Sale on Hoods and Walk Ins Freezers and Coolers

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One Fat Frog is having a huge sale on hoods and commercial walk in freezers and coolers. Some popular sizes for hoods include 10 foot, 12 foot, 14 foot, 16 foot, 18 foot and 20 foot. Food trucks hoods are available as well! Some popular sizes for walk in freezers and coolers include 8×8, 10×10, 12×12, 10×16, 4×6 but you can choose whatever size you’re pretty little heart fancies.

Did you know we offer free curbside delivery to the majority of cities in Florida, including but by no means limited to, Daytona Beach, Fort Myers, Ft. Lauderdale, Gainesville, Heartland, Jacksonville, Lake City, Lakeland, Melbourne, Miami, Ocala, Orlando, Panama City, Pensacola,  Sarasota, St. Augustine, Tallahassee, Tampa, Treasure Coast, West Palm Beach and many more. Delivery for the walk ins and hoods will be available in March or April.

If you bring in a quote for a hood or walk in cooler or freezer, chances are, our prices won’t be beat if you’re looking for QUALITY and DEPENDABLE equipment. There’s a reason people drive 10 hours to see us (it’s not just the free hugs).

*Because of the sale, we are only accepting cash and certified funds*

One Fat Frog • 2416 Sand Lake Road • Orlando, FL 32809 • 407-480-3409

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Visit our Commercial Kitchen Warehouse…

And help me deal with my birthday.

I think it’s time I pitch in about this quarter life crisis I’m having. Because, you know, It’s T-7 days and counting. I love you guys who have brought me food and things this week. 

Just for the record, next Saturday, you could all make me feel really special by stopping in and seeing me. We’re open from 10am – 3pm on Saturdays.  BRING ME CUPCAKES AND TISSUES…and maybe some Fireball and Angry Orchard.  

I would love for you to take my mind off of my birthday (and my old age) by letting me show you around our 100,000sq/ft warehouse full of commercial kitchen equipment. Or at least getting you to someone who can do that while I wallow at my desk. Bask in the fryers, or huge line of coffee equipment we just got in. We have coffee grinders, coffee brewers…I’m drooling thinking about all the coffee.

Or hey, if you’d rather hang out with me before your tour of the 100,000sq/ft of restaurant equipment, you could spin our wheel of fun! It’s a great way to pass the time when you’re waiting…and some of the landing spots are pretty awesome.  And they don’t talk about how old I am! If that’s not enough time with me, you could fill out our finance application. We do in house financing and can get your answers same day…but while you wait a few minutes, I will tell you tales of the Frog.

That’s what people do as they get older…

Yeah yeah, I know 25 isn’t “old”. I still have a lot of life to live. But 25 is old for me. It’s the oldest I have ever been. I thought it was bad enough when I turned 23. Blink 182 pretty much summed up my life (nsfw video or lyrics here). I never imagined that being 25 would be harder.

Good thing for me, my One Fat Frog family is here to make me feel better. I can already hear someone telling me, “You’re older than the bricks in that stone pizza oven,” or something equally as disturbing.

So stop in and see me! I’ll be the only blue haired girl here from 10am-3pm on Saturday – and I’ll be waiting!

2416 Sand Lake Rd, Orlando, FL 32809

We ♥ Our Clients!

So, I just thought I would update everyone. My man in the salmon shirt read the blog and found me! He called me, we emailed, and then he came back to see me. I think it’s pretty serious. He even brought me a present [which you can find a picture of on our One Fat Frog Facebook page]! Be warned, it may be NSFW. ;)

I’m getting ready to print the save the date cards. He didn’t let me take a picture with him, so I am diligently working on superimposing Wilfred Brimley (circa 1985 “Cocoon”) on some selfies. I’m thinking a fall wedding. November maybe…

Anyway, that’s just the beginning of the customer love stories at One Fat Frog!

The other day, we had a couple come in who were looking to startup a Bakery (and man, they had some cool ideas! They got an awesome deal, and I hope they bring me back some cookies *hint hint*). The husband looked ridiculously familiar to me, and I couldn’t figure out why. Come to find out, he was from Alabama (as am I) and we went to rival high schools! We grew up about 15 minutes from each other I watched him play football for many years – that’s why he looked so familiar! Small world, huh? I love that people are driving down from Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, and North Carolina on a regular basis to come see us! It’s so exciting (and I won’t lie, I enjoy talking Alabama/Auburn football with a lot of these people).

So come on in, be a story. We love our frog family!

Want to Really Know Who Comes to Your Restaurant? Think Demographics.

If your restaurant or food truck  is in its start-up  phase , it’s going to be a while until you have an idea of who’s coming to your restaurant but it’s never too early to start thinking about demographics . And if your restaurant has a specific concept (like food from a specific country or a specific diet like vegan), then you want to see who’s coming in. This is why demographic data is crucial in getting to know your restaurant audience.

By Tomwsulcer (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

By Tomwsulcer (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

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Keep These In Mind When Hiring Student Interns for Your Restaurant

Having interns in your workplace, and in this Frog’s case meaning restaurant, your interns can have a lot to learn from your restaurant. But in the world where more students (mainly college students) are trying to grab that internship, it’s important to keep in mind a few guidelines when recruiting student interns.

By 7 Nation Army (Beigel Bake kitchen  Uploaded by Mr. Stradivarius) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By 7 Nation Army (Beigel Bake kitchen Uploaded by Mr. Stradivarius) [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

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UCF vs Winter Park: Price Points

I’m a Frog that attends the University of Central Florida but I live in Winter Park. I literally get the best of both worlds. Both areas offer different and unique experiences. The price points for both areas are on opposite sides of the spectrum. Generally Winter Park caters to a more affluent clientele while UCF is obviously centered around a college student’s  income . I don’t necessarily prefer one area to the other but when I find myself on a budget , you can bet your bottom dollar you’ll find this frog around UCF.

Restaurant choices around  UCF offer  a  more a affordable variety of restaurants. As a college student on a budget, I’ll be the first to say inexpensive is my favorite word. Popular restaurants centralized near and around campus include Lazy Moon Pizza, Natura Coffee , Tijuana Flats, 4 Rivers, Applebee’s, Buffalo Wild Wings and a bunch more. For restaurants in Winter Park, most people would recommend checking out Park Ave. Here you’ll find the fine dining, 3 and 4 star restaurants. Some of my favorites include 310, blue on the avenue, Bosphorous, Luma and Prato. Also in the Winter Park area you’ll find Hilstone, Hamilton’s, Flemings, and the Ravenous Pig. You can count on each plate being upwards of 20 dollars.

Now for bars, the UCF area doesn’t offer too much diversity. Ask any student and they’ll tell you there’s two places most students go to: Knights Library and Knights Pub. The two establishments offer great incentives and drink specials to get people in, including free covers on many nights and free drinks until midnight.  Winter Park bars on the other hand, has incentives that cater towards a different demographic that doesn’t really sweat over a cover charge.

Are you thinking about opening a restaurant or bar in either of these areas? It’s imperative you know the clientele you will be reaching so you can set the appropriate price points. And when you end up needing to equip that bar or restaurant with commercial restaurant equipment, the Frog is here for you. We actually just got in truckloads of bar equipment! We even deliver to the majority of cities in Florida for free and all used equipment comes with a free 30 day warranty!

One Fat Frog • 2416 Sand Lake Road • Orlando, FL 32809 • 407-480-3409

New Inventory on Restaurant Equipment – by the truckloads!

I’ve taken note this week of just how many trucks we’ve been taking in and sending out. I won’t lie – I lost count. We have had instances where there have been big trucks playing chicken in our parking lot trying to get their truck in first. I’m glad our drivers are so skilled because I don’t think I could maneuver my little 4-door sedan the way these guys drive a box truck.

Here are just a few of the pictures we’ve snapped:


Forgive us. We get a little excited when we see new trucks every day. They make us want to jump up and take pictures. We are probably a little too excited about restaurant equipment. (yeah right. There is no such thing!)


This is just one of the many trucks we see drive by our offices on a regular basis.


This guy is one of the good drivers I was talking about. I was pretty impressed that he could get here…I tried to drive the box truck once, just to move it from one spot to the other, and I parked about as straight as a question mark (and there wasn’t even any restaurant equipment in it. They told me they didn’t want me to mess it up with my driving, whatever that means).


I mean it when I say the amount of restaurant equipment we receive on a daily basis is ridiculous. I’m constantly being told we have new equipment. And I can’t look out the window without seeing one of these:


But my favorite part is when I walk into the warehouse and see THIS. (See those guys in the corner? Some of them are part of that delivery team I said could drive so well. I think I even see a technician in there. Did you know that some of them have over 32 years of experience? I was told once that One Fat Frog has so much varied equipment that our MASTER level technicians have learned things from working here!)


Look at all those boxes full of new and used restaurant equipment! It looks like our sales team is getting lost in all those boxes!


But don’t worry frog-heads. We also send out trucks on the daily! I can barely get them to sit long enough as we load them to take a picture, so we had to send a frog to take a picture from inside the delivery truck!


So hey, you’ve seen how much we have coming in – why aren’t you here in our 100,000 sq/ft warehouse and showroom getting your equipment? I want your equipment on our next FREE DELIVERY truck out!

• One Fat Frog • 2416 Sand Lake Rd • Orlando, FL 32809 • 407-480-3409 •

Excellent Job Descriptions Means Excellent Restaurant Recruitment

Especially in a restaurant setting, each person you hire will be influential in making restaurant service as courteous and seamless as possible. Have one outlier, one chink–and what was supposed to be a Friday night of “Thank Yous” will turn into your nightmare of “I’m Sorry”s. But in order to have a great team in the first place (like us Frogs), you want to make sure your job descriptions are flawless.

By SarahStierch (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By SarahStierch (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Make Your Descriptions Short (But Not Too Short)

In today’s age, you have eight seconds to get your audience’s attention on the internet–eight seconds. And if your website (whether you’re using your website to recrit or a job search provider, we’ll cover in a minute) is slow, it goes all downhill from there. If you look at your average job description and go from there, you’ll probably bore the reader from death. Instead, give your prospective candidate a small idea of how working your restaurant will be like and set expectations from there.

But make sure you give a realistic outlook of what your job is. If you just sprinkle a few words here and there, you’re ultimately misleading your candidates and you might get a recruitment pool you’re not looking for (which ultimately, can be a huge waste of time). And also if you don’t provide enough information, you might be setting yourself up for disaster when you host your job interview. If you want a clearer idea of what other companies do for job descriptions, here are some great examples from Google, Square, and

Make Your Descriptions Realistic

According to Quartz, the average job description is more like a wishlist than it is a real job description–a profile of the dream candidate rather than an a good candidate. In an industry where you’re working with both part-time teenaged after-school dishwashers to your thirty-year executive chefs, making an ideal wish-list might deter job-seekers than most.

Instead, try to incorporate your company culture to your descriptions as much as possible. This not only creates a better of idea of how working at your restaurant might be like, you’ll weed out applicants who might not be culturally fit for your company (which culture is a HUGE thing for us Frogs).

A day-to-day descriptions works well in that case. If you’re hiring servers, describe how much service you might see in an hour (and don’t just see a night as a busy night…unless your restaurant is truly busy night-to-night). If you’re hiring a pastry chef, describe what dishes you might be making and describe what kind of relationships you might make with other chefs (if you allow that).

Answer Questions in the Job Description That You Don’t Want to be Asked During the Job Interview.

Vacation? Pay? Insurance? Those and other similar questions should have been answered already by the job description (here’s one from Columbia University from example). And if you write that you offer vacation, you (as the owner) should offer vacation in your workplace. If you say you offer vacation and actually your culture shuns (which one of the Frogs found out it was a HUGE trend in 2014), then you are not indicating trust between management (including yourself) and your employees.

And if you have written things such as pay or vacation but you find out that your interviewees haven’t read them, then it’s time to rethink how your description(s) are written.

But keep in mind that job descriptions are only a part of the process. Just because you wrote the description doesn’t necessarily mean you got the staff you need–especially when you interview your potential candidates.

And as always, keep your employment equal opportunity.

General Contractors: What You Should Know

I have talked briefly before about whether or not you should get a general contractor. Okay, maybe more than briefly since I wrote two blogs about it.  But the decision of whether or not to get a general contractor is a big one.

Let’s talk again about what a general contractor does.

General contractors are the go between men and women. You would typically hire a general contractor to hire and supervise contractors (plumbers, electricians, builders, etc). General contractors also typically pull permits for you. A little trade secret is that if you hire a general contractor, they are likely to get a permit more quickly than if you, as an individual, were to try to pull a permit. General contractors usually have a good reputation, and the state/county is more likely to approve their permit requests in a timely manner.

Notice I use words like “typically”, “usually”, and “generally”. Every situation is different. Parts of the process like how long it takes to pull a permit and in turn, how long it takes to do your build, is entirely dependent on the situation. The size of your restaurant, the amount of restaurant equipment you’re installing, and the amount of other work needed to get your restaurant up and running, play a big part. If you’re doing a buildout of your restaurant – that is, installing new floors, walls, etc. – the time needed and subcontractors needing to be hired will be considerably different than someone who purchased a turn-key restaurant.

The decision to get a general contractor vs doing things yourself is one only you can make, but it is on you should consider. While we here at One Fat Frog don’t recommend one way or the other (because we have a lot of clients who go without a general contractor, and their restaurants are amazing and the opening process is easy enough), we do recommend that you stop in talk to us about your restaurant equipment. We have a lot of valuable resources available to you – just ask one of our Sales Frogs about our New Restaurant Resource Center!

Dear sir who came in today in your salmon colored shirt,

I’m smitten.

I hope you remember me. I don’t know how you could forget. We shared a moment when you asked me who did my hair (you particularly enjoyed the shade of turquoise I’m sporting this week). I laughed and told you I did it myself. You seemed impressed. I took this as an opportunity to compliment your mustache. It was a very well-manicured handlebar that reminded me of Wilford Brimley minus the diabeetus. I wasn’t sure if you were serious when you asked me to marry you, but I’ve been shopping for the perfect wedding dress since you left. I think I found one in the perfect shade of red to match the Budweiser cans that we will use as vases for the reception. (And don’t worry, I will buy you a few six packs, just like you asked).

I know I told you I was looking for a sugar daddy and you said you were looking for a young girl who could hold down a job and take care of you, which seemed like it wouldn’t work, but I’ve changed my mind. As long as you keep that mustache, I’m yours! If you cook and do laundry, I will take care of you.

I wish I had caught your name while we were discussing how pretty our babies would be…and again when you left and told me about the peanut butter in a horse’s mouth (you said it makes it look like they can talk – that’s how they made Mr. Ed).

So, if you read this, call me and tell me what color shirt I’m wearing to prove it’s you!


Your blue haired, brown eyed girl


I know this probably sounds a little weird to the outside eye. While I could post this on Craigslist under the missed connections section, I feel as though I should post this here first. Hopefully this guy calls me soon. I could use a night out on the town (wink, wink, hint, hint).

Really though, this is a true story. It is based on real events.

As I am at the front of the office today greeting you marvelous people, I had the best interaction with a client that I’ve had since I asked those guys if they washed their hands after coming out of the bathroom. You know who you are.

Honestly, this is the kind of stuff that makes this frog excited to come to work. I love when clients come in and we laugh. I love having stories to tell my coworkers and family.

So keep ‘em coming! Because we love you here at One Fat Frog!

2416 Sand lake Rd, Orlando, FL 32809
(407) 480 – 3409

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment Pack: Financing

Financing Pack

Remember our Pack No.1 and Pack No.2? Well we want to continue providing our vast resources in one easy package by providing our third pack: On financing.

If you want to see why restaurant or foodservice financing is so important, here are a few articles to take in consideration.

Start Up: Do You Need a Kids Menu?

In many situations, a kids menu can be a beautiful addition to your restaurant But, how essential is it for you to have a kids menu? Some places need one and some places just don’t. When’s the last time you saw a kids menu at a strip club? Okay, maybe that’s a wee bit inappropriate and maybe even illegal, but it’s true!  Two things are very important when deciding whether or not you need a kids menu.

1. Know Your Demographics: I was at Friendly Confines the other day and wasn’t too hungry so I decided something from the kids menu would work, only to find out there wasn’t one. I don’t know why I expected there to be. Have you ever been to Friendly Confines? Their demographic is mainly college students and older who wanna enjoy a cold beer while they watch a football game. Friendly Confines would actually lose money by offering a kids menu.

This being said, a sports bar such as Buffalo Wild Wings  offers an extensive kids menu and are obviously quite successful. Nothing is black and white. You have to do whatever works for you!

2. Where Is Your Location: Are you in a residential area or a more commercial area such as downtown Orlando? It’s unlikely you will find a family friendly Applebees on Church Street. More often than not, the location of your restaurant will dictate whether a kids menu would be profitable or not.

Hope this helped you out a bit! If you find yourself looking for restaurant equipment, come to One Fat Frog~ We are the largest dealer of commercial restaurant equipment in the southeast!

2416 Sand Lake Road, Orlando Fl, 32809

Restaurant Equipment and Food Truck Financing

restaurant equipment financing

Don’t worry about ever having to make this face my friend, the Frog finances 365 days a year! It’s financing heaven up in One Fat Frog. Come in today! We have options for good and bad credit :)

2416 sand lake road, orlando fl, 32809


Why You Should Take Restaurant Design Seriously

For a lot of people, design is probably the last thing on people’s minds. In the perspective of some people, design gets in the way of proper eating. And depending on where you are located, design might be as simple as going on PhotoShop. But if you want your restaurant to stand out (besides having a compelling concept and a great location), having a good-looking restaurant can go a long way.

By Iroc8210 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By Iroc8210 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

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ServSafe Class – January 2015

Once again, Chef Jeff Rotz is going to grace the classrooms of One Fat Frog and hold a ServSafe class!

• January 17, 2015 • 11am •
The price is $89, payable at the time of the class.

The state of Florida requires all food service employees to be trained on standardized food handling and hygiene practices every three years. ServSafe programs are accepted as meeting the training requirements for you and your staff.

Florida law also requires one certified manager per facility. When four or more employees are present at a location, there must be one certified manager per shift. These are the standard requirements for the state, but they may vary per local jurisdiction.

You can find out more information about ServSafe and Chef Jeff Rotz here, on our ServSafe Food Manager’s Test information page. 

We look forward to seeing your smiling faces on Saturday! 

The only thing we ask is that you give us a call to register and confirm that you are indeed coming. Some of us here at One Fat Frog (read: me) like numbers and lists.

• 2416 Sand Lake rd, Orlando, FL 32809 • (407) 480 – 3409 •

Seasonal menus – Creating a menu to fit your geographical needs

I don’t know about you, but when it’s cold, this frog likes to curl up and drink a nice hot tea or eat a bowl of chili or soup. I also know that this frog is a little too lazy to make chili or soup from scratch, so I’m always looking for some restaurant to fill my needs.

In Florida, it is hot for much of the year, and as such, the demand for hot, filling foods is usually low. This brings me to an interesting point. I have been to a few restaurants here in town that have seasonal menus. Seasonal, as in, “It’s December, so we’re going to make heavy soups and warm, filling foods”. Meanwhile, I am walking around outside in shorts and flip flops and would rather be eating a snow cone. 

All geographical areas have different needs when it comes to implementing a menu. If you live in Iceland, your menu in July (when temps average 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit) should be quite a bit different than a menu in Orlando, FL at the same time (when the temperatures average 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit).

Now, some things have a market no matter what the weather is like (pumpkin spice latte, anyone?), and are regularly implemented on a menu during certain seasons – but this is a decision that every restaurant needs to decide for themselves. Every restaurant should decide if a seasonal menu is something they should incorporate. Is making a seasonal menu worth it? Remember, if you’re making a seasonal menu, you are probably going to be buying outside of your normal inventory.

If you have a market for these menu items, by all means keep it up, but make sure you are doing so in a way that does not impede your growth as a company!

10 Incredible Food Scenes from the Movies

1. When Woody Allen and Diane Keaton had some lobster trouble in Annie Hall

2. When Remy got his hands dirty and “taught” Remy how to really cook in Ratatouille.

3. Julia Child (Meryl Streep)’s cooking lessons in Julie & Julia,

4. The prison cooking scene in Goodfellas (NSFW Language)

5. The Food Hydrator from Back to the Future Part II

6. Both Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs movies

7. When Meryl Streep and Steve Martin make croissants in It’s Complicated

8. Robin Williams cooking in Mrs. Doubtfire

9. Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin making a pie in Labor Day

10. The ramen-eating scene from Tampopo (featuring a young Ken Watanabe)

Bonus: While this is not a movie, this restaurant cooking scene from Frasier is priceless.

Homemade Subway

Apparently, there are a lot of people on the internet who think a sandwich of any kind is a “homemade subway”. And I have proof! (This picture links to a real life tweet about it!)


This frog found this Buzzfeed article. And anyone who is anyone knows that Buzzfeed is totally legit. Okay, sometimes it’s full of rhetoric and sarcasm, but you know, we frogs wouldn’t know anything about that.


As a frog-girl who loves sandwiches (almost as much as food trucks and coffee), I’ve come to debunk this rumor that any sandwich is a “homemade Subway”. First off, Subway is a brand of sandwich restaurant, not a type of sandwich. And secondly…what?

So…here is the deal. A sandwich is a product of putting something (usually, meat, cheese, peanut butter, jelly, bananas, or something of the like) in between two pieces of bread. Subway restaurants puts out a product that is inside a hoagie roll rather than between two pieces of bread. These sandwiches are often called subs, wedges, hoagies, heroes, grinders, or baguettes.

And aside from the finished product being a different item, there is so much more involved in making a Subway sandwich. Things like the bread.

Rather than going to a store and buying a loaf of bread, Subway restaurants prepare a dough and use a proofer to make their dough rise. In fact, Subway restaurants have a long list of equipment that they use (and One Fat Frog happens to sell) in order to make your Subway sandwich experience a lot different than that of making a sandwich in your kitchen.

• Nu-Vu Proofer / Convection Oven
• proofer
• refrigerated cold table
• slicer
• Amana oven like Turbo Chef
• commercial refrigerator
• commercial freezer
• walk in refrigerator
• soda fountain
• ice tea dispenser

I’d like to see someone use this stuff in their home kitchen. Actually, don’t do that. That is a terrible idea, as pointed out by a fellow frog. Also, there is a difference in the kitchen between sandwich prep tables and pizza prep tables. Subway restaurants use a sandwich prep table. In case you were wondering, here is the difference between a sandwich prep table and a pizza prep table.

But hey, if you want to make some “homemade subway”, I’m totally willing to taste test it. Just keep in mind, it’s homemade (and your bread is probably only 4inches, rather than 12), so I’m not paying Subway prices. (I like my $5 Footlong.) If we do some math, I’m willing to pay you….$1.67


One Fat Frog Face-Off: Round 1

If  you’re, a restaurant owner, or a startup entrepreneur, odds are  between permits, concepts, menus and inspections you could use a laugh. So let’s laugh, I present to you the One Fat Frog Faceoff!

ROUND 1: Our Social Media Team.

Why not make our Social Media Team our Guinea Pigs…check out this  photo of our Internet Frogs looking adorable as always.

Mande and Edward

I was told I could only take this photo if I made Photoshop adjustments, and I’m a man of my word. So I did just that.

Ed and mand 2

I know this is utterly ridiculous (maybe disturbing)  but here’s the truth:

One Fat Frog is more than just restaurant equipment. We are a pond full of people from all walks of life swimming around in a 100,000 square foot pond.

We have a skilled and knowledgeable sales team that could transform any concept or budget into your dream come true. While this internet geek can’t  relay the ins and outs of a True Refrigeration unit or the BTU of an Asber Fryer  , I can enthusiastically sell you on something you can’t  put into a spec sheet– and that’s our team dynamic and by “our” I’m including our dynamic at One Fat Frog and our Dynamic with our clients — we share a common goal. It goes beyond sales, we want you to succeed, and we work and laugh together along the way.

So  next time you stop by come see me and i’ll send you home with a sharp face swap to add to  your restaurant equipment. NO ONE IS SAFE! Stay tuned for round 2!

Send us a message on Facebook or Twitter @onefatfrog  with your Commercial Kitchen Questions and Face Swap reservations!