Santa Baby Sale and End of Year Sale


We are having two sales at the One Fat Frog. The first is our TWO DAY ONLY sale! All items must be paid in cash or check and in FULL. These prices are amazing and we are even surprised we are offering them at such low costs! Take full advantage. Items included in the 2 day sale are listed below

  •  USED – 2 door glass TRUE GDM49F freezer,free custom paint job, used, $1499
  • USED True 3 door stainless steel freezer T72F, $1799
  •  NEW- 6 burner countertop , gas, two in stock $850
  •  SCRATCH & DENT:  NEW 3 door stainless steel freezer, stainless interior, $2499
  • SCRATCH & DENT:  NEW 3 door stainless steel cooler, stainless interior, $2100
  •  Purchase New walk in cooler or freezer, receive $500 credit toward next purchase or purchase NEW 27” refrigerated make table, $700


For our second sale, going on now through January 1st, financing and leasing can be used for these units.

  • 72” Beverage air make table, used $999
  • Choice 48” Federal Open Air cooler, used $899
  • ANY 50 bottle cooler, used $699
  • Alto-Shaam Combi Therm Oven 1/2 sheet, single phase used, $2100
  •  “Cold” Beverage Air, 3/4 size glass door merchandiser, free custom paint job, used, $450
  • True 2 door s/s freezer, T49f, used $1500
  •  Hickory Rotisserie, choice:  electric 30 chicken or 15 chicken gas, used, , was $5400, now $2900,
  •  Nu Vu Proofer, Convection oven, great for bakery, 3 phase, used, $1600
  • 140 quart Hobart Mixer, 3 phase, used, $8900
  •  Vulcan double stack gas convection oven, used, $3500
  •  Imperial Pasta cooker, gas, auto lift, used $1200
  • 36” charbroiler, gas, used $799
  • Countertop gas fryer, used $400,
  •  36 electric flat griddle, used $799
  • True, 48” megatop refrigerated salad sandwich, deli unit, used $950
  • 72” Leader make table, $850
  • 60” double sided Kairak make table with over shelf $950
  • 48” worktop True refrigerator, $699
  • ANY dry bakery case $899
  • Delfied, 27” make table, $499
  • 60” Delified make table, $899
  • 67” undercounter 4 drawer unit, cooler, $899
  • Pizza oven, Blodgett, single stone deck, used stones $1200
  • Pizza oven, Blodget, double stone deck, new stones $1800
  • Pizza oven, Double stack, Baker’s Pride,  nice used stones
  •  Pizza oven, countertop oversized, Prince Castle, gas, $1100
  • Pizza oven, wood fired, gas assist $4900— * will not deliver*
  • SET of wood booths- lot $799
  • Vinyl fabric booths, singles $50 each
  • Vinyl fabric booths, doubles, $95
  • Pizza oven, Triple Stack Vulcan pizza oven, new stone, used oven, $5500
  • Undercounter dishwasher Hobart/ EcoLab, high temp  $1399
  • Double stack, market forget convection oven, gas, glass door, used $2100
  • Double stack Southbend convection, single phase electric, $2700
  • Choice of 2:  Lincoln Impinger, 16” belt #1301, $950




Chef Jeff and ServeSafe

Today, we’ve had a hustle and bustle around the office that we haven’t had in about a month.

Today is ServeSafe day with Chef Jeff Rotz! And man, we had a pretty decent turn out. Lots of businesses are getting on their way, and that’s something we love to see!

I had the opportunity to hear about some of the new businesses opening around Florida, and some already existing businesses that are renewing their manager’s certification or adding new management to their team. Everyone I talked to had one thing in common:

They have to take this test and they agreed that we have the best price around! I’m waiting for the class to be over so that I can hear more great things about Chef Jeff (try saying that 5 times fast, btw). He’s a favorite here, and I’ve never had anyone say anything but great things about him!

I blogged about this yesterday, and since then we’ve had a few people come in for the class and testing! And hey, while I’m pointing things out, have you browsed our website? We have an entire section about why you need the ServeSafe manager’s course! It’s an important part of opening your restaurant. Without your managers being ServeSafe certified, you will be in violation of bylaws and codes…and no one wants that. The state of Florida requires all foodservice employees to be trained on standardized food handling and hygiene practices every three years. ServSafe programs are accepted as meeting the training requirements for you and your staff.

So….call us and register for our next class!

Industry Insider

If you’ve been in the food and beverage business for any amount of time you know there is significant savings if purchasing items before year end.  Come January most of our new manufacturer’s will increase prices.

On a daily basis we’re getting email blasts from manufacturer’s about upcoming price increases.  The other email that is coming in is how factories are closed for holidays.  A little know fact about our industry is that many manufacturer’s and distributors close for the holidays.  Good luck getting the right person on the phone during the next two weeks.

2014 will end soon and with it comes price increases of a lot of new equipment, so if you’re thinking of opening in 2015 take advantage of our huge year end sale (there is a set of NEW scratch and dent fridge and freezer 3 door that is priced below used, and they’ll come with new warranty, too!) and place your order for any new equipment at this time!


Is it a full moon?

We are having a CRAZY sale at the Frog and I have to tell you, people are going mad about this restaurant equipment!

It’s on a first come, first serve basis and people are going nuts! That’s good for everyone. I will continue to get a paycheck (and you’ll get to continue reading my amazing blogs ;) ), and people are buying equipment at ridiculous prices! I’ve seen people pull up trucks today, walk in with cash, and walk out with equipment. I’ve seen them carry booths out to their trucks…

I even saw someone try to buy the Don… I’m sure if they would have baited him with cookies and “free” trips to Key West, he would have willingly got into the bed of that truck.

I know the list is already posted here, but I’m going to talk about this TWO DAY SALE one more time. Since tomorrow is the last day.

What’s on sale?

  • USED – 2 door glass TRUE GDM49F freezer,free custom paint job, used, $1499
  • USED True 3 door stainless steel freezer T72F, $1799
  • NEW- 6 burner countertop , gas, two in stock $850
  • SCRATCH & DENT:  NEW 3 door stainless steel freezer, stainless interior, $2499
  • SCRATCH & DENT:  NEW 3 door stainless steel cooler, stainless interior, $2100

And hey, if you purchase a NEW walk in cooler or freezer, you will receive a $500 credit toward your next purchase!  Or purchase NEW 27” refrigerated make table for $700!

These are AMAZING prices! There are a few stipulations, of course, but I made this handy picture for you so you had something pretty to look at while you read the fine print. Aren’t I generous?



Hey! Did you know that One Fat Frog offers ServeSafe Manager’s Tests? Because we do! And we are actually offering the last test of the year tomorrow!

The class/test starts at 11am and will run you $89 at the time of the class. And as an added bonus, you’ll get to see me on Saturday morning.

Really though, everyone that I’ve talked to about it says that Chef Jeff Rotz is basically the man. He teaches everything you need to know in a way that makes the information easy to retain.  I’ve been told on several occasions (okay, every single time we have one of these classes), that the class is affordable, fun, and easy!

And hey, did you know that Florida law requires one certified manager per facility? When four or more employees are present at a location, there must be one certified manager per shift. These are the standard requirements for the state, but they may vary per local jurisdiction.

So that means, you need this before you can officially open.

You don’t have to do anything to participate in the class except call us to register. We’ll be taking registration all day. Bring your $89, due at time of class to Chef Jeff and get your ServeSafe on! We’ll be waiting.

2416 Sand lake Rd, Orlando, FL 32809

(407) 480-3409

And while you’re at it, bring me some food from your yummy restaurant please. I like food. A lot. And so do my coworkers. So if you bring us some food, we will love you forever!

Find the Perfect Location

I had to drive about 75 miles out of my way this morning, before coming to work (I average about 600 a week, so this isn’t a big deal to me). And let me tell you, I noticed something peculiar.

I couldn’t help notice how many oddly placed restaurants/bars there were! I was driving through a small, rural town (where the population is mostly 50+) and spotted 2 adult entertainment bars, and what appeared to be a club of some nature…

Now, these kinds of places are appropriate in an area like Orlando, where the hustle and bustle can be a big business builder, but in a small mom and pop town, I can’t imagine these businesses are doing well.

So here’s a thought: How do you choose the right location for your business? It can be a hard decision, and one that many people get wrong, but with a few tips, I think you can handle it.

  1. Work with a commercial real estate broker. It would be in your best interest to make sure you find one who is familiar with the restaurant market.
  2. Comb neighborhoods you think match your concept and desired traffic. Look for places you think would fit well – even if it’s not obvious that they are up for sale or lease.
  3. Investigate potential locations on the internet! This seems like a no-brainer to some of you, but a lot of people aren’t sure how to utilize this tool. Often you can get interior and exterior photos, dimensions, and see amenities.
  4. Check out local chamber of commerce for information (it’s a pretty good source).
  5. Use your local governing bodies for information – consult town councils, zoning boards, and any other agency or board that doles out licenses and is likely to know of new development and rezoning opportunities.

With these tips, you can find the perfect location for your new business and avoiding being the adult entertainment bar in a retirement community….

The Gift Guide for the Restaurant Patron

Last week, we featured a gift guide for the restaurant owners and people who work in the restaurant industry. As there’s still time to shop before the holiday shipping smackdown sneaks in. If you or if you know someone who regularly eats out or is a regular foodie, then here are a few gifts we Frogs recommend. Continue reading


Throwback Thursday

Remember that time we were on TV?


This week is a new beginning for some of us. No, not like that. A couple of our Frogs switched desks. Now for me, personally, it was just a matter of getting used to (as is for most of the other Frogs). But for others, it’s a paradigm shift.

And in a way, I don’t blame them. Much like in college where the seat you pick is the seat you’ll pick for the rest of the year, each desk is like his/her own colony. In fact a few weeks ago I had to switch because one of the Frogss needed the gaming computer to do some photo and video editing. Does this mean he’ll play Call of Duty on that one? Probably not (really no, not at all), but that workstation is probably the weirdest of them all. The gaming computer workstation has the distinction of having the most powerful specs, but having the worst monitor (it’s 15″). That’s like putting a engine from a Mustang to a Prius (not that it’ll be compatible without extensive modifications).

Anyhow, our little colonies are still a good thing–because they’re open. We can usually (I mean usually) look across the office and see if customers or fellow Frogs are there. Anything’s better than being in a cubicle, and opening 30 doors, and all that.

Five Things That Need to Exist in Restaurants Right Now

You’d think restaurants are pretty cool as is. But when you have to wait a half-hour for a table, or like a half-day for your food order–restaurants can always improve on something. No, I’m not dissing on your restaurant, but here are five things that exist in restaurants around the world that need to happen in America. Continue reading

Just in at the Frog

Just in: 3 well steam table, warming cabinet, Bakers Pride double stack pizza oven, ice bin, 3 compartment bar sink, 4 well steam table, 50″ bottle cooler, 50″ mug chiller, 8 burner 24 flat griddle w 2 ovens, undercounter ice machine, Hobart mixer, salad deli tables & truckload of fryers. (407)480-3409


Don’t Get The Bear Too Woked Up.


Get it? Wok-ed up?

Call One Fat Frog at (407) 480-3409 to get your restaurant equipment today.

Source: Tumblr

Startup: Hiring Staff For a Restaurant

Starting a restaurant is no easy venture, but this is why Miss Frog is back with some awesome tips to help you out. SO, your restaurant is built and is as fabulous as can be. Now it’s time to fill that baby up with staff so you can really get going. But “Miss Froggy” you cry, “I have no idea who to hire”. Life would be so hard if you didn’t have a Frog in your life. Thank goodness I’m here. Continue reading

Op-Ed: Local Reporting About Health Violations Is Not The Answer

There’s something a little unsettling when I watch or read the local news. Besides the small snippets about Hollywood or abroad, everything good and bad that happened are crunched up in two-hour segments. There will be one about a felony, and there will be one about fire accidents. But there’s always one segment that always bothers me: Reporting about food violations.

Now health violations in restaurants are not a joke. Just as public schools take fire inspections seriously, health violations in restaurants can make or break a restaurant. It’s part of a reason why at One Fat Frog, we provide free sanitation equipment when you spend a certain dollar amount with us. But people get busy, people get forgetful, and things get messy.

But health inspectors are a two-way street: Between the inspector and the restaurant owner. Is it really our business to know that this restaurant on this street closed because of this amount of health violations? I mean yes, sensationalism is a part of local news. But what does the public gain for the shaming of local restaurants? To not eat there anymore? So a restaurant closes, another one reopens, and potentially falls victim to more health violations. The cycle repeats.

However instead of public-shaming, I believe there should be more awareness food safety. While there are brochures and videos on this matter, the owners should be more proactive on enforcing sanitation. Nobody should have to not wash hands just to save 30 seconds. Nobody should have to complain about bad dishwashing. Nobody should even consider this an issue. Blame it on the government? Not so fast–President Obama passed the Food Safety Modernization Act in 2011, bringing food safety code up-to-date. And finally, health inspectors should be treated as a teacher, not a pushover. It’s better to hear it from the inspector than a lawsuit from a patron.

Startup: Music in Restaurants

When music’s played in restaurants, it won’t make or break your place. Unless you’re playing music that doesn’t fit the mood of the place you’re operating (like hip-hop music in a formal restaurant), music is just a part of the total equation to your restaurant’s atmosphere. Continue reading

Food Truck Buildout

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment prides itself in building workhorse food trucks.  Be sure to check out our Facebook page for pictures of food trucks being build out~  CLICK HERE   Our newest photo showcases one of our food trucks being wired by a licensed electrician because that is how the Frog does it!

We have a whole team working on food trucks today and you’re more than welcome to come in and see trucks.  Right now we even have a completed one in the drive waiting for the client to take it and wrap it!

Stop in- it’s fun to dream and make plans for your own food truck!

Other Items That Happen to Have Fat Frogs

Normally we pride ourselves in the fact that we are One Fat Frog. Heck, we have a smiling frog that happens to wear a toque. But evidently, one of the writers found out that there are more fat frogs out there. This wasn’t a bad thing for us, but we were curious what was out there. Continue reading

Returning Customers Rummies & Yummies Brings One Fat Frog Delicious Cakes

A couple of months back we supplied Rummies & Yummies (please like their facebook page!) with restaurant equipment. They immediately won over our hearts that day when they brought us in a delicious rum cake. We finished it in five minutes flat. We aren’t ashamed. It may even be a new world record. Continue reading

One Fat Frog End of the Year Sale

One Fat Frog has just begun our end of the year sale!  This means all used equipment is on sale! That’s right, I said ALL used equipment.

We are gearing up to get in a bunch of equipment in the new year, and we need to sell our current inventory to make room for new stock.

We have a bunch of goodies in stock right now such as:

Salad Coolers Counter top Merchandisers
Chef bases Coffee urns
Salad bars Display cases
Bakery cases Prep tables
Freezers Ice cream serving displays
Ice cream freezers Ice cream dipping cabinets
Refrigerators Slicers
Ice bins Soda guns
Work tops Deli packagers
Under counter fridges/freezers Soup warmers
Brick ovens Convection ovens
Charbroilers Flat griddles
Wine dispensers Fryers
Dough press Steam tables
Food bays Food holding cabinets
Soup kettles Heated displays
Ice dispensers Pasta makers
Rotisserie ovens Panini presses
Tilt kettles Tilt skillets
Dishwasher s Sinks
Grab&go merchandiser Refrigerated display cases






credit application

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment

2416 sand lake road, orlando fl, 32809


Row Wars: Restaurant Equipment

The One Fat Frog internet team may just be a wee bit competitive. We decided to start a ‘lil something called “Row Wars”. What is this Row Wars I speak of? Well, you probably know One Fat Frog has been working on creating a current inventory list. But with so much equipment, we needed a fun way to see what we have in stock, hence when “Row Wars” was thought up. Basically our warehouse is set up in rows, so whoever can take inventory of a row the quickest wins a prize. The prize right now is just a thumbs up and “good job buddy”, but you gotta start somewhere, right? Continue reading