Rebates for Using Natural Gas Restaurant Equipment

Who doesn’t love keeping the environment as environmentally friendly as possible? And who doesn’t love getting paid for it?! That was a rhetorical question, because I know you all love THE MOOOLA. When you use certain natural gas products ,you’ll be eligible to receive a rebate from Florida Public Utilities. Some of the equipment which qualifies includes fryers, ovens and ranges.

If the mere thought of pocketing a sizable amount of extra money doesn’t immediately peak your interest, and your left wondering “Why should I use natural gas?”, let this frog educate you. Natural gas is totally awesome. Not only is it the cleanest source of fossil fuel, but it eliminates the release of harmful toxins into the environment, such as  carbon monoxide, which can be harmful to your health.  Natural gas is basically it’s own health care package.

Now, let’s talk about how economical natural gas is. Natural is guaranteed to lower your energy bills. It costs less than electricity, propnane, and heating oil. When you’re a restaurant owner and using all that energy, I know how important it is to get those costs DOWN. And, we don’t have to worry about natural gas becoming a scarce resource because% is produced in North America. If I haven’t completely swayed you about the awesomeness of natural gas and rebates (how many times have I used awesome), I don’t know what else I could possibly say. Plz leave suggestions.

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Super Glue Should Be Feared

This morning I decided it would be a smart idea to use maximum strength krazy glue to fix a container that broke. Within two seconds I managed to glue my thumbs together. How I accomplished this is the question that will keep me up at night. The bottle says not for children, but I think they should maybe extend that age range to anyone between the ages of 0 and 99. This stuff is no joke. I immediately called my dad and began hyperventilating. He started laughing and got me some acetone and had me soak my thumbs. Aren’t dads just the best? He told me I wasn’t allowed to use super glue anymore. There was also maybe an incident where I spilt a whole bottle of krazy glue on our vintage wood dining table. My dad and I tried to hide it from my mom for as long as possible by always managing to have a table cloth on the table but eventually she discovered it…bad bad day that’s all I have to say.

Moral of the story: avoid super glue at all costs.

Second moral of the story: come to one fat frog for your commercial restaurant equipment needs. You knew I had to talk about the best company evaaaa somewhere on this post. I love me some One Fat Frog.

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Equipment stands just in

A load of equipment stands came in. I noticed because they fascinate me. I liken them to a herd of wild animals, making more rabbit babies and multiplying before my eyes. It’s fun on the days when our truckloads are delivered. You never quite know what will be unpacked. In the case of the equipment stands they seem to multiply, first there’s one and then we get a sea of them.

Popular sizes of restaurant equipment stands are 24″ , 36″ and 48″. We do have other sizes available.

One Fat Frog

Walk in refrigerator & cooler, beer cave & large refrigeration

The Frog offers commercial refrigeration packages at a great discount. Due to our high volume business we’re able to pass on significant savings to you on popular sizes of custom walk in coolers. We move more walk in coolers than any other dealer out there… well at least we’d like to think so. So when we’re not busy being humble we’re busy selling discount commercial refrigeration.

Whether you’re looking for 8 x 8 or 40 x 40, let the Frog get you a competitive price and chances are we’ll save you thousands of dollars.

While you’re in why not chat with one of our Finance and Lease Managers about the ease of getting money to fund your commercial walk in project!

The Frog has indoor and outdoor units for sale. We do have a walk in cooler and freezer in stock if you need same day delivery!

Walk in refrigerator & cooler, beer cave & large refrigeration

The Frog offers commercial refrigeration packages at a great discount. Due to our high volume business we’re able to pass on significant savings to you on popular sizes of custom walk in coolers. We move more walk in coolers than any other dealer out there… well at least we’d like to think so. So when we’re not busy being humble we’re busy selling discount commercial refrigeration.

Whether you’re looking for 8 x 8 or 40 x 40, let the Frog get you a competitive price and chances are we’ll save you thousands of dollars.

While you’re in why not chat with one of our Finance and Lease Managers about the ease of getting money to fund your commercial walk in project!

The Frog offers free delivery to most of the state of Florida of custom walk ins. While we heavily discount to save you money we do take great pride in delivering our equipment. One of the ways we can maintain quality control is by sending our own delivery team to take the equipment. This means we send guys who know how to move big equipment and understand the needs.

Call 407-480-3409 or

South America Restaurant Equipment

One Fat Frog has restaurant equipment for South America. We will deliver for free to Florida ports or to your own personal shipper. We are experienced in loading containers. We have Spanish speaking staff members. If you would like to see equipment without traveling to us, we can video chat on FaceTime or Skype. We can also chat online through Facebook or Twitter. If you want to travel to Florida to see the equipment, we provide a free shuttle service to our warehouse. We specialize in most restaurant equipment, including hotline. Some of out hotline equipment includes have charbroilers, convection ovens, pizza ovens, ranges, charbroilers fryers and more. We have equipment for school kitchens, hospitals, bakeries, and more.

Countries we have provided equipment for include Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina,  and more.

Email us at or call at 407-480-3409.

Export Import Restaurant Equipment to Caribbean Islands

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment exports to the following island locations. Our export specialists help minimize the stress of importing restaurant and commercial kitchen equipment. Here is just a sample of countries and islands we export to and have previously dealt with:

Antigua and Barbuda (Covered by Barbados)
British Virgin Islands
Cayman Islands
Curacao / Aruba
Dominica (Covered by Barbados)
Grenada (Covered by Barbados)
Puerto Rico
St. Kitts and Nevis (Covered by Barbados)
St. Lucia (Covered by Barbados)
St. Maarten
St. Vincent and the Grenadines (Covered by Barbados)
Turks and Caicos Islands
U.S. Virgin Islands

Call (407) 480-3409 to speak with an equipment specialist. Our team can pick you up at the airport should you schedule a pleasure/ business trip to Orlando FL USA or we would be happy to skype/ facetime/ viber appointment with you to see our 100,000 square foot facility and meet our team.

We also offer free regular delivery of equipment (singly crated) or stage your container in our ample parking lot.

Export commercial kitchen & restaurant equipment

The Frog exports restaurant equipment all around the globe. With experts who speak German, Arabic, Spanish and some Klingon we can help most customers. We offer free Florida port delivery and have experience loading containers. You are welcome to have your container dropped at the Frog. Call (407) 480-3409. Islands , South America, Europe, Asia and Middle East. Global franchise and concept financing available.

A Dad Makes the Coolest Pancakes

First things first, I feel a little lame using the word “cool” in the title. It kinda makes me feel like a middle aged man trying to rediscover my youth and bond with the “hip” kids, but I’ll leave it be. If there is one thing that can brighten my day at any moment, it would have to be pancakes. I feel like pancakes are what dreams are made of. I still remember the first time I had pancakes. My mom thought it was a monumental moment in time and wasn’t light handed with the camera. I was around five years old. My outlook on life changed that day. I finally realized what hope was. They were seriously  the most delicious pancakes known to man. If waffle lovers only tasted them they would switch teams immediately.

As I thinking about what to blog today, I saw something that would make any pancake lover stop dead in their tracks. It read ” This Dad Makes The Most Amazing Pancakes You’ve Ever Seen”, and my heart immediately started to race. Anything to do with pancakes is my type of thing. A dad whose name I do not know and couldn’t find (which makes this all the more mysterious) creates the coolest pancake art I’ve ever seen. Not that I’ve ever really seen pancake art. The most artistic pancakes ever really gets for me is aligning the chocolate chips in a smiley face. It takes some real talent if I do say so myself.

This man has some serious talent. These pancakes almost look too amazing to eat….but they still are pancakes and should be eaten.

pancake 1 pancake 2 pancake 3 pancake 4 pancake 5

HOW COMPLETELY AWESOME ARE THESE?!?! Check out the full gallery at

P.s I have a proposition for you. Bring me in some nice homemade fluffy pancakes and I’ll give you an instant discount on whatever you purchase from One Fat Frog.

P.s.s don’t forget the syrup.

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I know this is the day you have all been waiting for. It’s obvious you froggers have been watching our blog like a hawk eagerly awaiting the moment I would announce the Frog got in some more equipment. Well, the day has come my restaurant equipment enthusiasts. We got in truckloads of new and used equipment today that’s begging to be bought. If you go out in the warehouse and lean in really close to a convection oven, you can hear it whisper “somebody cook in me….”. It’s a really weird thing. Kind of like Toy Story but instead toys are replaced with ovens and freezers. But isn’t restaurant equipment just big kid toys anyway? I legitimately get excited when I see we get a new oven in stock. I don’t know if I’ve talked about it on here before but ovens are really my thang. They just do it for me. Anyway, I digress. I feel like I do that a lot. But that’s what blogs are for right? This is like the forefront of digression. ANYWAY, some of the items we just got in stock include:

  • Carter Hoffman Warming Cabinet
    • Single door
    • Push cart style
  • 3 compartment sinks
  • Blodgett double stacked glass door convection ovens
  • Stainless steel work tables
  • Sandwich prep tables
  • 5 keg holding kegerators
  • Single stack gas Blodgett convection oven
  • Alto sham halo heat warmers
  • Sliding top bottle coolers
  • Double stack Blodgett pizza oven WITH NEW STONES
    • Holds eight 14” pizzas
    • Eighteen 10” pizzas
  • A STAGE? Yes, a stage. We have a stage in stock.


2416 Sand Lake Road, Orlando Fl, 32809


One Fat Frog Annual Party Aftermath

The Frog had our annual party Monday night. I had never been to one before, and let me just say there is really no way to prepare. I will never be the same. It was one of the most awesome nights ever. Let me just take you guys step by step with me. The party started at 8 and I arrived at around 8:25….fashionably late and all. I had been anticipating the party for a while but I didn’t want to seem too eager (I don’t think I hid it well). When I got inside I immediately yelled “WHERE’S THE NAKED DESSERT BAR?!?!?!”. I just couldn’t hold it in. I had seen naked sushi once on America’s Next Top model and had always wanted to experience such a quirky delight first hand. I finally had my chance. And I freakin love desserts so there could really never be a better opportunity. She was still being painted when I arrived but I let her know that I was super excited. We were talking a little bit in the bathroom, like us ladies like to do, and she was just the coolest. 

There was an open bar and believe me when I say the majority of the party go-ers were taking complete advantage of it. But not me my froggies. I was strictly coca cola and water. I think some people might have been nervous because they knew the sober college student would remember it all. Let me just say I have many memories ingrained in my little brain for life. One Fat Frog does not disappoint.There were some body shots being taken, but I wont get into too much detail…if you were here, you know what was going down.

The in house psychics were totally awesome as well. They went around the room and and told everyone who wanted to participate their fortunes and some things about them and it was a truly great thing to witness and was extremely intriguing. 

All in all Monday Night was definitely a huge success. We had lots of peeps in the house, eating, drinking and just enjoying life. If you have any ideas for next years party, let us know! I’ll most likely blog more about the party in days to come….I could go on for days about it.

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The Holy Grail of Frog Cakes

Let me tell you guys something about the most fabulous cake One Fat Frog has ever seen. Linda from Cake So Simple made us the greatest cake ever. A 3D frog cake….it looked identical to our logo and the highest of props have to be given to her.

I got a sneak peak before it was unveiled at the party and lemme tell you it was amazing the attention to detail that was paid to the cake and how life like it looked. You know when something it just too beautiful to eat sometimes? That’s exactly the kind of situation I found myself in when it was decided the cake should be cut. I had mixed emotions. Half of me wanted to devour the cake and the other wanted to put it on display on a mantel. I quickly tried to devise a plan where I had the cake all to myself but it sadly didn’t work out. When it was cut, I had to look away; it was too much to bear.  

frog cake

The cake was not only visually appealing but also tasted incredible. What adjectives are used to describe something so delightful to the palette? All I can really say is, I know who I’m calling when I need a cake made. 

Please please please, if you ever need a cake made for any occasion visit Linda’s shop, Cake So Simple.  Check out her website: She has a new location in orlando and can be reached at 321-312-9300.

Zombie Day at the Frog

So apparently it was decided yesterday that today would be zombie day at the Frog. I wasn’t here, so I wasn’t able to get the message. No one even texted me. I think this may be lingering repercussions of when I forgot to wear baby blue on Baby- Blue- Friday. There is a blog post about that whole fiasco a couple of weeks down. I will never forget a Frog dress up day again.

But, less about me and more about zombie day.Or maybe some more about me. I was just casually sitting at my desk when I felt a presence staring at me. You know those moments I’m talking about? You just know when someone is behind you…. I looked and immediately screamed. Our in house finance manager thought it would be comical to scare the living (insert appropriate word) out of me. He was dressed up in a black hooded cape and a mask. Below is a pic of scary finance man.


We had lots of employees on their zombie A Game today. Initially when I came into work before knowing about Zombie Day I thought one of my co workers just had a rough night. I asked if she was okay and she then informed me that “No Bri, this is not my everyday makeup. It’s zombie day you hooligan.” Another coworker of mine came in and let me just say, she brought her inner zombie out to play.

I think it’s essential that others experience the beauty of the zombies. Here they are in some pics posing with various equipment in the Frog warehouse. I’m really hoping they scared some of the boys out in the warehouse…that would literally make my day. 

zombie19  zombie17   zombie12 zombie11 zombie10 zombie9 zombie6  zombie4 zombie1 

Things such as Zombie Day are very common here at one fat frog. We kind of create our own holidays here at one fat frog on an everyday basis, so before you come in here just be prepared for anything. If you’re coming to our annual one fat frog party, REALLY BE PREPARED. I’m talking an open bar with a very attractive bartender, naked desserts, full body painting with models, a psychic, live DJ, free food and much more my friends. If you haven’t RSVP’d you better get on it. The party takes place Monday, September 8th in the frog warehouse from 8pm-2am. Be there or be square miss the best day of your life (not an exaggeration). 

Making Your Community a Better Place

We at One Fat Frog pride ourselves on supporting organizations which strive to make the world a better place. I was able to meet some really awesome and caring individuals from Pathways Drop In Center today. Pathways Drop In Center opens their doors and welcomes those struggling with mental illness. Many of these people are homeless and Pathways offers them a roof over their heads and food to eat.

One Fat Frog has been lucky enough to have a relationship with Pathways over the years. So, we asked them if we could donate small wares that might be useful to their organization. One of their team members, Menchie, was able to come out today and have a look around the warehouse and choose what she needed. 

Our boys out in the warehouse were able to able to learn about the organization while they helped Menchie and her partner load the items into their vehicle. Menchie shared with me that there are roughly 500 residents at Pathways at any given moment. This is such a great organization that recognizes mental illness in our community and takes proactive steps to help all those who need it.

Pathways Drop In Center is truly a heroic organization in our community and you can be a hero too by donating to Pathways. Visit their website at to read up about them and if possible, to donate. Every cent counts!

Here are some pictures from their visit today!

c1 c2 c3 c4 c5


Food truck challenge Froggy Style

When you’re building out a food truck there are a number of challenges. The Frog doesn’t take challenges lightly. We grab the proverbial bull by the horns and say, onward, let’s go!

When you come in the office you’ll meet a team of driven individuals. We’re a team first and foremost who is driven to serving you and providing the best possible services to you. Over the years our program has grown slowly so we could manage growth.

The Frog started in equipment sales- used equipment and moved solidly into that as the need to quality control came to a head. We are a multi-million dollar company with sales internationally from our little odd 100,000 square feet facility (you’re more than welcome to visit 2416 Sand Lake Road, Orlando FL 32819). With one of the nation’s most extensive floored food service inventory, our sales floor is stainless and sexy! Okay, a lot more stainless than sexy because our clients feed us very, very well!

Over the years we’ve been quietly building out food trucks for clients, helping them as the need arose. What we keep hearing is that our prices are tens of thousands of dollars cheaper then what they’re getting quoted elsewhere. Now time is money and we’ve never been one to run you around for the lowest quote. In fact we’ll be the first to say we’re not a quote or bid-spec house. The Frog is selective in buildouts to offer the best price. This means no super fancy quote, but of course you’ll get a great invoice and personalized service. In fact we probably don’t have all the fancy shiny handouts and business cards that other folks have. We’re just too busy for it!

Yesterday a client pointed out a super fancy website that showed the company was the “largest” dealer and did high volume, yet there was no address to do a site visit…? what? At the Frog we expect you to come visit us. After all this will likely be one of your larger purchases in life, don’t you want to come shake our hands and meet us?

As friends of the Frog have challenged us to provide a discounted food truck buildout of high quality we’ve continued to refine our process. We’re students of the industry and combine our knowledge from other industries as well as our equipment knowledge and auto knowledge to build a good product.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is offering food trucks… we’ve never advertised it but it’s time you knew. Come on in- we’re worth the drive- I guarantee it!

(407) 480-3409

food truck build out in Orlando

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is quickly making a name as an affordable option for food truck build out. With prices that are a third of what clients are getting quoted by other builders, the Frog trucks are build to compete on a midline level. Don’t expect platinum gold in the build out, but a solid entry to midline truck that is going to serve food at a good volume. With savings of $20-50,000 that’s a lot more profit in your pocket from day 1!

Imagine starting out and turning a profit months (or perhaps years) before others!

Come see the Frog and bring your truck or trailer! We’d love to help you build out the project and the Frog also has great finance options for everything from your hood to the kitchen sink!

With over 100,000 square feet of food service equipment love, the Frog offers selection unheard of and master level technicians and tradesman completing your project. There’s no suprise that the Frog parking lot is full of food trucks in line to build out.

Current trucks in our facility have traveled from Fort Myers, Orlando, Jacksonville and Tampa to be built out by the Frog!

Once again the FRog is known for great savings- come get a solid worker!

Several restaurants coming today

Last I heard it was four or five restaurants being liquidated this morning and our trucks will be in the field picking up used equipment all morning long. I would encourage you to stop by the shop at about noon to catch the best deals on used restaurant equipment. We also had some clean looking convection ovens come in this weekend and other equipment.

Labor Day at the Frog

Yes, the frog is open on labor day. Why does everyone who comes in seem to be surprised? Restaurant equipment stops for no one. We’ve been having a good time today. We had a little girl come in today who’s totally obsessed with frogs. It was basically Christmas for her here at One Fat Frog. She begged to go upstairs to look for more frogs but I told here the Frogs party on the main floor. She didn’t believe me but she changed the subject and started talking about how much she love mushrooms. Who doesn’t love mushrooms? They’re in my top five favorite vegetable for sure. Are mushrooms even veggies? 

Anyways, I hope everyone is having a great Labor Day. If you’re not, it’s probably because you haven’t been to the frog yet. We close at 5 today. I suggest you scurry your behinds here immediately.

One Fat Frog restaurant equipment

2416 sand lake road, orlando fl, 32809



One Fat Frog WILL be open labor day from 9am-5pm. What better way to spend your labor day than getting your restaurant labor-needs met? See what I did there? It’s called wordplay and it’s a beautiful thing.

Even though our flash sale ends tomorrow, the frog has amazing deals year-round and I can almost guarantee that you won’t find prices cheaper than ours when looking for quality, reliable equipment. You also wont find a group of people that listen to better music than us. That’s 100% guaranteed. It’s no top 40 in the frog, we are strictly classic 70s and 80s music up in here. I’m talking Queen, The Cure, Guns n Roses, Whitesnake, Fleetwood Mac, Aerosmith and more. But, mostly Queen because Freddie Mercury is probably the most precious human being ever to live. My obsession with Mr. Mercury runs deep. On any given night, you can find me singing “Somebody To Love” alone in my room loud enough for basically anyone with even mediocre hearing to hear. But enough about me….come and see us tomorrow and on Labor Day. We shall be waiting!


2416 sand lake road, orlando fl, 32809



Guys I have some super exciting news for all my frogs out there. One Fat Frog is having a 3 DAY FLASH SALE. Go dance around for a little bit, I know you wanna. Flash sales are amazing because prices are super duper cheap. But it is a FLASH sale. That means, it’s gonna go by quick and equipment is gonna sell so fast. Your best bet is getting over here as soon as possible and indulging in the incredible deals we have for you!

Some of the equipment we are selling:


Used hand wash sinks W/ splash guards-75.00

3 compartment sinks- 375.00

Stero Glass washing system- 1450.00

Chef Bases

36” Chef base / refrigerated equipment stand-1400.00

60” Chef base/ refrigerated equipment stand-2300.00

Cooking Ranges

36” Gas Char- Broiler Bakers Pride w/ NEW grates 875.00

Southern Pride Electric Smoker-2700.00

Food Holding Stations

Henny Penny FULL PASS THRU warming cabinet- 1350.00


Vulcan SINGE bin Model GPC12-400.00

Vulcan SINGLE bin, DIGITIAL Model HER500-800.00

Vulcan DOUBLE bin w/warming dump station Model 3GRD35F -2100.00

Pitco-Frialator SINGLE bin-400.00

Pitco-Frialator DOUBLE bin w/ warming dump station Model BF145-HQ-2400.00

Pitco-Frialator TRIPLE bin w/ warming dump station-3500.00

American Range SINGLE bin- 400.00

Dean SINGLE bin Model SR142GN- 400.00

Royal SINGLE bin 400.00

Royal SINGLE 60lbs – 975.00

Giles Enterprises Fryer W/ built in hood Model MGF- 2400.00

Auto fryer- 2900.00 Suppression system built in

Henny Penny Pressure Fryer- 2500.00


1 set True 8’ Deli cases- $2500.00 Per-case grab them all or spilt them up!

72” TRUE Mega-top Sandwich/ Salad Prep table- $1400.00

Glass 3 Door FREEZERS TRUE Model T72F -$1800.00

Glass 2 Door FREEZERS TRUE Model T49F -$1500.00


UNDER $1,000.00


Under counter & work top fridges & freezers

2 well Steam table & Cold tables with Sneeze quards!!!