I guess Gators aren’t just limited to Gainesville…

Pretty soon not only UF, but restaurants all over Gainesville will have to get ready as they get ready for the biggest televised event in Florida: The game against FSU.

Consider One Fat Frog when opening a restaurant in Gainesville. Call (407) 480-3409 or visit us at 2416 Sand Lake Road in Orlando.


Oh, Ocala’s only about an hour away from One Fat Frog? 

Be right back.

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If you’re thinking of opening a restaurant in Ocala, and need some new or used restaurant, then it’s time to think about One Fat Frog. Call (407) 480-3409 or visit our location in Orlando at 2416 Sand Lake Road.

Edit: One Fat Frog would like to remind you that we don’t endorse speeding or any other illegal driving activities, we just would like you to come visit!


Fat Frog last seen hitching a ride to Ocala

A little behind-the-scenes of One Fat Frog’s on the road:

Our runaway  Frog was last seen hitching a ride on a delivery truck towards

Ocala, Florida 

ocala or bust

If found please return to our Orlando Headquarters at

2416 Sand Lake Rd, Orlando, FL 32809

We would like him back for Thanksgiving

Source: Promo at Tumblr Credit: Nintendo and HAL Laboratory

Source: Poromo at Tumblr
Credit: Nintendo and HAL Laboratory

Thanks, Kirby.

If you’re opening a bar, or are planning to air football games in your restaurant, then consider One Fat Frog. Visit us at 2416 Sand Lake Road or call us at (407) 480-3409. We do free curbside delivery and financing as well.

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Food Trucks Around The World, Part II

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Local Spotlight: 2nd Sun Vegan

It’s no secret that Food Trucks have re-defined the conventional dining out experience, making casual diners into adventurous foodies across the nation.

But these chefs on wheels have also paved the way for making alternative and delicious cuisine more accessible to the masses.

Brandon Mead, who started 2nd Sun Vegan  (a mobile vegan yum truck)  took a few moments to chit-chat with us before this weekend’s first ever Vegan Trucksgiving, which featured five major vegan vendors.  Here’s what Mead had to say about food, wheels, and catering to Central Florida’s evolving  palette:   Continue reading

Around Florida: Tallahassee

This week, One Fat Frog takes a look around Florida and explores what it offers, and why it’s important that we’re involved.

Ah, yes: Tallahassee. Most people usually see Tallahassee as either of the following: The State Capital, home of Florida State, or rapper T-Pain’s birthplace. Regardless of how you see Tally, it’s hard to ignore that Tally is still an important city (beyond the fact, that, well it’s the state’s capital). Also, did you know the band Creed was founded in Tallahassee? Continue reading

Around Florida: Crystal River

This week, One Fat Frog takes a look around Florida and explores what it offers, and why it’s important that we’re involved.

Crystal River Florida is renowned for its natural beauty and hometown appeal. Folks flock to Crystal River to catch glimpses of Manatees  , where they gather by the hundreds! But this town is also a great location for charming restaurants  Continue reading

Deliveries suspended for driver safety

Tornado warnings. All delivery trucks halted. Suspending all deliveries until further notice. Please call our office if you need anything. (407)480-3409

Around Florida: Jacksonville

This week, One Fat Frog takes a look around Florida and explores what it offers, and why it’s important that we’re involved.

To put it bluntly, Jacksonville is quite large. It has a monorail system, it’s home to the Jaguars, and one of the four old-school theaters in Florida (the other three being in Tampa, Lakeland, and Pensacola). And with almost a million people, Jacksonville is also the most populous single-city in Florida. Continue reading

Around Florida: Daytona Beach

This week, One Fat Frog takes a look around Florida and explores what it offers, and why it’s important that we’re involved.

A lot of people in general, not just in Florida, probably take Daytona Beach for granted. Either people go for the bikes, NASCAR, or the beach.

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Is Having a Big Menu Really Better?

I was just recently at The Cheesecake Factory this weekend. I hadn’t been there in quite some time because I always dread having to read the dictionary (their menu) in order to figure out what I want. Continue reading

Golden Corral’s 22nd Annual “Helpings From the Heart” Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and help those around us. It’s also a time to enjoy a delicious meal around the dinner table with your family. That being said, there are thousands in the Central Florida area who won’t be able to provide a thanksgiving meal for themselves or their families. Continue reading

One Fat Frog partners with 5th Annual Thanksgiving for the Homeless

Homelessness is affecting the nation at a staggering rate.  Orlando is one of the major cities with an increasing population of homeless men, women, and children, most of whom are families like our very own. The holidays are here,  and the hustle to provide our families’ with a quality and memorable season has begun. For a many others, the idea of the holidays is a distant one. Continue reading

Does Curbing Drunk Driving Start With Restaurants?

Recently, an anti-drinking and driving video came from Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demmings, who advises you, the viewer, to “think about it.” Continue reading

The Future of Restaurants Might Rely on Technology

As tablets increasingly replace servers’ notepads and more (and more) parts of the restaurant are touch-based, it’s becoming harder and harder to ignore that the concept of the good ol’ traditional restaurant is evolving. Pop culture has dictated that the future of eating in a restaurant goes anything from food replicators to food hydrators. But as today’s entrepreneurs and fast-forward thinkers push the restaurant forward, it’s possibly inevitable that restaurants of the future must first be technologically-minded. The same can’t be said for frogs. Continue reading

Not Going Cold Turkey: Other Cooking Resources for Thanksgiving

With the spirit of Thanksgiving upon us, avoiding the discussion about turkeys and stuffing and the works is almost impossible. From being able to call Butterball turkey experts to the almost-obligatory Charlie Brown special, the amount of available resources are almost daunting. But besides the cooking and the celebrations, there is another, much more serious aspect to cooking for thanksgiving. This more serious side of gobble includes everything from universities, to even government agencies. Continue reading

Too Many Frogs

You may have been wondering who works at the Frog? Who just are the magical creatures who help to run our fabulous commercial restaurant equipment warehouse? Well, watch the video to find out. Don’t mind the awkward ending, apparently the girl at the end thought a picture was being taken.

One of internet peeps got the idea from Too Many C00ks, which makes fun of the cheesy openings of 90s sitcoms.

Their cheesy opening most resembles that of Family Matters. I may be young, but Family Matters is one of my all time favorite shows. Can anyone compete with Steve Urkel? No. Would anyone want to? Probably not.


How The Chef Hierarchy Works

Usually forms of hierarchy are involved in either the military, the monarchy, or other larger organizations. But did you know that they also apply  to restaurants? You might have heard of Executive Chef McCroakins  announcing a new dish at this place or Frog Greenville just getting promoted to sous chef. But what do these terms mean, exactly? It’s fair game to assume that these titles are there for a reason and it’s not something that’s made up. Continue reading