Pizza Prep Tables

I love pizza (almost as much as I love food trucks). I also love when clients come in and tell me about how they make pizza. There is something almost scientific about the perfect pizza crust. You have to cook it at just the right temperature, and cooking pizza dough in Florida is a lot different than cooking in say, New York, because of altitude changes. It’s all so fascinating!

But, before I go into the science of cooking, I have to talk about something else; something that I’m hoping someone else can relate to (because I hate being the only one who doesn’t understand things).

Sometimes going out and looking at all the equipment we sell to equip these pizza shops can get a bit overwhelming! There are tables, stands, and mixers oh my! I never know where to start, what the different brands are, or even what half the equipment does! And so every once in a while, I’ll take one of our amazing sales reps into our giant 100,000 sq/ft showroom, drag them over to a piece of restaurant equipment I’m unfamiliar with, and I beat the answers I’m looking for out of them.

Actually, they don’t put up much of a fight. They’re pretty nice and very knowledgeable, so it’s an easy task. Yesterday, I took Mr. Michigan out and asked him to tell me about the different pizza prep tables we have in stock. I was confused because some have drawers and some have doors. It seemed there were no two that were exactly the same.

So he broke it down for me. This is what I got out of it. There were three that we examined in depth.
67″ USED/NEW with 2 drawers and 1 door
67″ USED with 4 drawers

But why? Why drawers vs doors? I didn’t understand.

Mr. Michigan said that with doors, you can get shelves that go inside to hold all your dough and prep items. The drawers let you store things in the drawers instead of the shelves. Pros and cons? The drawers are super easy to use, and it’s a bit easier to reach your product, but they are not adjustable. Anything you put inside has to fit whereas, with the doors, you can store larger (and a higher quantity of) product

This was such a simple explanation, but it helped me understand a bit more the decisions that restaurant owners have to make before opening their dream restaurant. Don’t worry, I’ll have more questions like this that I ask our new and used restaurant equipment gurus, and I’ll be sure to share the answers with you!

Walk in Freezers are Pretty Cool

Today is Halloween, and sitting around the office today looking at everyone’s costumes, I’ve been thinking… I should get a walk in freezer. That’s where all the bodies get hidden in scary movies. Not that I have many bodies to hide, but all the same, I’d like to have the option.

Not many people can say they have an entire walk in freezer or cooler dedicated to the bodies they could POSSIBLY be put in there. I mean, I guess anyone who owns a walk in cooler or walk in freezer could say that, but… how many people can say they got a custom built walk in cooler or custom built walk in freezer from One Fat Frog? And how many businesses could you walk into, tell them how many bodies you need to store, and walk out with your own custom sized cooler or freezer?

We’ll do that. Just don’t bring the bodies. They make the girls squeemish. walk in cooler3

Halloween at One Fat Frog

Imagine, there’s one question the universe could ask itself. It could be anything from “How do we end global warming?” to “How do we reach world peace?” These are no doubt great questions but I think the universe would end up asking something a little different. It would go something like, “What is Halloween like at One Fat Frog?” Well, universe, today is your lucky day. I have the answers and intend to share.

Halloween is basically the best day ever  here. Let me take you on a journey. I drove to work today listening to Bohemian Rhapsody, as I do each day, to prepare myself for the day. I got close to hitting that one high note (you know what im talking about). My day was getting brighter by the second. I got to work and immediately knew today was going to be one for the ages. Not only was it my birthday, but I smelt pumpkin cupcakes. I knew they were somewhere in the vicinity. Just as I was about to sniff my way to success, our receptionist brings one over to me. I just about lost it all there but had to keep my composure.

I then began to notice the various costumes around me. We had a Hello Kitty Day of the Dead  (pictures will be provided no worries), a witch, nerd, bounty hunter, vampire, surfer, construction worker and more. One of our employees is even wearing leather chaps! How he got in those is the question on all of our minds. I once tried on leather pants and broke out into the biggest sweat of my life.

There’s also a candy bowl at reception I’ve been eyeing for a good 30 minutes. It’s time to explore.

off halloween rosaa vampire

Cooking paper towels in a UNOX combi oven?

Yesterday corporate chef Sean came to give us a private demo for a VIP friend of the Frog. He cooked paper towels for us… What? Seriously, even after cooking them on high humidity they were not soggy and I still could have use them to wipe anything off – in fact they weren’t even damp. This was just an amazing demonstration of how the UNOX combi oven could replace multiple pieces of equipment in a commercial kitchen – such as a fryer, rotisserie, and steamer.

This is such an amazing piece of technology! If you are looking to create a healthy menu – with high quality results every time – the UNOX is the way to go.

As you can imagine, the Frog sells lots of used equipment, including steamers and Combis. With different makes and models sitting on our showroom floor, it is easy to compare features and engineering. Our technicians were amazed by that ease and simplicity of working on this unit.

Typically a combi oven can be a very touchy piece of equipment – very delicate – but not UNOX. That’s why we call it “the beast”.

Who knew our Instagram was so much fun?

When is the last time you thought of the pink panther?

Spooky Halloween

Here’s a few pictures of pumpkin carving by the Frog tribe.

Now with lights lower

Lights out- spooky- Boo!

Food truck buildout

Food truck build out at the frog – we have several trucks being built out currently. One of our next projects is for a dear friend. It’s an organic, eco- friendly, solar powered, green food truck. After building out 4 juice concepts last month – one of them a food truck – of course this would be our next step. Healthy clean living – this is a food trend one fat frog is very proud to reinforce and bring to the market.

Start Up: Serving Alcohol Responsibly in Your Restaurant Or Bar

No one can deny that alcohol is a gift from above. If you offer alcohol in your place of business, I salute you. You’re the real MVP. This being said, even though alcohol can help makes things really fun, it can turn ugly if you’re aren’t serving alcohol responsibly! You’ll be the real real MVP if your restaurant or bar serves alcohol responsibly. Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to mvp status.

  • Promote safe driving: So you’ve had a couple of drinks and you’re feeling a little tipsy. Should you drive? NO NEVER! That was a rhetorical question silly. But, you say you feel fine. Well, I don’t care how you think you feel, if you try driving I’ll jump on your back like a spider monkey and usher you back inside. Drunk driving is never excusable no matter the situation. Having a plethora of taxi numbers,  or better yet, if financially possible, arrange for a couple of taxis to be on site so people can have access to a ride instantly. Also, parking seems to always be an issue. I’ve seen firsthand that the fear of being towed can prompt people who shouldn’t be on the road, to drive. Free overnight parking is an excellent option to help avoid customers getting behind the wheel after drinking. Many bars by my school have began integrating this and the results have been awesome!
  • Hire security or bouncers: This is unnecessary in many cases but if you have a bar that has the potential to have rowdy customers, such as a sports bar, this is a viable option. Iv’e been to a good share of rowdy bars that needed bouncers, and didn’t have them. Those situations are never fun and can oftentimes be quite frightening. This being said, make sure you’re bouncers or security aren’t being too forceful or picking fights themselves. Let’s all just try to love each other and eat cupcakes. Sound good?
  • Always check IDs: Make sure you’re serving alcohol to people of legal age. It doesn’t matter if she looks 65, check that ID. And if she is 65, she’ll feel flattered! Double win.

Commercial Fryers and a Mixer

One Fat Frog has a large number of fryers in stock right now. Fryers are most commonly used for frying delicious foods, but could be used for personal reasons unknown to me. Whatever floats your boat buddy. I just have some fryers to sell.

Some of the brands we have right now include Imperial, Royal, Vulcan, Dean. Frymaster, Pitco Frialator and more!

If you’re looking for a high volume fryer, or need to do a lot of frying at once,  I would recommend checking out one of our triple bin units. Our Pitco Frialator is a viable option! The triple bin unit even has a warming lamp and some units come with dump stations. Conversely, if you’re just looking for a single fryer, we have plenty of those as well! We have whatever would meet the needs of a real fryer enthusiast.

I also saw we got in a Hobart Legacy 20 quart mixer. It’s a really beautiful piece of equipment. It caught my eye from across the warehouse. It’s bright yellow but One Fat Frog does offer free custom paint jobs so if you want it hot pink, we can do that for you! Want a portrait of your face on it? A little weird, but we could do that also. One Fat Frog is a judge free zone.

Come into one fat frog and we will be able to get you the fryer of your dreams or a neon yellow hobart mixer. Didn’t this turn out to be the best day ever?

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment

2416 sand lake road, orlando fl, 32809


fryers mixer



Top 10 Restaurant Chains

According to National Restaurant News, the top food chains in America are as follows:

  1. McDonalds
  2. Subway
  3. Burger King
  4. Starbucks
  5. Wendy’s
  6. Taco Bell
  7. Dunkin’ Donuts
  8. Pizza Hut
  9. KFC
  10. Applebee’s

How many of these places do you frequent and what makes them so popular?

I think I’ve been to 6 of the 10 in the last month. But why? Is it the convenience? Is it the fact that the commercials are all over the TV/radio? I don’t even eat at McDonalds (Unless it’s breakfast, because they have really good, inexpensive coffee) and my three year old knows whose slogan is “I’m Lovin’ It”.

So why do you think they are so popular? What do you think you could do for your business to make it on this list? For starters, you could come to One Fat Frog’s 100,000 sq/ft warehouse and buy some new and used equipment from us! We can do one restaurant or your whole chain! And we’ll even finance it for you!

I4 Humor

Today while I was on my way to work, the wackiest thing happened. I was trapped in stop dead traffic on I-4 when one of my all time favorite songs came on….now, I have to tell you, I’m kind of a Broadway nerd. If it’s a musical, I probably have the CD in my car. So it shouldn’t surprise you that ‘Wicked’ was my CD of choice this morning.

Of course the weather is beautiful, so I had all the windows down, the moon roof open, and the volume up! I might have been jamming out a bit with a crazy dance and all, when I hear someone say something. I look over and I see this very intimidating black truck with flames and skull decals. Inside the truck, there was a man with a most impressive Duck Dynasty level beard staring at me. Really staring at me. He didn’t smile.

I thought for a minute about turning down the music, but when I heard “But as someone told me lately, everyone deserves a chance to fly,” came across my speakers, I just turned it up and sang even louder – because my motto is, if you can’t sing well, sing loud!

So imagine my surprise when I suddenly hear this guy next to me bellow, “And if I’m flying solo, At least I’m flying free!” He never batted an eyelash and we almost finished the entire song together before traffic started moving…

So, at the risk of sounding like a missed connection ad from Craigslist, you sir, are amazing. I wish we were friends. And thanks for reminding me not to judge people by their appearance, because they might surprise you!

Slicers, Slicers and Some More Slicers

Here at one fat frog, we find it imperative that there is never a shortage of slicers in stock. Why do we like slicers so much you ask? Well my friend, it seems you may already know the answer to the question. When you go to Publix or your neighborhood grocery store and get you’re deli meats and cheeses, isn’t it half the fun just watching your food being sliced? Oh, that’s not interesting to you? That’s a little rude. Don’t let Mr. Berkel hear you. He’s sensitive!

If you own a deli or restaurant, I assume you know how important slicers are for your business. Gone are the cavemen days when a slicer was your just your hand performing a karate chop. Wait, this isn’t accurate? Are you telling me that cavemen didn’t run successful delis? Iv’e about had enough surprises for one day.

We have a nice amount of slicers in stock, around fifteen or so. We also most likely have anything you would need to run a successful commercial deli or restaurant. There’s 100,000 square fee out t in our warehouse, filled to the brim with commercial restaurant equipment.

But you wanna hear more about our slicers right? We have brands ranging from Hobart to Berkel, and everything in between. Various sizes, makes and models. All units are suburb at slicing. I’m not sure what other information I can provide for you. I’m just the internet gal. Come and see us or call and one of our knowledge sales reps will be able to give you more information than you could ever imagine. I’ll include some pics of some of the sexy slicers. Just look at ‘em.


Slicer Row

2416 Sand Lake Road, Orlando Fl, 32809


A Frog on the Frog

I’m sitting here at my desk and the most peculiar thing just happened. I saw a green frog outside sitting on our building. A frog on the frog. I tried to snap a picture but by the time I was ready, it was gone. “She’s Like the Wind” slowly started playing throughout my head. I was sad but grateful for that fleeting moment of pure bliss. I began to think this might have actually been too good to be true. Did it even really happen? Was this a dream within a dream? Frog-ception? I don’t know. I’m just thinking out loud.

Culinary Certifications

Having a culinary certification or better yet, culinary certifications will no doubt help you stand out from the pack . This being said, these certifications are not easy to attain. While all do not require college degrees, they do all require a large amount of credit hours, years of food service experience and a high school or culinary education. All certifications require passing written and practical exams. Some of the exams take up to eight days to complete! Some of the culinary certifications the American Culinary Federation (ACF) offers include:

  • Certified Culinarian (CC): Microsoft word is telling me culinarian isn’t a word. You’re wrong Microsoft and I suggest you get your act together ASAP. Certified Culinarians get a certification for working in commercial food places of business where they prepare and cook food.
  • Certified Sous Chef (CSC): chefs who supervise a shift within a food service place of business
  • Certified Executive Chef (CEC): Head chefs can test for this and have to be able to handle a high amount of duties such as maintaining budgets, organizing payroll, controlling food costs, and maintaining financing and inventory records in addition to their existing culinary responsibilities. That gave me a headache just writing that. Certified Executive Chefs, you must have your life together.
  • Certified Master Chef (CMC): must be knowledgeable in all fields of food service and cooking techniques.  You have to have a CEC or CEPC certification to test for this and the test takes 8 days to complete (yikes!) Any 8 day test takes dedication. Hats off to anyone who goes for this. Mucho respect.
  • Personal Certified Chef (PCC): must know how to prepare and cook food, and have at least three years of cooking experience or experience as a personal chef
  • Certified Pastry Culinarian (CPC): entry level certification for culinarians within a pastry food service field who must know how to cook pies, cookies, cakes, breads, rolls, desserts etc. Ps I may wanna marry who is able to cook all this.
  • Certified Executive Pastry Chef (CEPC): for department head pastry chefs.
  • Certified Master Pastry Chef (CMPC): people who are able to test for this must be the best of the best in the field of pastry cooking and baking techniques. These are the pastry chef Beyonces.

Food Trucks Around the World

Hello fellow frog-heads!

I’m back to talk about my favorite thing: Food Trucks. I mentioned before that I love food trucks. A lot.

So I started digging and did a little research on food trucks around the world! There are some really cool ideas out there! The first thing I noticed is that when you do a general search of food trucks around the world, most of the trucks aren’t really trucks, or even trailers! Oddly enough, it’s more “street merchant”. For real. In the sense that they sell food out of tents on the side of the road.

Personally, I think that’s a heck of an idea! I would love to walk down the road and see all kinds of street vendors selling amazing food!

Here are some of the greatest “food trucks” I found around the world. This is just my opinion (which means I really dig the concept or marketing – I’ve never actually tried their food).


London -

Kimchi Cult! – This just seems awesome! I love Kimchi, so I wonder if they’ll airmail me some dinner….

Kimchi Cult

From Kimchi Cult’s Facebook Page: “Kimchi Cult! spent two years in Korea, grazing on street food delights and perfecting our kimchi recipe. We have now taken to the streets of London, combining the hot and sweet flavours of Korea with American style casual dining.”


Germany -

Vatos Tacos – Who doesn’t like tacos and quesadillas?

A pretty low-key truck that brings in TONS of business! Tacos and quesadillas are always a winner!



Arkansas -

Grillineum Falcon – don’t even think I wouldn’t love to see this truck drive down my street. Nerdiness + Grilled Cheese = Love! And hey, as a side note, if you’re interested in someone who doesn’t like Star Wars, you’re looking for love in Alderaan places.

(Man, I’ve been waiting to use that line for a week!)

As a Star Wars nerd, this made me SOOO happy. This truck made all my nerd dreams come true. And they serve grilled cheese?! yes please!


Oregon -

The Dump Truck – this is one of the most interestingly shaped trucks. It’s just like a super square box truck. And it kind of looks like a school bus. I could dig this!

The Dump Truck? That reeks of garbage – but I hear their dumplings are delicious!


Oh man, I could go on about food trucks ALL. DAY. LONG.
But I think I’m supposed to be working or something, and the drool puddle on my desk is getting a little out of hand.

You’ll notice I didn’t put any from right here in our home state…that’s because I just couldn’t decide. Some one needs to come check out our showroom, decide on a great concept, and make a food truck worth blogging about.

We already know if your concept is good, I’ll be your food truck groupie.

And I’m going to drop this link HERE again to my last post about food trucks. There was some really great information on the equipment you might want to put in your food truck.

Call us and get this dream rolling!

Webster’s Forgotten Words

So recently, I came across a Huffington Post article by Paul Anthony Jones
(which can be found here) that talked about some of Webster’s best forgotten words.

The list, which I will copy and paste, includes some words I will be scribbling into my word of the day calender…

Defined by Webster as “wise afterwards or too late”
“Senseless prattle” or “unmeaning words,” according to Webster.
Cycopede is all but unique to Webster, who defined it as both a variation of cyclopedia (as in encyclopedia), and as a term for the entire “circle of human knowledge.”
As a verb, to daggle is “to befoul” or “dirty”, or more specifically, “to trail in mud or wet grass”.
Another of Webster’s clever compound adjectives, this time describing any sound that “sets up the ears”.
The perfect name for “an insignificant fellow” — Webster described this word as “vulgar and not used.”
An old-fashioned word for a ventriloquist, or as Webster explains, “one who so modified his voice that it seems to come from another person or place.”
“low cant word” synonymous with privacy or clandestineness — doing something in hugger-mugger [...] meant doing it in absolute secrecy.
A formal word for “the act of ensnaring; a catching or entrapping.”
A jackpudding is a “merry-andrew” or “a zany” according to Webster
As loaves of bread expand in the oven as they’re cooked, a kissing-crust forms when they spread so far that they touch.
Derived from the Latin word for distance, longinquity is a formal word for remoteness or isolation, or for any vast distance in space or time.
To stammer or stumble on your words.
If something is nuncupatory then it exists in name only. The word can also be used to describe a verbal rather than written agreement.
Literally means “to walk about.”
The strong string or twine used to wrap parcels? That’s packthread.
A quadrin was old copper coin, which Webster explains was “in value [worth] about a farthing”.
“A vile, dissolute wretch”
To sheep-bite is “to practice petty thefts” according to Webster.
“Slow-paced; moving or stepping slowly.”
To uptrain is “to educate” — literally “to train up.”
Derived from the Latin word for the spring, to vernate is “to become young again.”
To wrangle is “to dispute angrily” or “to involve in contention,” according to Webster.
Xerophagy is “the eating of dry meats,” according to Webster
Also called a yoke-fellow, a yoke-mate is “an associate or companion.”
“a little flute… especially that which is used to teach birds.”


Seriously? Tardigradous. I am going to try to use this in three sentences.

1) Why are you so tardigradous when it comes to seeing my huge 100,000 sq/ft showroom full of new and used restaurant equipment?
2) We aren’t tardigradous when it comes to giving you a great deal with FREE curbside delivery!
3) Yo yoke-mate, stop being tardigradous. Get your butt down to the Frog and see all these hot deals! Don’t be after-wise!

Flat griddle

For sales a great workhorse of a flat griddle at our liquidator pricing. Let One Fat Frog set up your whole kitchen at a great deal. This new griddle is ready to go today!

Refrigerated chef base

This refrigerated chef base is in stock at the Frog and ready to go. Are you one of our free delivery routes? Everest chef base is a sweet little piece for your workhorse of a commercial kitchen.

What is a Food Scientist?

I heard someone mention a food scientist the other day. I had no idea what that was and decided some research was needed. When I hear food scientist it makes me think of my freshman year of college in the dorm when I would be running low on the goods (food). My roommate and I would mix things together and hope for the best. Nine out of ten times the concoctions were was disastrous. Just a heads up- trying to make eggs in a microwave is not suggested. Apparently a food scientist wasn’t what I thought at all.

Food scientists are in fact, scientists. It seems pretty self explanatory in the name right? Well can anyone explain to me why there’s no ham in a hamburger? As a kid I had always thought I was eating ham. My childhood is a lie.

Anyways, most food scientists specialize in food safety or production. Food scientists have two things they focus heavily on; preserving food longer and developing ways to cook food quicker.

Many colleges offer degrees in food science and culinary science. To be a food scientist, a comprehensive understanding of chemical reactions and processes is vital.  To be a culinary scientist, you need to know everything a food scientist would have to know PLUS culinary skill development, or in other words,  you need to know how to cook!

Some environments you would find someone with a food scientist degree working in include food engineering, food technology, food microbiology and flavor chemistry. And some jobs a culinary scientist would have include recipe developer, recipe tester and research chef.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to get your food scientist on.

Starbucks Menu Items That Aren’t Available in the U.S.

If you’re like me, you probably can’t get enough of Starbucks. From the delicious frappuccinos to the salted caramel cake pops, Starbucks is responsible for making so many of my dreams come true. This being said, I found out something really heartbreaking today. There are Starbucks menu items around the world that aren’t available in the US. I thought the bond me and Starbucks shared allowed for no secrets. It saddens me how wrong I was.  I’ll try to put the betrayal aside for the sake of this post. Some of the delectable items include:

Pancakes:  If you’re one of our avid blog readers, you’ve probably read about my pancake obsession. Well, Starbucks sells them in Europe. I have nothing else to say about this. Not bitter.


Meringue Brownie: My only question is why is this only available in Argentina? Did Argentina win some type of competition that granted them sole access to this delicious dessert?


Cheesecake: I’m not the biggest fan of cheesecake (blasphemous I know),  so I’ll let this one slide. This is available in many countries around the world.


Yogurt Frappuccino:  This yummy drink blends a frappuccino with Greek yogurt and is available in Greece and the U.K.


Asian Dolce Latte:  This is Espresso layered with dolce sauce and topped with whipped cream and ground espresso.

asian dolce latte

Coffee Jelly Frappuccino: Ever had Boba tea? If not there’s this awesome place on east colonial before Mills that has the best Boba you could ever get. They even take a picture of you and put it on their wall. Anyway, this  drink is similar but a frappuccino with coffee flavored boba-like jelly at the bottom. This drink can be found throughout Asia.

coffee jelly frap

Spam Bagel: Okay, honestly I’m not too obsessed with the idea of spam on my bagels or just spam in general. But to each their own, eh? The Philippines houses the spam bagel.

spam bagel