ALLERGIES: Is there Latex on the Menu? Cross Contamination

At The Frog, we have come across a number of  frequent restaurant goers about the growing concern of Latex allergies and how it affects their dining experience.

There is much to consider when opening a restaurant:  whether you are a popular pizzeria, food truck, or bakery, the lifeline of any food concept is the customer.  And as a restaurant owner you want to keep the client happy and safe.

Being in the know about the dietary demands of customers can inform how you run your kitchen, whether it’s an allergy to lactose, red meat or lifestyle diets like vegan, halal , or kosher, and making sure that you are ethically and correctly catering to your clientele makes the difference between happy guests and potentially (and often times severely) ill customers.

Dietary Allergies

These diets call for diligence in the way you prepare food.  Don’t assume that because you’re serving a vegan a plate of veggies, that they won’t potentially get food poisoning if their meal was cooked on the same surface as meat, cross contamination  is a real thing and it could be awful for a customer.  This is true even for those who choose to omit a type of meat from their diet.  A few Frog members do not eat any pork.  When they first joined our team we thought, “let’s just take that pepperoni off the pizza and they can eat it.”  This is a poor assumption, because there’s already been cross contamination between the pork and the pizza.  Now the diner may get gastrointestinal issues such as diarrhea when the food works through their system.   This same concept is correct of vegetarians too.  So, if a grill is to be used for halal, kosher, or vegetarian, it must be properly sanitized between cooking different menu items.  In some instances it may even benefit the restaurant or food service establishment to purchase a separate piece of equipment and dedicate it strictly to that menu.

Now, one of the less known, and perhaps trickiest health issues to consider in the kitchen is latex allergies.  Yes, the latex found in rubber gloves can be hazardous to clients with these allergies. If you’re preparing food with latex odds are  you  probably have the best intentions, you want to keep bacteria away from the food you serve. But the latex  proteins on the gloves can very easily transfer onto the surfaces it touches. This  includes, skin, tabletops, utensils,  plates, and even food and the results of consuming food that has been in contact  with latex  range from mild to devastatingly severe.  It is essential to be mindful of latex allergies like you would any other allergy.

Dealing with Latex Allergies

Here are some steps to take to make sure that your  restaurant is safe for patrons with food allergies:

  • Read glove packaging- check if it contains any latex properties, if the gloves do not contain latex be prepared to confidently present that information to put customer’s mind at ease.
  • Alternatives to Latex gloves such as nitrile gloves, vinyl gloves, and poly gloves.
  • If transitioning out of latex make sure that you sanitize surfaces 3 times over to ensure that the area is clear of latex traces.
  • If currently exposing food and surfaces to latex please be sure to clearly communicate that to patron, as to avoid an allergic reaction.
  • Be diligent that any food or surfaces exposed to latex are free from contamination, it’s best to be over prepared when dealing with allergies.

Keep in mind that dining out is a luxury for customers, it’s meant to be enjoyable and free from anxieties. Making sure that your customer trusts your restaurant is essential to keep them coming back and telling their friends about your delicious menu.

Also, a  number of states have already banned  the use of latex gloves in food preparation. Taking this information into consideration could keep you ahead of the game.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a doctor, just an adorable frog with friends who have Latex and Food Allergies.

How to Be an Effective Kitchen Manager

Effective kitchen managers exhibit the following:

  • Kitchen managers need to be spending the majority of the time in the kitchen. Your people need you! You’ll be easily accessible to staff and be able to quickly oversee and review what goes on in the kitchen.
  • Effective time management is a MUST and food needs to get to those tables in a timely manner. There is nothing worse than having to wait an hour for an appetizer.
  • Kitchen managers need to be able to multitask. I’m not saying you should be able to juggle basketballs while sautéing onions but you need to be able to manage different stations and workers simultaneously without getting visibly overwhelmed (keep the overwhelmed-ness inside) As you can see, I have a thing for making up words.
  • Having communication within the kitchen staff is uber important because what’s the opposite of communication? Disaster. That’s right, I said disaster. Pay no mind to what Merriam-Webster’s dictionary says. They have never run a restaurant.
  • Keep the recipe binders current and easy to locate. Some people don’t know off the top of their head how to make salted caramel macaroons, although everyone should.
  • Organization is key in effective kitchen managers. I’ve never been one of those people who categorize their clutter as an “organized mess.” A mess is a mess my friend. Keep it clean and tidy.
  • Line checks must be performed before every shift, which assure that everything is up to par.
  • Lastly, effective kitchen managers teach their staff ways to be more efficient in the kitchen at every opportune moment.

Boom. Now you have all the essentials of an effective kitchen manager. Hopefully this helped you out a bit! Come and see us at One Fat Frog if you find yourself in need of commercial restaurant equipment, or if you just wanna chat. We aren’t picky.

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Frog Advice: How to Impress Your Lady on Valentine’s Day

Are you freaking out over what to get your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day? No worries, Ms. Frog is here to guide the clueless minds of the male species when it comes to gift giving. The suggestions included are your staple things to do for your significant other but some NSFW things will be omitted….I think you can take care of those.

Chocolate: Girls love chocolate, enough said.

Get your girl a good meal: I prefer flies and mosquitoes but human girls would love a nice steak dinner. And don’t be cheap; get your lady a dessert as well. She’ll thank you later (wink wink).

Go to a movie: I like to watch Princess and the Frog on repeat 12 times a day but your lady might be interested in getting her Christian Grey on in 50 Shades of Grey. (Is it getting hot in here?)

Flowers: No, not the half dead flowers you pick from the bush on the side of your house, get the misses a dozen of her favorite flowers, be it roses or tulips.

A Thoughtful Card: Homemade cards are uber cute and will make your girlfriend feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Love: Do EVERYTHING with sincerity and love-i-ness (not a word but it’s ok), your girlfriend will appreciate it and love you long time!

Fast Times at One Fat Frog


It’s Saturday (we’re open 10-3, if you didn’t know!) and a lot of exciting things have happened this week at One Fat Frog! We’ve been crazy busy today, so let me lock myself away long enough to drink a coke and write this blog…

I almost need to hide away in the bathroom and scribble it on toilet paper like Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta.

I know you are champing at the bit to know what exciting things have happened at One Fat Frog, so I am going to tell you! First, I turned 25 (and I only cried a little) and then some of the girls that work the front desk convinced a client to bring them chocolate (thanks, by the way – it was delicious!) We sure do love our clients – especially when they bring us food! *hint hint* What? I have no shame and I’m hungry.

Around the same time as the chocolate, a new face started showing up. This week has also brought on the introduction of a new member of our Finance department! I’d post a picture of him, but I’m afraid I’d break the internet with his whit and good looks, and let’s be honest, if the internet broke and I couldn’t watch all those cat videos I would not only be hungry, but I’d be angry. Hangry.

But ladies, I hear he likes hugs, so come on down and hug him! There has even been a slot added to our wheel of fun for him! He’s tall and has a bit of an accent…but that is all you’re getting out of me! You’ll have to stop in and see him to get any more information!

And trust me, you’ll want to stop in and talk financing with him!

ServSafe Class & Testing in Orlando, FL Feb 2015

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment announces the next ServeSafe class taught by Chef will be 11 a.m. on February 21, 2015 at our 100,000 square foot worldwide headquarters centrally located in Orlando FL, just minutes from the Orange County Convention Center and all major resorts- Disney, Universal Studios & SeaWorld. Completion of this class and passing the test will satisfy the State of Florida requirement for a certified Food Manager.

The Frog encourages all entrepreneurs, start ups, food trucks, chefs, dreamers and doers to attend this class and sit for the test. Our instructor is always open to a question and answer period that is applicable to your specific food and beverage environment! Regular feedback is that the class is informative, interesting and fun. The often seen stuffiness is not part of the class- after all, it’s being taught at One Fat Frog!

This is the perfect class for both beginners and also those with extensive kitchen experience.

If you are looking to renew your certification there will be testing opportunity in Spanish or English!

Please call our offices at (407) 480-3409 to pre-register. Cost is $89 payable day of testing!

Address: One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, 2416 Sand Lake Road, Orlando, FL 32809

Owning Versus Leasing a Commercial Space

Before you go out and buy a space to put your restaurant in, you should weigh the benefits of leasing versus owning a commercial space.

Leasing Pros

You Can Easily Expand: If you find out the space you are in is not able to compete with the rapid growth of your business, you won’t have to go through the hassles of selling the business. It gives you the flexibility to try  a location you’re not tied down to it if you find a location better suitable.

No Down Payment: In most cases there is no down payment required when leasing a commercial space. Think of all the MOO-LAH you can save that can be put towards other necessities, such as commercial restaurant equipment (Is this plug too obvious?)

Repairs Won’t Come Out of Your Pocket: A property manager will handle all repairs relating directly to the space leased. For example if you have a leaking roof, you won’t have to shell out money to fix it.

Owning Pros

Investment: Owning versus leasing will give you ownership of your property over time rather than paying rent for something which you will never have true ownership of.

No limitations on vision: You can create the exact space you’ve dreamed out without asking for permission or paying a penalty for altering the space.

Longevity: There is a nice historical element to owning a space. Almost all Ma’ and Pa’ shops have arose through being in the same location for decades. You know when you’re driving down the road and there’s a different business in that one spot every other month? I doubt any of those businesses owned the space they were in.

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One Fat Joke

Funny Office Stories

We here at One Fat Frog LOVE practical jokes and funny stories almost as much as we love restaurant equipment. And we seriously love restaurant equipment – Shelia, anyone? It’s part of what makes us a family. And when you guys can be included in those jokes, you are a part of our family, too! So I thought I would take a minute to share the funny stories that have taken place in our office over the years.

Most recently was my man in the salmon shirt. 
I wrote about him twice because he made me so happy.
Then there was the time I stole the best chair in the Frog office…
And then I found out I wasn’t the first to pull this prank
The day someone hid all the staplers…
The day I slashed Mr. Michigan’s tires
The day all frogs wore blue – except for one
The day of the Riccing competition on and in restaurant equipment
The time we gave that guy free advertising by mistake, and who could forget
The time one of our frogs stole all the extension cords
Or how about when one of our favorite clients gave our boy a nickname?
And we gave our clients nicknames, too (in good favor of course!)

We love having fun around here. One day soon I will make a list that includes all of our dress up days! THOSE are some interesting days here at One Fat Frog…in fact, I wonder what our next day will be. You should swing by and give us some ideas!

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Congratulations to the first female to get her Certified Culinarian certification in the US Virgin Islands!

I rolled into work this morning, sat down in my comfy chair (that is very similar to the chair I stole from Mr. Winkle), opened my email and was met with great news!

As you may know, Chef Jeff Rotz, who instructs the ServSafe classes at One Fat Frog, travels around the world to help out chefs just like he does our very own local chefs. This morning we received this email from the Virgin Islands!

“Congratulations to Samantha Nibbs for passing her Certified Culinarian (CC) practical & written certification evaluations.  Samantha is on her way to certification.  If I am not mistaken, Samantha will be the first female to complete her certification in the US Virgin Islands,  Sam, we are all very proud of you.  Keep moving forward!
A special thanks to John Bell, CEC & Lead ACE and his team for traveling to St Croix (at their own expense) to help the Virgin island Chefs make this happen.”

Yes indeed! Congratulations Samantha! It is very exciting to think that she may be the first female to get certified in the US Virgin Islands!

Samantha Nibbs with Anton Doos, CEC, President of the ACF Virgin Islands Chefs & Cooks Association. the Virgin Islands

Samantha Nibbs with Anton Doos, CEC, President of the ACF Virgin Islands Chefs & Cooks Association. the Virgin Islands

Keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll go far! We can’t wait to hear what other great things are happening on Chef Jeff’s travels!

And don’t forget, it’s not too late to register for our next ServSafe class! The next class will be held at One Fat Frog’s 100,000sq/ft facility on Saturday February 21, 2015 at 11am. The price is $89, due at the time of the class. Call us and register today!

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The business of business plans

Business plans are long. And lengthy. And should really take you a while to make. But what is a business plan? A business plan usually plans and outlines the projected losses and earnings for 2-4 years. But if you’re anything like me, business plans probably look like the last thing you want to sit down and write up when dreaming out your future restaurant or commercial kitchen. I would rather pick out furniture and restaurant equipment and leave it for someone else to sit down and write out a bunch of boring math equations that show how much I’m going to be spending and making.

One Fat Frog has addressed how to write a business plan here.
And here, here, here, here, here, here, aaaannnnd here. (Hey, I told you, business plans are long. And lengthy. And take a while.) They are much more technical than this discussion will be, and when you have time, I really suggest that you read them as they are full of useful information.

And let’s be honest here, Google is pretty terrible at making business plans seem appealing and fun. There are templates upon templates of 10-50 page business plans, and I just can’t handle it. As the kids say, “I can’t even-“. So I sat down, read through a bunch of other people’s business plans, and came up with the questions that are answered most commonly in business plans.

So, while you’re in the business of making business plans, keep these questions in mind.

Sale on Hoods and Walk Ins Freezers and Coolers

Banner- Trucks front of building

One Fat Frog is having a huge sale on hoods and commercial walk in freezers and coolers. Some popular sizes for hoods include 10 foot, 12 foot, 14 foot, 16 foot, 18 foot and 20 foot. Food trucks hoods are available as well! Some popular sizes for walk in freezers and coolers include 8×8, 10×10, 12×12, 10×16, 4×6 but you can choose whatever size you’re pretty little heart fancies.

Did you know we offer free curbside delivery to the majority of cities in Florida, including but by no means limited to, Daytona Beach, Fort Myers, Ft. Lauderdale, Gainesville, Heartland, Jacksonville, Lake City, Lakeland, Melbourne, Miami, Ocala, Orlando, Panama City, Pensacola,  Sarasota, St. Augustine, Tallahassee, Tampa, Treasure Coast, West Palm Beach and many more. Delivery for the walk ins and hoods will be available in March or April.

If you bring in a quote for a hood or walk in cooler or freezer, chances are, our prices won’t be beat if you’re looking for QUALITY and DEPENDABLE equipment. There’s a reason people drive 10 hours to see us (it’s not just the free hugs).

*Because of the sale, we are only accepting cash and certified funds*

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Food Truck Diamond Plate One Fat Frog JPEG b&w warehouse Sparx JPEG

Visit our Commercial Kitchen Warehouse…

And help me deal with my birthday.

I think it’s time I pitch in about this quarter life crisis I’m having. Because, you know, It’s T-7 days and counting. I love you guys who have brought me food and things this week. 

Just for the record, next Saturday, you could all make me feel really special by stopping in and seeing me. We’re open from 10am – 3pm on Saturdays.  BRING ME CUPCAKES AND TISSUES…and maybe some Fireball and Angry Orchard.  

I would love for you to take my mind off of my birthday (and my old age) by letting me show you around our 100,000sq/ft warehouse full of commercial kitchen equipment. Or at least getting you to someone who can do that while I wallow at my desk. Bask in the fryers, or huge line of coffee equipment we just got in. We have coffee grinders, coffee brewers…I’m drooling thinking about all the coffee.

Or hey, if you’d rather hang out with me before your tour of the 100,000sq/ft of restaurant equipment, you could spin our wheel of fun! It’s a great way to pass the time when you’re waiting…and some of the landing spots are pretty awesome.  And they don’t talk about how old I am! If that’s not enough time with me, you could fill out our finance application. We do in house financing and can get your answers same day…but while you wait a few minutes, I will tell you tales of the Frog.

That’s what people do as they get older…

Yeah yeah, I know 25 isn’t “old”. I still have a lot of life to live. But 25 is old for me. It’s the oldest I have ever been. I thought it was bad enough when I turned 23. Blink 182 pretty much summed up my life (nsfw video or lyrics here). I never imagined that being 25 would be harder.

Good thing for me, my One Fat Frog family is here to make me feel better. I can already hear someone telling me, “You’re older than the bricks in that stone pizza oven,” or something equally as disturbing.

So stop in and see me! I’ll be the only blue haired girl here from 10am-3pm on Saturday – and I’ll be waiting!

2416 Sand Lake Rd, Orlando, FL 32809

We ♥ Our Clients!

So, I just thought I would update everyone. My man in the salmon shirt read the blog and found me! He called me, we emailed, and then he came back to see me. I think it’s pretty serious. He even brought me a present [which you can find a picture of on our One Fat Frog Facebook page]! Be warned, it may be NSFW. ;)

I’m getting ready to print the save the date cards. He didn’t let me take a picture with him, so I am diligently working on superimposing Wilfred Brimley (circa 1985 “Cocoon”) on some selfies. I’m thinking a fall wedding. November maybe…

Anyway, that’s just the beginning of the customer love stories at One Fat Frog!

The other day, we had a couple come in who were looking to startup a Bakery (and man, they had some cool ideas! They got an awesome deal, and I hope they bring me back some cookies *hint hint*). The husband looked ridiculously familiar to me, and I couldn’t figure out why. Come to find out, he was from Alabama (as am I) and we went to rival high schools! We grew up about 15 minutes from each other I watched him play football for many years – that’s why he looked so familiar! Small world, huh? I love that people are driving down from Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, and North Carolina on a regular basis to come see us! It’s so exciting (and I won’t lie, I enjoy talking Alabama/Auburn football with a lot of these people).

So come on in, be a story. We love our frog family!

Want to Really Know Who Comes to Your Restaurant? Think Demographics.

If your restaurant or food truck  is in its start-up  phase , it’s going to be a while until you have an idea of who’s coming to your restaurant but it’s never too early to start thinking about demographics . And if your restaurant has a specific concept (like food from a specific country or a specific diet like vegan), then you want to see who’s coming in. This is why demographic data is crucial in getting to know your restaurant audience.

By Tomwsulcer (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

By Tomwsulcer (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

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Keep These In Mind When Hiring Student Interns for Your Restaurant

Having interns in your workplace, and in this Frog’s case meaning restaurant, your interns can have a lot to learn from your restaurant. But in the world where more students (mainly college students) are trying to grab that internship, it’s important to keep in mind a few guidelines when recruiting student interns.

By 7 Nation Army (Beigel Bake kitchen  Uploaded by Mr. Stradivarius) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By 7 Nation Army (Beigel Bake kitchen Uploaded by Mr. Stradivarius) [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

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UCF vs Winter Park: Price Points

I’m a Frog that attends the University of Central Florida but I live in Winter Park. I literally get the best of both worlds. Both areas offer different and unique experiences. The price points for both areas are on opposite sides of the spectrum. Generally Winter Park caters to a more affluent clientele while UCF is obviously centered around a college student’s  income . I don’t necessarily prefer one area to the other but when I find myself on a budget , you can bet your bottom dollar you’ll find this frog around UCF.

Restaurant choices around  UCF offer  a  more a affordable variety of restaurants. As a college student on a budget, I’ll be the first to say inexpensive is my favorite word. Popular restaurants centralized near and around campus include Lazy Moon Pizza, Natura Coffee , Tijuana Flats, 4 Rivers, Applebee’s, Buffalo Wild Wings and a bunch more. For restaurants in Winter Park, most people would recommend checking out Park Ave. Here you’ll find the fine dining, 3 and 4 star restaurants. Some of my favorites include 310, blue on the avenue, Bosphorous, Luma and Prato. Also in the Winter Park area you’ll find Hilstone, Hamilton’s, Flemings, and the Ravenous Pig. You can count on each plate being upwards of 20 dollars.

Now for bars, the UCF area doesn’t offer too much diversity. Ask any student and they’ll tell you there’s two places most students go to: Knights Library and Knights Pub. The two establishments offer great incentives and drink specials to get people in, including free covers on many nights and free drinks until midnight.  Winter Park bars on the other hand, has incentives that cater towards a different demographic that doesn’t really sweat over a cover charge.

Are you thinking about opening a restaurant or bar in either of these areas? It’s imperative you know the clientele you will be reaching so you can set the appropriate price points. And when you end up needing to equip that bar or restaurant with commercial restaurant equipment, the Frog is here for you. We actually just got in truckloads of bar equipment! We even deliver to the majority of cities in Florida for free and all used equipment comes with a free 30 day warranty!

One Fat Frog • 2416 Sand Lake Road • Orlando, FL 32809 • 407-480-3409

New Inventory on Restaurant Equipment – by the truckloads!

I’ve taken note this week of just how many trucks we’ve been taking in and sending out. I won’t lie – I lost count. We have had instances where there have been big trucks playing chicken in our parking lot trying to get their truck in first. I’m glad our drivers are so skilled because I don’t think I could maneuver my little 4-door sedan the way these guys drive a box truck.

Here are just a few of the pictures we’ve snapped:


Forgive us. We get a little excited when we see new trucks every day. They make us want to jump up and take pictures. We are probably a little too excited about restaurant equipment. (yeah right. There is no such thing!)


This is just one of the many trucks we see drive by our offices on a regular basis.


This guy is one of the good drivers I was talking about. I was pretty impressed that he could get here…I tried to drive the box truck once, just to move it from one spot to the other, and I parked about as straight as a question mark (and there wasn’t even any restaurant equipment in it. They told me they didn’t want me to mess it up with my driving, whatever that means).


I mean it when I say the amount of restaurant equipment we receive on a daily basis is ridiculous. I’m constantly being told we have new equipment. And I can’t look out the window without seeing one of these:


But my favorite part is when I walk into the warehouse and see THIS. (See those guys in the corner? Some of them are part of that delivery team I said could drive so well. I think I even see a technician in there. Did you know that some of them have over 32 years of experience? I was told once that One Fat Frog has so much varied equipment that our MASTER level technicians have learned things from working here!)


Look at all those boxes full of new and used restaurant equipment! It looks like our sales team is getting lost in all those boxes!


But don’t worry frog-heads. We also send out trucks on the daily! I can barely get them to sit long enough as we load them to take a picture, so we had to send a frog to take a picture from inside the delivery truck!


So hey, you’ve seen how much we have coming in – why aren’t you here in our 100,000 sq/ft warehouse and showroom getting your equipment? I want your equipment on our next FREE DELIVERY truck out!

• One Fat Frog • 2416 Sand Lake Rd • Orlando, FL 32809 • 407-480-3409 •

Excellent Job Descriptions Means Excellent Restaurant Recruitment

Especially in a restaurant setting, each person you hire will be influential in making restaurant service as courteous and seamless as possible. Have one outlier, one chink–and what was supposed to be a Friday night of “Thank Yous” will turn into your nightmare of “I’m Sorry”s. But in order to have a great team in the first place (like us Frogs), you want to make sure your job descriptions are flawless.

By SarahStierch (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By SarahStierch (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Make Your Descriptions Short (But Not Too Short)

In today’s age, you have eight seconds to get your audience’s attention on the internet–eight seconds. And if your website (whether you’re using your website to recrit or a job search provider, we’ll cover in a minute) is slow, it goes all downhill from there. If you look at your average job description and go from there, you’ll probably bore the reader from death. Instead, give your prospective candidate a small idea of how working your restaurant will be like and set expectations from there.

But make sure you give a realistic outlook of what your job is. If you just sprinkle a few words here and there, you’re ultimately misleading your candidates and you might get a recruitment pool you’re not looking for (which ultimately, can be a huge waste of time). And also if you don’t provide enough information, you might be setting yourself up for disaster when you host your job interview. If you want a clearer idea of what other companies do for job descriptions, here are some great examples from Google, Square, and

Make Your Descriptions Realistic

According to Quartz, the average job description is more like a wishlist than it is a real job description–a profile of the dream candidate rather than an a good candidate. In an industry where you’re working with both part-time teenaged after-school dishwashers to your thirty-year executive chefs, making an ideal wish-list might deter job-seekers than most.

Instead, try to incorporate your company culture to your descriptions as much as possible. This not only creates a better of idea of how working at your restaurant might be like, you’ll weed out applicants who might not be culturally fit for your company (which culture is a HUGE thing for us Frogs).

A day-to-day descriptions works well in that case. If you’re hiring servers, describe how much service you might see in an hour (and don’t just see a night as a busy night…unless your restaurant is truly busy night-to-night). If you’re hiring a pastry chef, describe what dishes you might be making and describe what kind of relationships you might make with other chefs (if you allow that).

Answer Questions in the Job Description That You Don’t Want to be Asked During the Job Interview.

Vacation? Pay? Insurance? Those and other similar questions should have been answered already by the job description (here’s one from Columbia University from example). And if you write that you offer vacation, you (as the owner) should offer vacation in your workplace. If you say you offer vacation and actually your culture shuns (which one of the Frogs found out it was a HUGE trend in 2014), then you are not indicating trust between management (including yourself) and your employees.

And if you have written things such as pay or vacation but you find out that your interviewees haven’t read them, then it’s time to rethink how your description(s) are written.

But keep in mind that job descriptions are only a part of the process. Just because you wrote the description doesn’t necessarily mean you got the staff you need–especially when you interview your potential candidates.

And as always, keep your employment equal opportunity.

General Contractors: What You Should Know

I have talked briefly before about whether or not you should get a general contractor. Okay, maybe more than briefly since I wrote two blogs about it.  But the decision of whether or not to get a general contractor is a big one.

Let’s talk again about what a general contractor does.

General contractors are the go between men and women. You would typically hire a general contractor to hire and supervise contractors (plumbers, electricians, builders, etc). General contractors also typically pull permits for you. A little trade secret is that if you hire a general contractor, they are likely to get a permit more quickly than if you, as an individual, were to try to pull a permit. General contractors usually have a good reputation, and the state/county is more likely to approve their permit requests in a timely manner.

Notice I use words like “typically”, “usually”, and “generally”. Every situation is different. Parts of the process like how long it takes to pull a permit and in turn, how long it takes to do your build, is entirely dependent on the situation. The size of your restaurant, the amount of restaurant equipment you’re installing, and the amount of other work needed to get your restaurant up and running, play a big part. If you’re doing a buildout of your restaurant – that is, installing new floors, walls, etc. – the time needed and subcontractors needing to be hired will be considerably different than someone who purchased a turn-key restaurant.

The decision to get a general contractor vs doing things yourself is one only you can make, but it is on you should consider. While we here at One Fat Frog don’t recommend one way or the other (because we have a lot of clients who go without a general contractor, and their restaurants are amazing and the opening process is easy enough), we do recommend that you stop in talk to us about your restaurant equipment. We have a lot of valuable resources available to you – just ask one of our Sales Frogs about our New Restaurant Resource Center!

Dear sir who came in today in your salmon colored shirt,

I’m smitten.

I hope you remember me. I don’t know how you could forget. We shared a moment when you asked me who did my hair (you particularly enjoyed the shade of turquoise I’m sporting this week). I laughed and told you I did it myself. You seemed impressed. I took this as an opportunity to compliment your mustache. It was a very well-manicured handlebar that reminded me of Wilford Brimley minus the diabeetus. I wasn’t sure if you were serious when you asked me to marry you, but I’ve been shopping for the perfect wedding dress since you left. I think I found one in the perfect shade of red to match the Budweiser cans that we will use as vases for the reception. (And don’t worry, I will buy you a few six packs, just like you asked).

I know I told you I was looking for a sugar daddy and you said you were looking for a young girl who could hold down a job and take care of you, which seemed like it wouldn’t work, but I’ve changed my mind. As long as you keep that mustache, I’m yours! If you cook and do laundry, I will take care of you.

I wish I had caught your name while we were discussing how pretty our babies would be…and again when you left and told me about the peanut butter in a horse’s mouth (you said it makes it look like they can talk – that’s how they made Mr. Ed).

So, if you read this, call me and tell me what color shirt I’m wearing to prove it’s you!


Your blue haired, brown eyed girl


I know this probably sounds a little weird to the outside eye. While I could post this on Craigslist under the missed connections section, I feel as though I should post this here first. Hopefully this guy calls me soon. I could use a night out on the town (wink, wink, hint, hint).

Really though, this is a true story. It is based on real events.

As I am at the front of the office today greeting you marvelous people, I had the best interaction with a client that I’ve had since I asked those guys if they washed their hands after coming out of the bathroom. You know who you are.

Honestly, this is the kind of stuff that makes this frog excited to come to work. I love when clients come in and we laugh. I love having stories to tell my coworkers and family.

So keep ‘em coming! Because we love you here at One Fat Frog!

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