let’s talk a little bit about making it, because I may have exactly what you need. I have griddles, charbroilers, ovens, fryers (fried bacon is so a thing) and much more equipment that can be used to make the holy grail of food, bacon. Come and see the equipment today, and if you mention how awesome bacon is, I’ll even give you a discount!

Ps If anyone wants to take a little field trip to Montreal with me, I am so down.

bacon 1 bacon

bacon bloddy mart

2416 Sand Lake Road, Orlando Fl, 32809



I haven’t blogged in a couple days. I know my absence was basically every one of your worst nightmares come true, but my frog friends, breezy is back. I wasn’t gone on my own accord, but instead because the blog wanted to act funky and not let me post. But I finally showed them who’s boss.

We have a lot of really nifty stock in at the moment. I went into the warehouse this morning and began taking inventory and saw we got in a lot of equipment I hadn’t seen before. My emotions were somewhat like a toddler visiting Disneyland for the first time: speechless. We have this really groovy electric 3 deck oven, similar to the one used in Panera Bread. It’s a really beautiful unit. If there were The Oscars for restaurant equipment, this beauty would take home best picture. Isn’t she just divine?!


We also got in a really nice Ojeda open air merchandiser. These babies are amazing at generating revenue through a little something called “impulse buys”, which I am a constant victim of. If I can see the Ben & Jerry’s, you can bet your bottom dollar Chocolate Fudge Brownie will be in my hands in 7 seconds flat. Is it even possible to resist Ben & Jerry’s? My cousin is lactose intolerant and has designated days where she plans to eat ice cream and face the unfavorable consequences that come after finishing the heavenly delight that is ice cream. 


We also have a Cleveland steamcraft electric steamers for sell! I thought it was necessary to include a picture of our feet with the steamer to add a little excitement (mines a lil chubby but all’s good in the hood).


We have much more equipment in stock, the fun doesn’t end here but this blog post does.

2416 Sand Lake Road, Orlando fl, 32809



Hot Line and Cold Line Commercial Restaurant Equipment

We have tons of hot line and cold line restaurant equipment in stock at one fat frog. Literally tons, I went out there and weighed it all. You should probably come in just because of the time and effort it took me to weigh all that. We do have 100,000 square feet of equipment, this was no small task. I almost got crushed lifting the walk in freezer but fortunately I made it out alive. Bri: 1. Walk in: 0.

Some of our hot line items includes an array of ovens (gas, electric, wood burning, combi, countertop, bread, nu view and more), charbroilers, griddles, fryers, warming cabinets, ranges, cheesemelters, and more! And the cold line includes, freezers, coolers, fridges, walk ins, barbacks, bottle coolers, refrigerated prep tables, and more!

We are open on Saturdays. I guess today is your lucky day. The frogs will be here until 3pm, which gives you plenty of time to have a delightful breakfast and then come and see us. We will be waiting while listening to Jessie’s Girl. Oh, just so you know, us Frogs adore all things 80s, especially the music. A day doesn’t go by where I envy not being an 80s baby. I mean the 90s were cool but the Mickey Mouse Club can’t really touch Queen.  Let me make a proposition to you…come in singing Jessie’s Girl and we will give you a discount on the spot. 

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment

2416 Sand Lake Road, Orlando Fl, 32809


Charbroilers and Flatgriddles

What the heck is better than hot dogs and pancakes? Not much, especially if you’re an American. We have heaps of flat griddles and charbroilers in stock, which make those two very delicious items I just mentioned above. Sometimes, I go out in the one fat frog warehouse and just gaze lovingly at the equipment, flat griddles and charbroilers in particular. I just know all the good they can do. I know what they are capable of making and it makes my stomach happy to be alive. 

Let me just tell you a little about each of the units and what they are capable of making. Currently we have 24″ and 36″ flat griddles, a lot of them counter top flat griddles. Flat griddles make burgers, pancakes, hash browns, eggs, bacon, sandwiches, fish, steaks, etc….the list is really endless and the variety of things you can make on a flat griddle is incredible. The units we have in stock are stainless steel, WITH BACK SPLASH, to catch all the oils and grease and such, which makes the cleanup effortless. All units are non stick because, believe me, nothing is more annoying then trying to remove an egg stuck to a pan. Most of my anger resides in that very task.

Now let me talk a little about our charboilers. Charbroilers are amazing because they add that nice smokiness meat needs and the grill lines left behind are oh- so- visually- pleasing. Some of the flat griddles in stock also have backspash but it’s not as necessary because it doesn’t leave as much of a mess behind. It’s kind of like steering wheel covers; nice to have but you could live without ‘em. Thinking about steering wheel covers takes me back to when I was sixteen and got my first car. I thought outfitting my car in all Ed Hardy gear was a good idea. I was so young…my friends still make fun of me for that. 

Anyway, please come and check out the griddles and charbroilers. They are essential for any restaurant owner and will make the task of cooking easier and more enjoyable. And we offer free curbside delivery to the majority of cities in Florida. Does life get better than this? No, it does not.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment

2416 Sand Lake Road, Orlando Fl, 32809

Some Fab Pics of Equipment

imperial 2 burner

Imperial 2 burner with flat griddle and oven beneath

tilt kettle

Tilt Kettle – if you don’t believe me there’s also a sign

glass deli case

Glass deli case


4 burner with flat griddle, cheesemelter and 2 ovens beneath


mega top sandwich prep table

Rest In Peace Robin Williams – A True Legend

Yesterday was a a little odd. I got home and went on Buzzfeed, as I always do, and saw something that made my heart stop. It read, “Robin Williams , dead at 63.” Initially I didn’t really know what to think. I hadn’t heard about him being sick. Then I read the cause of death was an “apparent suicide”. It’s been noted Robin was battling depression for years. This being said, I don’t think this should be the focus in the coming days.  Robin’s wife, Susan , said on the actor’s death ” As he is remembered, it is our hope the focus will not be on Robin’s death, but on the countless moments of joy and laughter he gave to millions.”

And that’s exactly how it should be.  Robin Williams  always brought inspiration and laughter into my household. When I was seeking motivation I would watch Good Will Hunting or Dead Poets Society and when I wanted to giggle Jumanji and Night At the Museum always hit the spot.

Robin will be dearly missed and never forgotten. One Fat Frog sends our love to his family and everyone around the world who was touched by this incredible man.

Quick Glance of Inventory Out in the Warehouse

So I was just out in the warehouse for a couple minutes playing hide n seek and thought I would do a really quick glance of the inventory. PS the information I’m about to give you in no way indicates all we have. I am in no way at fault when you visit the warehouse and see I have only given you a tiny amount of our inventory.There’s 100,000 sqaure feet out there, I don’t even know all we have. It would take some time to figure out those calculations, time I like to spend, again, playing hide n seek. You have been warned.

But some of the things I just saw out there included prep tables (pizza and sandwich/salad), work tables (some w/ splashbacks some w/out), charbroilers, flat griddles, fryers (single, double, 3 compartment), rational combi ovens, hobart lp gas ovens, single and double stack blodgett convections, southern pride smoker, cheesemelters, 4 and 6 burner ranges, tilt skillets, tilt kettles, slicers, toasters, countertop pizza ovens, deli cases, kegerators, freezers, fridges, coolers, walk ins and more (again 100,000 square feet in the FROG). So whatever you’re doing, finish it up and come check out our awesome warehouse….if you mention this blog post we may even give you a discount :) also just mention how awesome Bri is for my own vanity. Thanks. Also, if you come in and spin the one fat frog wheel one of the options is locking one of our employees in a walk in cooler. I have yet to see this day come but anticipate it every moment of every day.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment

2416 Sand Lake Road, Orlando Fl, 32809


Bloody Mary With a Twist…..

Buzzfeed is amazing for many reasons. It’s the only place I can find out that a bar has been serving a fried chicken Bloody Mary. But not just like a chicken wing or anything…the whole chicken. Because who doesn’t  love their fried chicken…in a Bloody Mary. I’m honestly kinda disgusted with myself but I would probably eat this. Let me leave it at that while I go and reflect on my life choices.

fried chicken











Read all about the concoction here via buzzfeed Chicken Fried Bloody Beast

Warehouse Boys Hard At Work

Look at them go. You lift that food truck hood…..









Our guys out in the warehouse really are the best. They work endless hours to make sure you’re taking home the best equipment there is. And plz don’t be offended that I keep saying “guys”, cause it’s currently all boys out there. Ladies where you at? We need some estrogen out there. We have techs, painters, installers, and just about anyone and anything out there that’s needed in running a successful warehouse. Come on over to one fat frog and see the warehouse for yourself and meet some of the guys. One of them makes a mean chicken pot pie.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment

2416 sand lake road, orlando fl, 32809